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  1. No worries, Dutch military prowess rides with you.
  2. I think it is actually an animation glitch. Obviously the animation differs between the two models.
  3. It should be an easy fix, they'll just have to restrict the models to Spartans.
  4. Last equalizer wins. I think it is a draw in the stats, a win on your postgame screen and it counts as a win towards your ranking.
  5. I actually pointed him to EVT and MR BEN, just spreading the love/connection* * and inserting a mole
  6. nah, mine's somewhat faster . speedtest Results should be a little higher but I'm not in the UK.
  7. Lock up your daughters and farmyard animals! I felt a bit left out, especially since I was arming the bomb when he was screaming that (weakly going: 'I'm not British, I live below sealevel'). Did you guys actually break out in a rousing chorus of 'Rule Brittannia' or did I imagine that?
  8. A very good night overall. Convincing wins and some nice opponents for a change. Thanks for allowing my mate to join our games, I think he did well for his first few games of Halo 2 online.
  9. It's an exploit using a problem with the 'getting out of warthog' animation and melee attack of the elite model. Basically you have an invisible, invulnerable elite meleeing about, that can get the flag and then instantly revert to his original (meleeing and vulnerable) body at his own base, with the flag...
  10. Overkill? 25 kills in a row...must be the wraith since 10 medals are wheels.
  11. The dummyiing on the coag game is also quite obvious. If you watch the objective route you can see the flag route starting behind a rock near their base... (incidentally you can also see me running the dummier (IKE 91) over a few times when he tried it again) they actually had someone protecting him at one point .
  12. Or do as those nice Americans on Midship and continually refer to him as 'jiggyJIGgyjiggyJIGGYjig' in an annoying nasal drone with a 'bitch' thrown in for good measure..
  13. It is wise to anticipate the other ghost and hog coming for the launcher. I know because I don't sometimes and invariably get run over/shot to pieces. Somehow I find it hard to get a quick lock and firing solution with the launcher and even if I do I often see the rocket miss or hit the hog, but fail to take out the gunner. I might have seemed a bit over the top too in the early Beaver Creek neutral bomb game (get in, get in, getinGETINGETINGETINGETIN....nevermind ) Sorry for that.
  14. I'm going on in a few minutes.
  15. I had loads of rockets blowing me into neat little bits tonight. Bit of overkill if a single smg wielded by a monkey will suffice to put me out of my misery.
  16. It was quite disturbing since he was also muttering sweet nothings into my ear Another classic was being the gunner on the 'hog and watching a rockettrail approaching for about 4 seconds, giving me ample time for some self administred last rites. That sniper was scarily accurate, giving us both a neat third eye in two seconds flat.
  17. Well it's more my 'Syntax hinders me hosting major clan battles'. Not really a theory anymore, I can host major clan battles happily without you, but not with you . Still love you though, major clan battles are overrated etc etc
  18. I'll also be on around 9. Even Madkiwi's soul-destroying gametypes haven't put me off Halo 2, so I guess nothing ever will.
  19. No it really was terrible timing. I'd send an invite and Uto would be in matchmaking and vice versa. Sorry about that.
  20. That was the worst game ever. I overheard them formulating a 'plan' to tell us they didn't know where the bomb was either to convince us to quit too . When I suggested to quit when it was clear they intended to bore us into submission, they overheard apparently hiding close by and encouraged me to do so... So irritating, not the least their slack jawed victory warbling after they finally managed to arm the bomb after 40 minutes with one man more. They probably thought they were oh so smart. I can't wait for a Yank filter...
  21. Not a gamertag, but I once played CS against 'Light Emitting Jesus'.
  22. It probably is if you're 11 though...
  23. That one was quite suspect. From my view I brought the flag home and a new round started, only for me to be kicked out of not only the game but live entirely. We did have some good matches earlier and managed to hold off a bigger and higher ranked team among others. It's only that in the last few games we were put up against bigger teams that consisted of very good but still not gracious players. By the way Syntax, evidence is mounting that my 'major clan battle problems caused by infallible leader' theory might be right
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