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  1. I have no idea, just like I can't explain why I can't connect to you sometimes and vice versa. The last couple of major clanmatches we did was on the 17th so that's fairly recent. I just noticed one time we were playing majors and you came on and we couldn't, not very scientific but I thought it might have something to do with that and the fact we are having other connection probs. I still respect you though, oh glorious overlord merry christmas to all
  2. Actually the only times when I haven't been able to host major clanmatches is when Syntax is in the party. I think our connections really, really dislike eachother. But I will dutifully play some big team battles (OhMyGawd!)
  3. I think he said something like: 'Give up, you don't have a chance, Let's make an end to this, it will be much easier for you, it will soon be over' One of the most obvious inaccuracies of the movie is the log ramp obstructions that are facing the wrong way in the movie, you'd think they would have looked at a picture of the beach defenses.
  4. On any forum thread on where to go in the Netherlands we locals have mentioned that Amsterdam is way overhyped. Except maybe the deluded provincials that go to live there and consider themselves Amsterdammer within a day. Anyway, what passes for Amsterdam in Eurotrip seems to be a movieset for a French town. Weirdly the birdseye view of Berlin at the start of the movie looks very much like Amsterdam...
  5. Indeed, best burger I ever had was the Louisiana hubcap burger at Nola in Palo Alto.
  6. Not strictly true, Repo Man has brilliant non-product placement. Aisles full of stuff just labeled "Food", "Beer" etc..
  7. Nah, I tripped, my gun went off and suddenly there were bodies everywhere. I'm still relatively poor in man to man combat.
  8. Yeah, good games. Some great slaying by mr Stock. My games were very erratic though, went from incompetent n00B to a feared and respected rollmodel for American 1337 kiddies and back again... But we did claw back a level on minor clanmatch.
  9. But wouldn't the same ip just be the external ip of the router? I meant the ip that the router uses to identify your xbox, that can't be the same in the house because Carrera's xbox and your PC use the same router don't they? You can not have identical ip's on the same network (I think, I'm not a real techhead ). What I meant was if it is fixed in the xbox dashboard settings or that the connection to live is set to automatic (sorry if you know exactly what I meant.... ). If the ip of the xbox is fixed you can move it into the dmz in your routers settings. By the way, do you experience these problems only when I'm around or also with other people? It could be that just our connections don't like eachother for some reason.
  10. Weird....is the ip on your xbox fixed or have you got the live connection set to automatic? You said you could solve the problem by resetting your router and you also once managed to come on by plugging in carrera's box. So if your xbox is assigned different ip's by your router everytime you turn it on that may also be an issue (although I don't see how to be honest). If you set the ip off your xbox to manual in the dashboard you can also move that ip into the dmz of the router which should solve any possible port problems.
  11. Sorry guys, was dropped out of the game and could not reconnect. I'm getting the feeling there are some recurring issues with at least my connection and Syntax's (not only the joining problems but also being unable to play major clan battles as soon as Syntax joined tonight.) Looking around the internet I think it might be a NAT issue with his router. I checked in my xbox dashboard (go to settings>networksettings>connect>press y> press A) and my NAT is Open NAT: NT: 1 = Open = NAT level 1 NT: 2 = Moderate = NAT level 2 NT: 3 = Strict = NAT level 3 Apparently only NAT (NT) level 1 gamers can play against all other Open, Moderate and Strict setting players. If you have either NT: 2 or NT: 3 setting's you'll have problems playing against other players (loss of voice, poor voice quality, network problem messages, loss of connection etc). So Syntax, if your NT is 2 or 3 that is probably the source of the problem. This site suggests some steps to solve this. Hope this helps
  12. 8) 8) That had a definite sense of reverse garbage chute for me... Had another 'Doh' moment in the 'Hog on coag. I think Rockboy was in the gunner position and I saw someone fly into the high sniper point. So I said something like: Gunner, please kill the guy in the high sniper point , 3 o'clock high, you can see his banshee up there (add panic and loose grasp of English for more accurate transcription). I then saw his gun flailing everywhere and heard 'where? where?'. To which I could only answer: 'It s right at the end of that rocket's smoketrail... '
  13. In times of confusion the 'objective is here icon' can guide you in the right direction. It's just not that conspicious.
  14. Taking the enemy out with explosions is always nice. Some unfortunate souls on foundation yesterday did not keep the fusion cores in mind. Their limp bodies flew for miles across the courtyard (taking the skull with them ) when I shot the cores instead of them. I also enjoyed rocketing a fully loaded warthog that just pulled up in front of our base on coag, especially since lag had prevented some earlier lock dependant rocket kills. It's very frustrating when you can hear the 'oomph'of the rocket leaving the chamber but nothing actually happens.
  15. Some great games tonight, loads of mayhem too. Amazing comeback in the last game (I was cowering very bravely with the ball...er...skul, it was quite scary). Thanks for the protective swordplay. I'm still not too sure what is the best way to tackle an objective based game on Burial Mounds, it's very easy to defend. About the big clan thingies. I think it has to be a good night networkwise, with nice connections to the rest of the team and I should somehow be the host (that isn't as automatic as bungie says, I had some lag tonight indicating I wasn't hosting). One person with a bleeding connection can lag everybody down, saw it happen on SB:LOC a lot. So it's probably best if I start a room and others join. If the noble fatherclan approves I wouldn't mind to try to get those evil paupers some big clan matches. It's christmas after all.
  16. I have an office do first, but might join later.
  17. Bah, I had the reverse. Driving up alongside a flag carrier trying to get him in the passenger seat, all the while taking fire and him happily plodding along, oblivious to the big comfy warthog with a begging and honking driver in it...
  18. I just created a free mission session, should be the only one out there so feel free to join. Can't stay on long though, need to catch a movie.
  19. I'm on now, but only have about half an hour. Seems very, very empty though. I guess we play free mission if we get it going?
  20. Well it was a very lucky run, U1 and me were going 'oh shit oh shit oh shit' and 'crapcrapcrapcrapperdecrap' in unison. But if you know the course you can use the handbrake to do some kind of powerslide and make sharp turns without losing too much speed...if it doesn't work however, you look like a fool and might turn the hog over if you live liong enough. It did feel great when we made it in the end though. I now want to 'pimp my 'hog' ofcourse.
  21. This is a pretty good collection of in depth information about LOC. If you have read the manual this site will teach you all you need to know. The more practical side of things are more easily explained in free battle online.
  22. Heh, there still was an old pic on the SBUK boards, it's different now though.
  23. I could get it out again I guess, it was great when it wasn't dead/ruined by dupes.
  24. Nice games indeed, shame about the 'special' American kid that took me for a ride in the warthog and raced round the enemy base for minutes oblivious to the teams' needs and my cries of 'pick up the bomb carrier please (gradually getting less and less polite...)'. Can you actually jack a teammate out of a hog? The same guy wouldn't vacate the passenger seat for the bombcarrier later on until some very hard persuading. And on the other side of this coin a guy with flag was taking 3 quarters of coag to realise me driving slowly alongside him, saying 'get in bombcarrying guy', taking loads of flak and honking was meant to get him inside the bloody hog... It frustrated me a bit
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