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  1. I managed to get online with my PS2 which was a fairly labourious process in itself, but never received the pin number. So I gave up and went back to live.
  2. Actually we did win, 3-0 even. No idea if this means we have to slog on...
  3. We already have the Nubes for that, a warm home for any rank and skill. That some have gotten quite proficient doesn't mean they have forgotten their humble beginnings. Check out the stickies in this folder. [edit] bloody multiple sentences
  4. Yeah! :S Although it should have been pretty balanced. The teams are pretty even on paper, probably Beertigers hurt hand that swung it.
  5. Hm, that might be wise.. Any idea if they are easy to remove? I installed mine from an qwixed iso of the update part of the disc...
  6. That seems rather generous, start probably at 9.15 after fruitless attempts to get a whole team, total humiliation of unpractised and incomplete team 9 at 9.30. Available for further action at 9.35.
  7. I can make it tonight, but tomorrow me and Pootle have to kill eachother in the random tourney.
  8. Annoyingly I don't seem to be the host that often
  9. Wednesday 9 pm it is. It seems it will be just the two of us and maybe some kind souls.
  10. Sure, we might get some ronins in and do it properly or just have a fun game like last time.
  11. I´ll join in too, but can´t make it on friday and the weekend and probably not on thursday... that leaves tomorrow or wednesday for me.
  12. Gave him the Halo novel thingy. Hope he takes the not too subtle hint.
  13. How´s that going to work? Won´t the teams be randomized?
  14. True to form I'll be Corpsey, the touching Ewok casualty of war.
  15. Don´t know really, usually you have plenty of time to board it and get going. [geek]Worryingly the taking down of Executor was the result of a semi-intentional kamikaze attack by Arvel Crynid in his clipped A-wing. Better compare it to downing an AT-AT, alright. [/geek]
  16. Yeah, it takes a while to power up when you get in. Anyway, the wraith is vulnerable to boarding from walkways higher up when it leaves the courtyard. And don´t forget it goes down quickly when your team are able to concentrate fire on it. It´s powerful, but you can counter it. I think the hardness makes it more interesting, like assault as ct on the old Counterstrike.
  17. It would be nice if they got that and as a result would only ever be matched with other cheaters. Better than banning.
  18. I sort of agree it shouldn´t really be there on slayer, but the Wraith is easily countered by the gauss hog and the rocket launcher. If there´s a good connection the gauss hog is a lot more deadly than the wraith anyway.
  19. Oooh, I might want to get in a game as a sub (or just go pick flowers in the map and be the server :/)
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