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  1. I'll join in with the bird theme. Storks in nest on the overhead line supports of the Rotterdam-Utrecht line. Underneath is also a fairly busy road. I also like this one of an owl chick I took in the zoo, just because he seems to say WTF.
  2. I was able to open my gate but got a connection error later. Kittentalk:
  3. Alright, I´ll have a look around that time (should be 9 for me). I just saw it on my break so it will probably be around still.
  4. It wasn´t there when I had the gates open and visitors over, but it reappeared after closing them. It´s actually asking me to take her to Gedling but tires very quickly. Is the mummy asking you to take her to Rotown or to retrieve the kitten for her? I guess I can try to take the kitten with me and if that doesn´t work we have you come over? I´ll probably be able to come on from 5.30 or so. So if you could open your gates sometime tonight I´ll try to take Katie (that´s her name apparently) with me.
  5. Hi Scott, I checked and my lost kitten is indeed from Gedling. You want to set up a reunion tonight?
  6. Indeed, Ender's Game is a pretty famous SF story too. It's interesting because it has a link to videogames/simulations in its basic premise.
  7. ignore please... quoted myself by accident.
  8. I'll plug in the ds, pop open the gates and go off to work so it should be open for several hours from now.
  9. My store has a crown available for 1.000.000 bells. That's about 2 zero's out of my budget, but maybe somebody else wants it?
  10. A guy I worked with is the background artist for this. It looks amazing. They were already busy making this game three years ago, so I don't think Lucasarts will shut them down soon.
  11. They're 82 bells today. I' have to go now, but I'll leave my gates open. Feel free to visit and deplete the ecosystem.
  12. Just got this and would love some visitors and visit other towns. Rotown isn't that bustling right now, but I'm sure that'll change and the coffee at the Roost is the best anywhere. Atar from Rotown Code: 4639-3087-6921 Fruit is oranges
  13. These are fairly sleek. No storage though. Silicone Case metal case crystal sleeve
  14. Is there no brain training or other demo included like in the Australian version? The Australian box is similar, except without the red ds logo and with a 'braintraining demo included' sticker on the front.
  15. Who ya calling 'precocious' ? I'll get a new tv tomorrow if everything goes well. It will be that not quite HD Philips crt, since it is cheap and outperforms the Samsung HD ready crt visually in head to head tests. Will be getting the component cables in later though.
  16. Don't worry, I lost a tv but gained a kitten. All is well with the world.
  17. My TV seems to have died, so I won't be on for some time .
  18. SingStar Anthems track list: - Queen: Radio Ga Ga - Bonnie Tyler: Total Eclipse of the Heart - Take That feat. Lulu: Relight My Fire - Cher: If I Could Turn Back Time - Steps: Deeper Shade of Blue - Dead or Alive: You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) - Candi Station: Young Hearts Run Free - Gloria Gayno: I Will Survive - Bananarama: I Heard a Rumour - Pussycat Dolls: Don't Cha - Leann Rimes: Can't Fight the Moonlight - Donna Summer: I Feel Love - Bucks Fizz: Making Your Mind Up - The Weather Girls: It's Raining Men - Ultra Nate: Free - Scissor Sisters: Laura - Kim Wilde: Kids in America - Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance with Somebody - Girls Aloud: Biology - Charlotte Church: Crazy Chick
  19. I'm not preacher (nor random)
  20. It's cheaper and faster at the moment to get a pal ds lite from Australia (from dvdcrave fe). It's released over there on June 1. If it sails through customs unnoticed. But I understand packages from Australia tend to dodge taxes.
  21. Nice, still prefer white though.
  22. Utrecht is allright. I prefer Haarlem though. And I love Rotterdam, but that's home so... Brabant is just occupied Belgium. I'd rather go to Belgium proper, where they sound nicer and have better food, girls, clothes and cinemas.
  23. Seriously... Roosendaal is a lot more rural than Groningen city and a lot crappier too. It still amazes me when the outer rim people fight over who's the biggest hillbilly. Foreigners don't call the whole country Holland for nothing you know .
  24. Don't worry, they're used to mine. As far as you can get used to the sound of glass being gargled, ofcourse.
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