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  1. Yes, these. Also, I'd like to see Mano Negra again, best live performers I ever saw.
  2. Ah, yes. Great game that, you needed some smg rounds post grenading to finish you off though. If the gate had not been open you would have easily made that. Great games alll round, sorry I lagged behind in the 3v3 games. I blame latency from being on the continent for my Jimmyesque performance in those.
  3. The translations (Voelkerverstandigung) part is exceedingly weird. A combination of Anglicisms and Germanisms and precious little real Dutch expressions. I didn't realise the Germans felt roughly the same about us as we do about them football-wise.
  4. I really can't remember. I do remember some very cool 720 artwork in CU around that time by Jamie Hewlett. That picture is fairly recent though, I still treasure the tape and case
  5. First Album: Which doesn't damage my cred at all. B) unfortunately my first bought single was: In my defense, I was in puppy love at the time and this was actually the song that was playing when I kissed her for the first time... To salvage some credibility I present this self made case for an Outrun and 720 tape the came free with C&VG:
  6. Yeah, I'm amazed the banshee that left the base when we were walking toward it didn't spot us. And I think the defender with the sniper had it trained on the grav lift and didn't expect death from above... I managed to block the grav lift when you were arming but didn't really think you could make it before the end of the round. I loved the cries of anguish and woe from the other team as they finally managed to reach the bombspot .
  7. The last ditch base assault on coag was truly legendary. I don't think there was a second to spare.
  8. My brother in law had a dedicated mini cinema installed in the basement of his house. He had the house built according to his (and my sisters) wishes by an architect. The joys of being very, very well off. He´s not much of a gamer but he does have a modded xbox in there on my recommendation. So I do get to play on a huge screen with progscran projection from time to time.
  9. Yes, Commodore made the C64 GS (Game System) and launched it in Europe (Britain and Denmark only for some reason) in the late eighties. It was basically a keyboardless C64 in an angular case with no serial, user and datasette interfaces.
  10. The original Odyssey was American, because Magnavox was not yet a Philips subsidiary in the early seventies. The Odyssey 2 or Videopac as it was known in Europe could be considered Dutch.
  11. I´ll probably be able to sub most days.
  12. I'm here now, so I'll be able to sub.
  13. I'd like to join, but I seem to be shunned due to my ambiguous old/new status. You lot can be so cruel :*(
  14. Positive G-force Makes you sound like proper super heroes too.
  15. I´d like to be in, but I´m unsure if I´m new or old...
  16. Yes, imagine my surprise actually being assasinated by someone standing in front of me with his back towards my uselessly flailing riflebutt. Anyone going on right now? Oh, and can someone get me a Nubes clan invite? Roll Muck is pretty dead at the moment so why keep up the facade.
  17. It was very laggy for me last night, wasn't hosting in any game for sure, although I still have a 1 mbit upload. I can't be sure but I think Beejay, Talvalin and later Panda were hosting most games. Alex was especially laggy from my point of view in the early games (one red bar most of the time). Still had some fun games though, just had to forget about the shotgun and gauss hog.
  18. Here you go the official site.. I´m not french though, god forbid .
  19. Sure, you need to set it to a finer grind than for the cafetiere though.
  20. They don't need to explain, you don't question what you are told. *big winky smilie*
  21. But, but....I´m not in the nubes.
  22. I was there too and even sent Jon an invite request only to be ignored by the 'uk elite' . Later he just sat in the menu ignoring our invites for hours and hours. I can't take this kind of rejection.
  23. I tried two of my place of work.
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