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  1. Yes, that was quite...special. Storming up as a gunner in the warthog, shouting gogogo! and shooting at the defenders from the gun position, believing to provide covering fire for my driver and bombcarrier and selflessly sacrificing myself. Only to find the driver hit the ground dead and the carriers lifeless body is some 300 meters behind me. Not a nice thing to realise just before being cut to ribbons from 4 sides...
  2. I noticed you didn't mention the difficulty setting in your earlier post. lightweight
  3. It could have been a mind trick. I am feeble minded after all...
  4. True, but still, he could at least have blinked or something.
  5. I have an 8 meg connection with 1 meg upload, but yesterday I saw some people lagging and put three sniper bullets through manicman's head while he was standing still without effect.
  6. You can use this special customising set:
  7. I have used the new(ish) plantronics gamecom x20 for a few days now and am happy with it. I mainly wanted a headset that wouldn't hurt my ears, is also comfortable while wearing glasses (my contacts dry out when playing games due to lack of blinking...) and ideally fit under headphones for late night sessions. This more reasonable priced plantronics headset (~16 GBP) fits the bill perfectly.
  8. But he will see others lagging won't he? So he would have trouble hitting them.
  9. But how would this work if everyone is affected by lag? Surely they should be affected in the same way as you are? Although it is possible that not everyones is experiencing the same amount of lag. I got lagged down by some people at halo2 yesterday, which made my sniping useless and my other weaponsfire even more dependent on luck than usual. I just don't understand exactly how it works, since I'm pretty sure I'm hosting most of the (Halo 2) games I'm in. I remember when we did 5vs5 games on SB:LOC we had to sieve out people with connections that weren't up to it or they would bring the whole game crashing down. This was done by omitting and admitting players and seeing if the connection improved. SB:LOC had shocking netcode that was probably only seriously tested on Japanese fibre-optic lines.
  10. Doesn't need to be 4vs4 does it? Since it has to be an arranged game anyway it can be bigger. I thought the clan match option only did matched games.
  11. Some fun games, I was playing very badly though. Someones tin can + string connection was lagging me up now and then ; put three sniper slugs right through manics head on coag but they didn't register at all. Some regular stupidity from my side too though, seem to forget the colour of my team now and then. Had a nice kill by boosting my ghost straight up the sniper spot at he side of the structure on zanzibar, getting out at the apex of its ascend and twatting the sniper in the back. How he (forgot who it was) didn't notice a ghost coming up from straight below to 2 feet behind him I'll never know.
  12. I prefer teamgames myself. Used to hate being the last one standing in Counter-strike and having to sneak around too. I'm just too much of a dumb cannonfodder, straight into the breech grunt to go at it alone and survive for a reasonable amount of time.
  13. If you are banned you will get a message saying you are banned from xbox live because modified software or hardware have been detected. If you just can't connect there's probably another problem.
  14. It was kind of funny, me driving up to your base with the ghost and dismounting without any aggresive action or taking cover: 'hang on blue team, we are *argh*..wait..... leaving this game...please stop shoo...*eek*...I come in pea...' And you probably all going: 'Dance motherfucker' It would be nice if there was a white flag in the game like the ctf flags .
  15. Can't hold a candle to the incredibly long fight scene between Rowdy Roddy Piper and Keith David in They Live!. It was also brilliantly copied scene by scene in South Park in the 'cripple fight' between Jimmy and Timmy.
  16. I tried to tell them we were leaving and got ripped to shreds...
  17. Yeah, that was a nice lesson in how you should do classic ctf on coagulation. Somehow I have no idea what is happening during the chaos in the flag room and I end up staring at my feet and on the receiving end of a riflebutt in the neck. The 4 man attacks on zanzibar earlier were working excellent too, as was the assault on coagulation. First two assaults were like clockwork.
  18. I think this is a good idea too, explore some of the maps and think up names or use the Bungie ones and try out some stuff.
  19. No it was Biggs 'big manly moustache and a cape' Darklighter.
  20. But why red seven, he looks like Spock's ugly nephew : red seven Glad you like the avatar. I had a roll muck/dung beetle/katamari idea for it, works out nicely I think.
  21. Of course, this also means we can really geek out by reenacting the Deathstar assault: [crackle] red 5 standing by...blue 1 standing by....red 2 standing by...drive warthog in attack position [crackle]
  22. There must be something of an 'anti-autoaim' for teammates because I was going off in there like the US army. By the way, the guy with the bomb that we couldn't find for a few minutes, was sitting in one of the high gangways not far from our base. He got a bit of a scare when I stumbled in on him, although I did get knocked on the head by the bomb a few times during the game. The carriers are not exactly helpless. I'll be on tonight too, so we could try some more major clangames.
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