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  1. Almost half an hour of relentless killing and mayhem . The mother of all midship assault games.
  2. Indeed, crude...but effective.
  3. That was pretty good too, especially since my hands were still recovering from that insane assault game. I learned at least one thing tonight: I like to run over things, preferably enemy team members.
  4. Ooh, I'll have a 3 then. I'll be around tonight too so everybody can laugh at my pathetic attempts not to push the right stick in while wildly trying to find my mark in close combat (although it sometimes results in a lucky beatdown). Manicman, it would be great if you could send me an invite, my gamertag is Atarian.
  5. Nah, that's just vehicle envy. You are stealing 'their' vehicle and they have the right to protect their property by all means necessary. You could see it quite a lot in battlefield 1942 too.
  6. Hang on, don't you need just one player with a big upload? (sorry to break into your thread btw). I have 1 mbit upload (based in Holland though). I was also able to partake in 5vs5 matches with SB:loc, so it's a pretty solid connection too. I see I might be able to increase my popularity here, who wants to touch me .
  7. They seem to live in a world of their own. One guy insisted to know how we liked all his headshots. All the while another American kid was singing in his whiney voice. Ofcourse the sniper was basically spawncamping sitting on the mountain wall near our base with a sniper rifle in a CTF game where we were outnumbered two to one (is there no autobalance feature? It was 5 vs 10 or rather 2 vs 5 counting actually active players). Somehow he didn't think this diminished his major achievement somewhat.
  8. Please add me too, I can be an excellent distraction and die in new and exciting ways.
  9. A combination of the shield spell, a good magic skill level, skill potions and a section with respawning numbers of the undead will see you well into the hundreds if I remember correctly.
  10. I have a green thumb set up, but sometimes (all too often really) I press in the right thumbstick when I'm frantically trying to target someone. I'm getting quite annoyed by my crap finger control, although it has resulted in an unexpected beatdown one or two times. It would be even worse if would suddenly zoom in at inopportune moments..
  11. Ah yes...that would be because my gamertag = Atarian
  12. Please add me and I'll provide my special brand of solid averageness.
  13. I was going very nicely halfway, then the pain settled into my hands. Now I'll have to get used to having horrible painful claws...
  14. I was going for an approximation of some classic Dutch markings.
  15. Nice. Still a shame that you can't properly make your own emblem like in SB:LOC.
  16. The plasma sword makes short work of the Flood, carbine is pretty usefull too. But I have no problems with using human weapons Click For Spoiler The brutes seemed to have plenty in their armoury. The weapons and their versatility are great. I might have imagined it, but I think I managed to set off a brute shot grenade with my shotgun when it left the barrel and blew up the brute that fired it...not sure though .
  17. They have always been fine when I ordered something. Cheap and shipping ususally takes about a week with the cheapest option (SAL).
  18. You can get 10 including shipping for that price from www.hlj.com.
  19. It is widescreen, only the hud is not, so it just seems stretched (egg shaped gunsight etc.). edit: slow fingers
  20. Two needlers, astonishing rate of fire, lots of ammo and a nice explosion to top it off. Only the shielded jackals can withstand their might.
  21. I'm planning an unhealthy dose of online halo 2 play so you can add me too: gamertag: Atarian
  22. Retailer: Play Date ordered: 23/08/2004 Version: Ltd Edition Date shipped: 09/11/2004
  23. It's not that crazy. As you say the chipping has contributed to a favourable image for the xbox. And if people play on live with the chip disabled they have to use original, untampered games, so there is no problem for the live system. But if you play on live with the chip on, you can use hacked games and so undermine the whole level playingfield that live is supposed to be. I think this is the big reason why MS is selective in their bannings.
  24. Nah, they only seem to check and reban people that have been banned and have used a new eeprom to unban the same machine since then. Basically I think that it would be no problem at all for MS to ban every single chipped xbox from live if they wanted. They don't for now, so they only seem to mind if you try to go on live with the chip enabled or try to get out of a previous ban with the same configuration by using another eeprom.
  25. Wouldn't it be a bit silly of Microsoft to 'go' for people who have actually bought their game after 'sampling' it?
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