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  1. Thank god they started again. I managed to get all eps up to now. Anyway, I've ordered the dvd set form dvdsoon (seemed the cheapest, although they have to source it). Apparently there's tons of commentaries and deleted scenes on there and I'm really loving this series, thanks for pointing me in its direction. On a videogame note, they're playing asteroids on an Atari 2600 in episode 12, but the tv is showing the original arcade game (probably emulated via the playstation 1 Atari classics disc or something like that).
  2. I got to ep 12, but the bittorrent file is no longer on suprnova and the tracker url was apparently deleted bij the hosting company. The regular posting of the torrentfiles seems to have stopped too. I hope they find another tracker, but I'll get this on dvd anyway, great series. I already feel the same dissapointment it will end incompletely like Firefly.
  3. It is true! just check the origin of this picture Does this mean that Edge is the good lord Jesus and Cacophanus satan? Or is Edge the antichrist and is Cacky trying to save our eternal souls. I'm confused and afraid and need guidance, beeeeeh
  4. Versus is cool but it is the definition of 'mindless'and is not really a samurai but more a yakuza/zombie movie. A far more thoughtfull movie is the recent 'Twilight Samurai'. Gohatto tackles the subject of gay samurai. Azumi on the other hand is great for ott action. Samurai fiction is a cool but weird samurai/rock movie.
  5. It's the C64 soundchip, responsible for powering some of the best game music ever made.
  6. I have a modded Xbox and was recently banned from live because a tricky dashboard update reset the 'connect to live automatically' thingy. I am, however, very much in support of MS banning any xboxes from live that run with the chip on. If they didn't do this, cheating would be rife and the live experience would be destroyed for decent(ish) folk. Seeing that I can play on live with the chip off and that it was fairly easy to unban my xbox when I got banned for being careless with this, I am very much in favour of live being modchip free. Even if this was not the case, I would rather buy an etra unmodded xbox than having to deal with cheaters.
  7. Well I'm back on again, but have switched to Jars. I would have liked to stay RB, but it's hard enough to get games going as it is. Missed a lot of playtime this round though, and found out I am absolutely helpless and disoriented in the indoor mission (really dislike indoor, although this one is not as bad as the last one in the dark). DJ, if you need some free mission playtime you can add me (gamertag Atarian). I also have a prom m2, sheepdog, jar N, colt exec and yellowjacket you can touch.
  8. Bah, my xbox got banned last night. Apparently the latest update sets the dahboard to automatically connect again. Just paid for the pgr2 paris pack and SC:PT too. Hopefully my intended eeprom trickery will work and then I'm into the fray again for the oh so Rigtheous Right Brothers.
  9. Robocop is great. I don't think anyone can find fault with Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb either.
  10. Silent Line, Korean version, is very cheap now at playasia. Is it very difficult if you don't know Japanese (or Korean for that matter)?
  11. Let's think a minute about the real victim here: Katamari Damashi Should have and, by the sound of it , would have gotten a 9 if it weren't for some devious and ill thought out ploy to further the cause of big stompy robot game world domination. poor little fellow.
  12. Oh god...you said 'mechs'...run for your life! Still, it should really be enough to say:ít's got huge fighting stompy robot thingies that you can pimp up. Maybe they should rename it 'pimp my mech' for the west and let Xzibit endorse it.
  13. Neh, not exact, they blunted the nosecone on the Jetfire toy somewhat. Same molds though. As far as I remember they needed a flying autobot to balance the Decepticon air superiority .
  14. The swordplay in Kill Bill is very bad in light of proper swordfighting and it spoils some of the fun for me as I know some basic swordfighting principles. For a regular moviegoer it's just fine though and looks great, so I don't think it's fair to criticise it too much (a bit like two pistols at the same time being wholly impractical but still cool in John Woo films). The swordplay in the last samurai is a lot better though still quite Hollywood. I don't really understand the accusations of it being ' Pearl Harbour with swords' (if anything, it is 'Dances with samurai'). It's a completely romanticised modern view of samurai. Although its historical facts are way off it seems to be an outspoken anti-American and anti-capitalistic movie, quite a rarity nowadays you'll have to admit and quite far removed from the premise of Top Gun and Pearl. I still think Zatoichi outshines both, for the humanity and characters the film has. Pretty accurate swordplay too, fights are basically over in one cut, none of this parrying you see going on in a lot of movies. Also a lot of inept swordsmen and a few very adept that are highly respected/feared.
  15. Probably just for the clear plastick bumperthingies that stop the two halves getting into actual contact like on the sp.
  16. I liked kill bill, but I prefer this movie. In the action department the swordplay is at the same time fantastic (the sheating/unsheating) without straying from reasonably proper grip, stances and cutting motions. Uma only barely realises which end of the sword is the sharp bit, and the swordplay is only filmed to 'look' cool. She could have been taking out at any time in most of her fights if her opponent simply took a step forward in basic guarding stance. It stil looked very cool though and I enjoyed it. Another aspect that I like in Zatoichi, is the humanity of the characters. Something that is missing from Kill Bill, that really only has one character in all roles. Still, apart from the fact that they both feature swords the films are incomparable and totally different really.
  17. The big test for these new handheld 3d games will be the framerate. Nice/ugly visuals on screenshots say very little of how it will look when playing.
  18. Nu doe je me alleen maar nog meer pijn door te wijzen op het ontbreken van de Sint En AC is inderdaad gewoon de fabeltjeskrant, kijk alleen maar naar de bomen. Bah, ik ga even naar het Enge Bos om uit te huilen...
  19. Or localised events. Although this would be hard to implement for all of Europe. Would love to see my whole town dressed in Orange and everybody selling their crap on Queens Day though (they can leave out the rivers of puke).
  20. Are my posts invisible? edit: ah, spoke too soon.
  21. OMG, I played that a lot when I was younger and had totally forgotten about it, will have to look the Rom up, thanks.
  22. Fiddling around with the visual thesaurus came up with: Galvanic 'affected by emotion as if by electricity' But it also sounds like a transformer, bonus!
  23. Gamertag Pilot Rank Faction Atarian taiAtari **** PRF (might defect to RB)
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