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  1. Really? Because that's what they do best IMO, providing an unblinking and often very funny view on a lot of sensitive/taboo subjects. And Oprah's minge of course.
  2. I think it 's just another way to show the unfairness and harsh reality of cancer. They had the life of the kid riding on a peewee hockey team winning against a brutal professional team...pretty apt comparison to cancer I'd say.
  3. I liked this one a lot. I think someone they know is dying of cancer or has died recently. One of my best friends has recently been told he has cancer and that he's not going to get cured. It's been pretty hard to get to grips with, but in the end you can only laugh at the unfairness and the fact there's really nothing you can do but laugh and make the most of the time there is left (He also finally had an excuse to start World of Warcraft since soon he will have no life. Naturally he rolled Undead). I think a similar experience has prompted the South Park guys to make this episode. Anyway, my friend liked this one a lot and I also think it is pretty funny and honest.
  4. And the South Park re-creation of course: cripple fight!
  5. Don't forget the insanely brutal hammer fight from Old Boy.
  6. I'll join, what time will you be on? I think I've got you on my friends list already.
  7. ´S alright. I´d like it if we could have an online Halo meet some time though for old times sake.
  8. Wizball, still very playable and original, with lots of lovely touches like the filth raid.
  9. Hang on, it's very very good in its original PC guise, but this Xbox version doesn't really do a great job of translating the experience. As any game though, it can be a lot of fun with the right people. The xbox version pales next to Halo 2 on every level though.
  10. Just caved in and got this. Used to play this a lot on the PC back in the day, actually tried to get to grips with beta one but didn't have enough bandwidth back then. Started properly with beta 5 when the Colt still had a scope. Never tried the Xbox version so will probably be crap, but I'll remember the maps I guess...
  11. It's a whole foodgroup over here, although in powder form you usually get it in straws or as a packet of 'zoete beertjes'. It looks greyish and is called ' zwart wit' (black white), not really white like that picture. There is white powder candy, but this is fresh/sour (or rather, acidic... ). If you are interested (and brave) you can get a load of Dutch candy here.
  12. Dice made Codename Eagle in 1999. The multiplayer component of this title with its emphasis on vehicles was similar to their Battlefield series. So there is something to their claim to have invented the vehiculair fps.
  13. taiAtari

    Manu Chao

    He was much, much better when he was still heading Mano Negra though, best live band I've ever seen. Tremendous energy and contact with the crowd.
  14. Well, I got in a spat of trouble with Frobert, my irritating frog. He was always going around, blathering about his rigorous training and his muscles. Clearly he overdid it on the steroids because he was getting aggressive and far too cocky for his own good. When I refused to get him a shirt to show off his physique he literally threatened to 'wreck' me. Although he immediately added he was just kidding I couldn't let this lie. Frobert needed to remember who to respect in Rotown. With the help of the AC Mob we induced a terror campaign against the hapless frog. I talked to him about his kneecaps and Slik wrote a letter going into detail what would happen to him. His house was close to the waterfront so I first isolated him with holes and later slik surrounded his frontdoor with a pitfall minefield (causing some innocent victims, but hey...). Promptly Frobert fell into a deep state of fear, made worse by paranoia from his steroid abuse. He got sick and didn't leave the house for two weeks. I made sure to visit him everyday and publicly deny him medicine and making him generally feel unwelcome and alone. Only recently did he dare go for a walk again. I decided to let him think it's ok, but one day, when he least expects... You simply don't mess around with the Don of Rotown. The strange thing is, Frobert never made any attempt to leave, while some of my favourites have.
  15. 105 here and this is the time wifi decides to start working again
  16. Crap! My wifi (or rather, some anonymous neighbour's wifi) is playing up, I can't get out.
  17. Yeah, we did absolutely shit later when you left though. Wouldn't be so bad, but as is tradition the opposing teams were very American about it.
  18. I tried to enter your house to steal everything and lagged out. That's some fine security system you've got installed there .
  19. Hi, I've not seen the kitty yet, but have not had much time to play this week. What time will your gates be open these days??
  20. It definetely has the look and feel of Soldier of Orange about it, but that's certainly no bad thing. It stars the very lovely Carice van Houten, who's a fine actor and extremely easy on the eyes as well.
  21. The first one, I like the composition, although the colours could be better. I really should have waited for the train to pass, but I took it on wednesday and the blistering heat was just too much. The second is just for fun. It does look a bit like that snowowl, yes.
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