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  1. Indeed, we were a slightly creaky but still effectively oiled killing machine.
  2. This man speaks the truth, although I like my rancilio espresso machine there's no method that is as easy and consistently good as quality beans, a grinder (although it's better to not use a blade grinder for consistency) and a cafetiere. It's cheap too, so you can spend more on good beans.
  3. It's up for preorder on play now too. 49.99 though, but I ordered it to get a second guitar for my US set. At least Play don't charge overseas postage like Amazon and I'm not really sure it will be released over here.
  4. Is there still a shortage of hdd's in the UK? There's loads of them in stores over here in Holland.
  5. It's the 2 disc release, received it from dvdcrave a few days ago.
  6. Halo was stunning when it first came out. The two weapon limit and the shield changed the way fps´s were played. It also was probably the first game were older weapons weren´t useless when you got new ones. The emergent gameplay that was a result of the consistent physics engine, level design and the well implemented AI was very impressive at the time. It also introduced npc´s that weren´t completely useless and which served to immerse you into the game with their seldom repeated and appropriate banter. They´re also are one of the few npc´s where I care if they ´live´or die. Altogeteher it was very much a milestone in fps development and one of the best gaming experiences I´ve ever had. It even turned friends that were die-hard pc fps players to the xbox.
  7. It's a Konix Navigator.
  8. I've seen this a few months ago and it's very interesting. A fascinating porttrait of a man who literally turns his back on humans. Dissapointed with the human world he tries to become a part of an idealised wilderness with disastrous consequences At first it seems one big joke, because Timothy is very camp around the bears, but gradually you realize he's very serious. He even seems to foreshadow his death (he comments on the bears being very very dangerous) and welcomes eventually coming to his end being eaten by them (although this is probably due to Herzog's editing). You don't hear or see the actual death, you just see the reaction of a former girlfriend to it, which is a bit exploitative. I didn't really care much for Herzog's commentary and insights but the actual recordings are mesmerizing. The real stars for me were the wild foxes with whom Timothy seemed to have a real report. Not to sure about the bears who mainly barely tolerate him. In the end it is a very well documented portrait of an extremely eccentric man.
  9. She was hardly famous at the time, but Hillary Swank won her first oscar with the gay/gender confused 'Boys don't cry'. Or do you specifically mean male gay?
  10. It was bloody loud too, those speakers weren´t for show. The sound and smell of an eighties arcade is something that I will never forget. A vaguely electrical, ozon like smell and snippets of attract mode and in game sounds piercing through a humming din. There´s this great website where you can download ambient arcade sounds. Unfortunately it stops at 1986. That reminds me, the distinct sound that you get when putting in a coin in Outrun was great (Vrrriiiiwujiyoob or something like that ). that would make a good message sound for my mobile.
  11. Did some rummaging around and found it. That's an adorable custom case if I say so myself. I had a nearly religious devotion to Outrun at that time (I was 14). We had a deluxe upright in our local arcade which me and two friends would go play on during schoolbreaks. In the weekends we would cycle the 30~40 kilometers to the Scheveningen seaboard arcade, with ten guilders in our pockets. Here they had a row of the Deluxe sit ins on which we would show of our 'skills'. Great times. Other faves were Roadblasters, Op Wolf, Double Dragon and a somewhat more obscure vertical/horizontal Shmup called Terraforce. I also liked to play Pacmania, WEC LeMans, APB, 720 degrees, Banzai Run and Earthshaker pinball machines and the sit in Star Wars cabinets they had in Scheveningen. O, what I'd give for a time machine to soak up that atmosphere again.
  12. I must still have this lying around somewhere, complete with homemade case that has a cut out picture of the deluxe sit in arcade machine on it.
  13. I really like that one, very ´film noir/expensive watch/perfume advert´-ish.
  14. Not really, but I ´joined´ one night to play some minor clanmatches with the Nubes lot and none of the other Roll Muckians are ever on to invite me back in...
  15. As I said in the other thread i´m still playing H2, so count me in. I´ll probably be around tonight, any of you want to come around 9?
  16. I´m available, I still play H2 on a fairly regular basis.
  17. It's actually called that, just in Dutch It was taken in Diergaarde Blijdorp, my local zoo. And by local I mean 5 minutes from my home. I've got a subscription so I tend to walk in if I got some time to spare.
  18. It's just a simple pic with my cheapy A60 , but I quite like the composition and wariness of the pack.
  19. I don't think my grandparents hated the Germans, maybe he did, he just wasn't very sympathetic when the war they started didn't work out for them. Anyway I get a feeling I fail to bring my point across which is not, for the umpteenth time, that Germans are evil, but that what happened there is indeed a warning. A society that was culturally very similar to other European societies was taken over by this sytem with the support or indifference of a large part of the population. that they took out any opposition when they could is not a cause but a result of this.
  20. It amazes me how perfectly balanced the game is. The improvement is very gradual and I haven´t really hit a difficulty spike, just a slow uphill struggle. I don´t really get how my fingers seem to move of their own on some songs, but they do now. The guitar controller is far more intuitive than the frequency and amplitude control method. (It is also a lot easier on songs that you know and/or like).
  21. Sorry if I didn't make it clear, but, I meant the German people when I said 'people like us'. The Germans were not some primitive beasts. It was an educated , cultured, western society much like ours that allowed itself to be run the Nazis.
  22. My point is not that 'Germans are evil' or somesuch nonsense, quite the opposite. It is that people much like us allowed this to happen for whatever reason, although the signs were quite clear. It wasn't a well kept secret that Nazism was a horribly inhuman system and there is a lot more wrong with it than its ultimate conclusion: the extermination of unwanted people. It is a warning against complacency. Also that Time issue and the cover explicitly reference the 'evil' of Hitler's system.
  23. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying a nation turned evil, just that most German people allowed the Nazi's to take the nation for a ride. There's a warning in there. And I don't really believe a lot didn't know what was going on. There was active German resistance, if they knew, everybody could have known. In my home town they recently found some comments carved into a church beam in the late 1930's by carpenters restoring the roof. The text, among other things, expresses a worry about Germany and calls Hitler the devil. This from some carpenters in a small town in Holland, not very highly educated men, before WW II even started. Anyway, a nation turning evil is much less scary than what actually happened: a nation that is in fact a modern, educated western society much like ours allowing such things to happen.
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