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  1. It probably was 'With you playing the rest don't seem so rubbish' Put me on the list too.
  2. Those are some seriously draped curtains.
  3. Nah, that's just a flag bounce along the wall, isn't it? The viewer doesn't follow the flag route exactly when it isn't carried, it draws a straight line between a drop and a pick up.
  5. I've had it plugged in permanently for over 2 years. It's the only console that I leave plugged in, since it 'forgets' the time and date after a few hours if you don't....
  6. It's mainly very, very tense. Not jump out of your chair scary, but certainly unnerving at times. It's not genuinely scary like Project Zero was for me. Click For Spoiler But what is that thing in the sack in the dumpster at the facility? The flopping about really unnerved me, especially when I needed to tend to an approaching regenerator. I noticed there seem to be some dead ones in a room down the corridor. The flopping one shows up on thermal, but has no discernable shape, the other sacks are cold. If anybody knows what it is I would sure like to hear.
  7. It's amazing how grating that combination of smilies is, really makes you want to punch their smiling faces in.
  8. Somehow I think it would not be that hard to get the gamertags of most people in this thread...
  9. You might enjoy being the gunner, but who has to clean out all the casings from the back huh? Nonetheless, we need some backup snipers. I'm shit with it and don't enjoy it so that's me out . A turkey shoot is more usefull than the sniper battles for training imo, since the last ones are more about sneaking up on and shooting other hidden snipers, while in most games your opponents will be moving around.
  10. We might organise some sniper games on coag where we can be live game to be shot by our aspiring snipers (Pob and REAL I think).
  11. Yeah, Alan did great. Those games went like clockwork. I myself couldn't resist joining the battle when I saw teammates in trouble or when a lone hog spawned with noone to drive it and an attack underway. I think we can safely say the experiment worked, even when we drew it was more coordinated than usual.
  12. When I was playing, one of my neighbours apparently decided he needed to hang a picture and used his powerdrill on the wall. The sound freaked me right out.
  13. taiAtari

    Halo 2 Online

    Spot on, this would solve a lot of the problems I experience with Halo 2. Not as much abusive kids and cheats. Most civil players I met are either European or (very rare) older Americans. A lot less latency and loss/choke problems. It's very noticeable that Americans often have a weapon advantage since their shots don't dissapear. This is most apparent when a steady stream of ghost fire kills you in 1 second and takes up to 5 on an enemy, also in point blank shotgun blasts failing to kill and a delay in picking up weapons or meleeing. I think it wouldn't be hard to set up European servers or at least let connection quality determine matchmaking more ( I wouldn't even mind having to wait longer, although I think there must be more than enough European players).
  14. Roll Muck CET Real and Atarian = Team Troetelbeertjes Atarian + REAL of Xanadu Cute, cuddly and armed.
  15. I saw this at hte Rotterdam Film Festival. Brilliant film with some great acting. Really makes you uncomfortable by playing for laughs at first and then gradually removing the humour and just leaving some very stark brutality. Some great examples of how intimidation works and can be turned too, encapsulated in the "What are you looking at?!"- "AT YOU, YA CUNT!".
  16. HL2 amazed me by running perfectly fine (~50 fps) on medium settings on my almost three years old 1.4 Athlon with a low end 64 mb Radeon 9500. It uses an engine that scales very well, much more so than most other games. I think the problem is that laptops generally don't work very good with games. How you jump to a lot of assumptions from there is beyond me.
  17. They don't just lumber slowly, they tend to suddenly speed up, bob, weave and duck and try to flank you sometimes. They seem to act very smart on the whole, noticeably smarter than most videogames.
  18. I have it lying around somewhere too. Nice enough game, although I never really got into it properly. It's a shame most live games tend to die when the next big thing comes along.
  19. Was that when Gingerism was driving and his connection dropped, causing the Hog to quietly roll to a standstill? I was on te other side of the base but I could hear the tossing and tumbling of the wreckage lasting for ages. Assault on Zanzibar RM2 1 - NBS 0 stats We managed to plant the bomb after the initial assault faltered by stumbling on the rocket launcher and clearing the plant site. Both teams did a good job defending afterwards and Nubes came very close to scoring. Shotguns on Midship RM2 50 - NBS 36 stats Very close to start with, with the lead switching all the time. We got the upperhand when we stopped running (and getting spread out) and started holding a room so we could concentrate firepower. The Nubes did some valiant concerted grenade attacks and managed to drive us out of the room on a few occasions but all too soon resorted to storming in one by one with predictable results. Team Slayer on Ascension RM2 43 - NBS 31 stats This one didn't start too well for us. Around the 14 - 14 mark we were all holed up on the banshee plaform, with no long or medium range weapons, while the Nubes covered the platform with snipers and battle rifles. We kept our heads down and Rockboy managed a small attack, but things were looking bleak until the banshee spawned. This was the turning point since with it we could kill and distract the snipers long enough to break out and aquire better ranged weaponry. After that we pulled ahead and managed to hold the lead. Team Phantoms on Midship RM2 50 - NBS 36 stats A game similar to the shotgun edition but with added confusion. Even the final score is identical. Special mention must go to Rockboy who managed 18 kills and received as many medals. Team Slayer on Zanzibar RM2 41 - NBS 25 stats A nice regular slayer match. We managed to loosely cover eachother and kept communicating, slowly building on our lead. Had a memorable kill at the end of the match when I was grenaded out of the warthhog but threw a grenade myself which managed to blow up the hog just as one of the Nubes passed it. Thanks to the Nubes for some well fought games which were a lot closer than the 5-0 suggests.
  20. I love the bit that shows the Matrix Reloaded's Burly Brawl how it should be done and the part where Stephen Chow weasles his way out of confronting a series of opponents ranging from a farmlady to a very well muscled kid.
  21. Since I don't treat my body as a sacred construction playset I can be there for the whole game, but I don't mind stepping aside if Carrera wants to play some of the games. Welcome back Pootle, get ready to hurt some Nubes.
  22. Ah, right. Off to the Bungie board everyone. Exercise your right to vote.
  23. I just edited it, there is a whole resource page, you just click the pictures (and this is only the AW section) here
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