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  1. I understand it is using a scoped weapon to zoom in, waiting for the reticule to turn red and quickly switch to the sword and lunge. This can propel you in a killing lunge over vast distances.
  2. Maybe I misunderstand bouncing, I thought it meant bouncing it off another object, which seems perfectly ok in the physics context of the game. Grabbing through walls isn't, since you can't throw the flag through a wall. I think this is a simple and usable definition. I agree on the scope lunging.
  3. I think the grabbing through walls and floors shouldn't be allowed either. It's not that hard to have some straightforward outlawing of exploits, basically allow physics but disallow glitching. Anything the flag can't pass if thrown is off limits to grab through. (ie, the closed gate is allowed but not the solid wall). Bouncing the flag is allowed, dummying and variants isn't etc etc.
  4. I'll be there to soak up those bullets. I swear I'm getting worse by the day. Still fun though.
  5. I just hope bloody Team Fiesta on Ascension doesn't come up
  6. Thanks, you just made me remember 1974 again (and I only know it from the yearly filmshowing and subsequent self-flaggelation at my footballclub)
  7. Was there a sword involved? And was it whored? I had fun last night, but played terribly. Felt like a bullet absorbent and at one time stopped firing at an opponent because I noticed he had a logo above his head...unfortunately it was someone elses logo that showed through the wall . I also seemed to attract ghosts with my head, being killed twice by riderless ghosts and somehow being killed by running Syntax over inside the Zanzi base...
  8. I noticed this too, but often you can hear the strain of not acting like abusive idiots in their voices.
  9. Then why aren't you with Sacred Remains
  10. I'll probably be on around 10 Britland time.
  11. Guys, could you look at my thread in the other place? Thanks.
  12. Hang on, it's really big bold all caps type, it must be true then.
  13. We could be 'good old boys' I did a full corkscrew jump on the broken bridge in Headlong a few days ago. Pure luck, but I couldn't surpress a 'yeehaw'. (managed to crash into the swinging bridge part too one time )
  14. What? 'Mr Betrayal' has driving skills? So he has been killing us on purpose all this time?
  15. My cats might have put my modem on standby one time...maybe several times. I've spoken quite sternly with them, but you know how cats are. Anyway, they were my friends cats. Or so I heard because another friend told me he used standby. He might have cats too.
  16. I think they might actually have their mic inside their mouth. I never had complaints that I was hard to understand (aside from being a Johnny foreigner) using the x20. Remember to bend the mic away from your cheek, it shouldn't really touch your head at all.
  17. Mine is fine, very comfortable and no hiss. Sound quality comparable to the original. I think yours may be faulty.
  18. Neh, lifted it from some insignificant English hack.
  19. We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he to-day that sheds his blood with me Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile, This day shall gentle his condition: And gentlemen in England now a-bed Shall think themselves accursed they were not here, And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks That fought with us against Sacred Remains.
  20. What is this silly talk of no Halo 2? We need you mate, I thought you were scraping together a team for the championship as we speak. We all did well tonight, I amazed even myself by not nearly leaking as much kills on my ratio as I feared. And you earned enough medals to make a Soviet General feel inadequate.
  21. Thanks for the games guys, had a lot of fun and a near nervous breakdown. A deserved win overall in my opinion, but we were not far behind. Kudos for your flawless flag capture on Zanzibar. And applause for my teammates for putting up a very good fight. slayer on Ivory tower could have gone either way for a long time and the zanzi flag that was stopped 3 meters from the goal made my heart sink.
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