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  1. I'm positive there was fog on some the flood infested levels.
  2. Still, when do take the xbox to heart they really go all the way: SB event They even play link up Halo between SB matches, they'll probably be kicked out of the country.
  3. He probably means the dvd9 version.
  4. They could do that, but they would be very stupid because they would be blocking the main reason people with access to pirated copies have for buying legitimate copies.
  5. Make sure the 'Eye' icon is closed, ie noone is watching you when you steal.
  6. My assassin archer just killed them each with one shot in zoomed in archer mode. No noise, no alarm, just walked on through.
  7. You have to wait until the end credits finish, if you stop them you can't play on with the same character. The treasure clues Click For Spoiler lead to the ultimate weapon, the frying pan of doom with 6 augmentation slots. You have to have collected all 6 clues though, otherwise the frying pan will just be that.
  8. Back in the day I used to love Earthshaker.
  9. Get them one of those psones with the screen addon, although it might be too expensive still.
  10. [pedant] They're Basset Hounds actually. [/pedant]
  11. Surely you mean 'Whilst having a browse thru the 'console design' topic on this very forum not 4 days ago...'
  12. Mod your xbox and you'll have more quality shmups than you will ever need (if your moderately needy for shmups that is).
  13. Anisotropic Aural Style Sheet Arbitrary Waveform Generator Electroencephalography Sonance Racketmen
  14. Thrustnozzle (just watching some documentary with a Harrier, has a nice ring to it )
  15. Yeah, it seems if this is going to work we have to schedule a time to play together. Setting up a proper game took long enough when the game was actually being played... I could make it on wednesday evening.
  16. I've still got the mag and remember thinking it was very, very cool. Jeff Minter's usual kiss of death though .
  17. Nothing beats the light gold sheen and distinguished wood veneer look of the intellivision.
  18. I think he meant the screenshots aren't there to prove they've played the game.
  19. Maybe I should get the VT out of storage... Did all the options reset then? Because I never got anything useful when I was playing and I don't really fancy going up against people that are all sporting level 3 options. Especially since my skill never exceeded 'barely adequate' anyway.
  20. It's less than 15 quid delivered from vgp.
  21. Banana yellow. I think it would work. You might still get a DK faceplate with the package.
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