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  1. I never actually checked my highscores, I'm happy when I can defeat a level. The sprites are really brilliantly designed, do you know this resource?
  2. I was thinking that, you don't get such a brilliant insight without experience. I see he's also experimenting with his avatar. Slow day for everyone. That Sami was a bit rough but I like the S rank. I recently picked up playing AW2 in the train again after a few months. Great game, though it feels somewhat less balanced than 1.
  3. Winner! Apart from that's she's not formally my boss and his girlfriend, not his wife. But our boss in a very real sense otherwise. Untill I change jobs next month. Did I mention I have a huge icq/msn log going back several years, of REAL stating things about their relationship. I'm sure that will come in handy one day.
  4. Please don't I might be fired Funny how my 'boss' is also your 'boss' but we don't work in the same place. Who can solve this riddle?
  5. That one's good, reminds me of my old CS spray.
  6. Syntax already refers to the magnificent seven in his tag, better use the original to one-up him: or go this way:
  7. So it's a busy day at work REAL?
  8. I think it needs more 'Z's and "!!1!!!oneone1!' and neither of us has a gamertag that is a character from a recent actionmovie.
  9. It's: "Care bear...STARE", which just isn't as good. I say we stick with the Dutch. 'Troetelbeertje' is better than 'care bear' anyway.
  10. We'll have to think of some alternatives for the english terms we use though. I tried our secret code yesterday (to no avail ). I really, really like saying 'scherpschuttergeweer'. Anyway, everybody evidently needs to come up with 'cool' names for their team. REAL and me will probably go for 'Team Troetelbeertjes' since we used that when playing CS together. People will tremble at our warcry "Troetelbeertjes......STRAAL!".
  11. Thanks for the kind words. Your win was thoroughly deserved, although we had a bit of bad luck and our heart didn't seem to be in it. We really need a plan of some sort. And then a backup plan.
  12. That doesn't matter, it's better to just state the British time anyway. But several different times were mentioned in the last two pages, so I thought it might be wise to restate the actual time at which we are playing this match.
  13. Just to avoid any confusion: it's 9 pm for the UK and 10 pm CET for the Dutch contingent.
  14. So that's 10 pm for us, but it would be wise to get some practice in earlier.
  15. So that was what it was. I was waiting for you guys to finish that game and invite me, but after the counter had 48 minutes on it I just went to bed. I experienced being bored into submission once on Zanzibar, I wish I had just quit then really, give them their paltry 'win'. But I stayed and they even used the proximity comms to say we should just give up. Total waste of time. The mindset of these people is unbelievable. I just don't get it at all. Looking at that game most are in some different clans now. So what the hell do they gain by this? The only reason to want to win is getting your miserable clan's level up anyway and the clan level does not reflect on your personal stats., meaningless as those are in themselves.... I hope you also described this game in the cheaters thread on bungie.net. *edit* Apparently this is getting more common, someone complains about a similar situation on page 250
  16. It should be on my doormat....two days ago .
  17. You are like Magneto from X-men, you just need some control to unlock your fearful potential to manipulate the path of projectiles and high explosives.
  18. You'll have to turn to REAL for hosting the major clanmatches, since this is the closing weekend of the Rotterdam film festival which means my evenings will be filled with dubious films (and Howl's moving castle) and afterparties. I'll be back online on sunday. I still like the matchmaking as long as there is a nice connection, the joy of riddling high pitched yanks with all manner of projectiles is even better than introducing Syntax' brain to the stock of my rifle. It's also good training against less predictable opponents.
  19. Please don't take away our last shred of dignity.
  20. 07/02/2005 | Mon | Tue | Wed | Thu | Fri | Sat | Sun | ------------|-------|-------|-------|-------|-------|-------|-------| taiAtari |8+ |8+ |8+ | ~ |~ |~ | 8+ | So monday is fine with me.
  21. taiAtari

    Om Yom

    I'm thinking tight elastic band and reproductive organs .
  22. taiAtari

    Om Yom

    What the stats don't show is REAL heroically jumping in front of bullets to save his teammates. He's a real teamplayer and couldn't bear to see us die.
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