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  1. We actually came within a few yards of scoring, with the flag at the bottom of the elevator. Still, some great play by Om Yom, we never had the opportunity to actually use a coherent plan, always being one step behind and just hoping to salvage something by perseverence.
  2. pwn3d(ish) Thanks for the games Om Yom, it has been ...educational.
  3. I'll be on from 7ish onward.
  4. Right, I'll be on before 9, we might have some extremely futile tactical discussions (and practice bending over). I want to blame using a new pad for my dismal performance later tonight. My printer hasn't worked since sp2 so I hope someone else can put in the games.
  5. Won't be on, International Film Festival Rotterdam time these weeks. Tonight: The Neighbor No. 13 (Rinjin 13-go).
  6. I'm almost convinced it's an elaborate setup. They will shed their capes and emerge as a crack team of level 25 heroes.
  7. It's something like that. Jigsawn is also able to 'connect' everyone but lately seems to have a flaky connection. Also, the problems aren't a permanent given, since we have done major clanmatches with Syntax and Carrera. Generally It looks like router incompatibilities which suggests NAT issues. Since it works some of the time and resetting their router sometimes solves the problem too, I think their router might alternate NAT settings (Why I don't know). It's certainly something of a black art.
  8. Yeah, being chewed up and spit out is what Halo 2 is all about (well, for me anyway).
  9. Not to mention the sniper rifles. At one time they had both snipers side by side on the yellow ridge, happily killing anyone that spawned .
  10. No, the n64 was released before the Saturn analogue controller, so the stick goes to Nintendo (although my 1982 vectrex has an analogue stick too). I think the Saturn analogue controller was the first with analogue triggers though, so Sega probably has that one.
  11. This reminds I must still stage my death to see how many people will show up and cry at my funeral.
  12. I'll be on around 9 brittime, maybe earlier.
  13. I saw that happening and heard you thank him. He said he was sure you'd return the favour. I had no idea you two had fellatio in mind.
  14. We even had some nice teammates and some *gasp* courteous opponents. Although we were the victim of the first dummying I saw since the banhammer hit. But, generally, good games tonight. I had a lot of fun, cheers.
  15. Hang on, just checked the stats and apparently I was running riot with the sniper. Never used no pansy overshield or camo either and there are no beatdowns. Maybe I have found my calling. Shame I don't really enjoy sniping. I even seem to have managed to snipe myself ?
  16. Yeah, and just to prove your point: I was in second place. I couldn't snipe properly if my life depended on it.
  17. Jeez people, just play the game properly. I don't care how easy it is and neither should you.
  18. Ofcourse it's wrong. It's simply common sense. The dummying is also part of the game, and you can watch out for it. Doesn't make it right. Just play the game as intended, there's plenty of scope to be clever and sneaky within the regular game.
  19. Oh, I don't know if it's possible but we noticed that the water at the sword place comes from above through a simple drain with bars at the start of the rocket alcove. I don't know if you can even drop the flag through it and you'd have to be incredibly precise, but it is an actual physical gap in the floor so following my 'common sense/physics' ruleset it is allowed to grab the flag through the floor at exactly that point
  20. I don't really mind weapons (although in an ideal world it wouldn't be possible), but the grabbing of an objective through an otherwise impassable wall clearly puts the defending team at a disadvantage and shouldn't be allowed. It's different for the gate since that can be opened and you can throw a flag through it, so it's an intended part of the map (maybe also for the drain in ivory tower, although I never tried this). You can't tell me Bungie intended the flag to be grabbed through floors and walls.
  21. That's probably just an optical illusion/your crapness . I never noticed the obvious switching being used in a game, but I also have the impression others can lunge from, somewhat, bigger distances than me (like our resident swordwhore, MR BEN).
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