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  1. I'm pretty sure the widescreen version is anamorphic, otherwise it would be the letterbox version. Although there is some confusion with these terms. It's pretty rare for big new releases to be letterboxed though (except for some region 3 discs).
  2. I think the 4:3 versions are primarily for the American market. In Europe widescreen has really taken off, but in the states they are not really successful. Almost every movie over there is released in two versions or contains a pan and scan option.
  3. There is a an arcade in Zandvoort and one in Scheveningen that's always that bit smaller when I go there...I remember when I used to take the bike to Scheveningen from Rotterdam, with 15 guilders jangling in my pocket. Playing and watching others play Out Run Deluxe, Afterburner, Star Wars sit in, Discs of Tron, Wec Le Mans, basically all the big machines our local arcade did not have. Arcades were plentiful back then all along the Scheveningen seaboard. To see it reduced to just the small corner in the Palace Promenade while the slotmachines with grannies attached and photoplays are everywhere just breaks my heart...
  4. I just stopped at a share ratio of over 6, least I could do after getting the file in minutes with huge speeds earlier.
  5. Just received my copy from videogamesplus (it's regionfree) so put me down. I will be crap though, haven't played the original for ages. gamertag: Atarian
  6. Getting some nice speeds of the torrent right now, fluctuating from 350 to 450 KB/s.
  7. This is a toy version of the power armour form the book. Looks somewhat more impressive than the one on that book cover
  8. here (R1) and here (R3 SE)
  9. Hang on, the stars catalogue (Dutch website) actually has a black gamecube and some GC and GBA games in there now (sold out of course) did I miss something?
  10. here (R2) or here(R4) or even here (R1)
  11. I've got it on the Vectrex, probably the best version there is. Still very, very playable against a human opponent.
  12. In the original book Japan is basically still a facist state (did not lose WWII) and the BR's have been going on since the fifties. They are supposed to give some insight into battlefield conditions and tactics but turn out to be a tool to show the populace you can't trust anyone. Because it shows that when it's their life on the line even best friends betray and kill eachother thus enabling the government to rule by fear. Also in the Book the Kitano character is not their former teacher but simply a slightly deranged government official named Kinpatsu (blondie) Sakamochi. Quite a nice read and really complements the film.
  13. If you like that you might want to keep an eye on the fanproject 'Indiana Jones and the fountain of youth'. It's shaping up quite nicely. website
  14. If you like that you might want to keep an eye on the fanproject 'Indiana Jones and the fountain of youth'. It's shaping up quite nicely. Website
  15. I thought Star Wars Racer became quite interesting if you input the code that allows you to control the game with a controller in each hand. It adds a whole new and innovative control scheme that, although it takes some getting used to, transforms the game (you actually control each engine separately instead of the vehicle). It's also more in line with the way the movie portrayed the control of the pod. It's also really only possible with the n64 controller and thus unique to the machine.
  16. Kill Bill no step more than meets the eye 01 less =! more gaijin engine
  17. GBA's have no PAL or NTSC, they're all physically the same. So I guess you just can't link the US game with the European one, something to do with changes because of the localisation perhaps?
  18. Maybe they even have some sort of virtual boy functionality in there too. With two seperate screens stereoscopic vision shouldn't be too hard to pull off. Different polarity filters maybe, in combination with polarised lenses (I'm no expert in this kind of thing so feel free to ridicule me ). It is a bit of a stretch after the dismal failure that was virtual boy though and you would probably look like a twat
  19. If you're planning to upgrade purely for hosting live games you have to check out the upstream that the accounts provide too. This will impact your hosting capabilities a lot more than the downstream.
  20. Come on, don't tell me you did not get the reference to 'Doki Doki Panic', the game that was made into Super Mario Bros 2
  21. Sure, but when I saw it I immediately thought how a twin towers bungeejump would go down with the same people. The only real difference is 89 years. It just seemed a bit weird to me to make a real disaster into an attraction. But it obviously would never have been made like this without that scene in Camereon's flick.
  22. Talking about EA and bad taste, I was at EA Redwood Shores a few months ago and they had this sort of 'family day'. One of the attractions was this horribly tasteless inflatableTitanic slide... Ofcourse they were not specially made for EA but rented, but it does show some crass insensitivity by the persons who thought this one up. Give them a few years and you will be seeing 'Twin Towers Bungee Jump' attractions
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