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  1. This was indeed a great coop mode. I lost many an hour playing as the Wiz and a friend as Nifta. Utterly brilliant and one of the best games ever in my opinion. I seem to remember Zapp! not giving it a gold medal, somewhat like Edge not giving Goldeneye a ten.
  2. I played a Quake 2 CTF map of the Rotterdam Schouwburgplein at a festival a few years ago. It was actually quite good with the two levels of the square and the parking garage underneath and the Schouwburg and De Doelen at either side as a Base.
  3. Yeah, SB:LOC has been nothing short of a brilliant experience for me but if you have a less than impressive down and especially upload rate it is close to unplayable I guess. Then again, if you can afford the game you should have the money for a decent connection . Too be fair , there are also some problems concerning the economy system/balance, waiting time for rooms to fill up and the built quality of the new controllers. Nothing to spoil my intense enjoyment of the game though.
  4. At the (PAL) start there were a lot of connection issues. After a week or so these mostly subsided, although some minor connection problems do appear now and then. However if you have a poor connection with low upload or are playing people with these poor connections, the game will have major lag and/or disconects. I think the game is fantastic but someone with a poor upload might certainly agree with GamesTM.
  5. It's a decider converted for support duty (howitzer) with sellotape and elastic bands.
  6. Probably because that message is intended for British customers and the US site is not aimed at them, erm you (I assume the personal import allowance is not the same all over the world). Anyway, any game you'd buy abroad would be more than this allowance so I wouldn't be too worried of getting stung by customs. I have only be troubled twice over here in Holland, and that was for DC twinsticks from Japan and a package from Lik-Sang, both quite big. Strangely enough huge 800 dollar kendo armour from Korea got through without any problems.
  7. I don't think there is a catch. Cd-wow have a lot of sites (British, Hong Kong, German, US etc.) Prices vary between them, HK is usually cheapest, but not all products are shared between sites. Postage is always free, login identical and I've never noticed any difference except for price. Service is identical too. I've been 'cross checking' their different sites for ages without problems.
  8. 41 usd ~ 22,60 GBP inc. delivery from the American cd-wow site (www.cd-wow.net and check the us flag). Region 2 by the way.
  9. I'm throttling my upload from 75 to 10 in a moment because I'm going to play Steel Battalion for a while and that really needs all the upload it can get. I'm almost at a share ratio of 2.7 now, so I'm think I'm forgiven. Will put it back up when I go to sleep and will keep seeding for a few days.
  10. I'll be on in campaign mostly, but I won't mind joining some free mission. If anybody wants to they can touch my blade, prom m1, m2 or decider volcanic.
  11. All will be right in the end, I've stopped my other torrents and am uploading at 75 kb/s now .
  12. This high speed was for the start and the widely available pieces it seems, my download has now settled to 25/40 kb/s. I have massive upload so I tend to get favoured by most bittorrent clients.
  13. I'm getting 180 kb/s from the torrent right now, so it's up to speed. Will keep seeding for a few days (with pauses for SB:LOC, need all my upload for that )
  14. Yeah there was a lot of static coming from my mic. Took me a while to figure out my sudden drop in popularity. Trouble is, you don't norice it yourself, only figured out there was something wrong because the speech bubble was always on. Smacked the mic around and it seems to be ok now. There's an offline editor for the emblems if you have a modded box or an action replay. If you want a particular design just send it to me and I'll convert it with photoshop. Saves a couple of hours www.steelbattalion.co.uk is a friendly British community (I managed to sneak in undetected .
  15. Neh, I'm at work. Can't wait to get home though. The water probably limits mobilty so it's sniper/artillery for that one. The rare vt's will probably all be gone when I get home .
  16. You're right ofcourse, but I had been doing that all week. I'm ready to fall over now. The lack of the marker is a major weakness of the PRF by the way, I sure would like some A1's
  17. Aw sorry mate, I had to go to bed, it's one hour later over here and I have to get up at 6 in the morning . If I'd realised you just wanted to touch the VT's I'd stayed on for a while. Had some great games last night though, especially one where a guy in a decider and me in a Falchion take out a team with a Jar C, a Maelstrom and a Scareface (using speed diversion and a fair bit of attrition). Even though they killed us first quite easily by mining and camping the bridge (had never encountered mines before: `what are these blinking things on the bridge?' Boom!, cue several rounds of sniperfire, guided missiles and a howitzer bombardment hitting my prostrate VT'. Initially we also had a guy in a prom M2 with us, but the replay showed him running for a bit, falling over and dropping out of the game...shame about the 40k.
  18. Well yes, it's not a very good or sophisticated tactic, but it seems to suit my meagre skills more than a straight shoot out or an ambush. And a major part is diversion, if you turn to track/kill me, my teammates following in slower and more heavily armed VT's might catch you with your pants down so to speak.
  19. taiAtari


    I liked it but didn't think it was that great. very beautiful though. It falls flat in the characters, that seem somewhat distant and sterile to me. It's also unintentionally hilarious at the lake scene. Can't quite put my finger on it why it did not excite me very much otherwise, I think I really should have watched it in the cinema. Also, the 'same story, different angles' plot device is done much better in Rashomon.
  20. Yeah I got my Blade back...bloody crisps and candy wrappers all over the interior and scratches on the paint. If anyone wants to touch a Blade, Prominence M1, Decider Volcanic or Scareface just add me and send me an invite to a chatroom. Gamertag Atarian. This game is great and can use all the new blood, first time in years I can't wait to get home for a game. I'm still crap though, I'm just not sneaky enough and the turning circle of my VT's would make an articulated lorry look nimble. I'm takeing a liking to the quick VT's like the falchion and the blade, just run towards the enemy at full tilt, fire frontal, give them a broadside and hope your tender backside is out of range when they've managed to turn. If your teammates followed and checked out the live cam they should be able to catch the enemy trying to turn to target me and slaughter them (well that's the theory..... Keep in mind that you soon won't be able to switch sides, to avoid people going over to the winning team before the end of the round.
  21. That's with the controller. We were talking about the game only version.
  22. I can because I did just that, and have been having my not so shiny metal arse handed back to me without problems .
  23. LOC is region free so just buy the game only version from videogamesplus.ca, cheaper and only a 3 or 4 days wait.
  24. I received the ntsc version this week but have not yet gone online with it, so this would be great. I'll be a totally uncoordinated big roboty type though. Never put enough time into the original to get any good. gamertag: Atarian
  25. Erm, so they can see the movie fullscreen. Do you mean a pan and scan option instead of anamorphic? Anamorphic means storing a movie 'stretched' so widescreen tv's don't sufffer decreased resolution, they will look letterboxed on a 4:3 telly.
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