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  1. Firaxis say that with Marvel on board, this game has a 95% chance of being a hit. X-Com's RNG coder is shitting themselves right now.
  2. Much less of a hot take, than "I'm assuming you can't afford it, if you don't don't like this".
  3. The Borderlands series offers first person combat, and a third person perspective of what its developers find amusing on the internet.
  4. Media Molucule games offer the largest collection of SMB 1-1 recreations, available outside a Nintendo platform.
  5. Star Citizen's team has painstakingly crafted this pre-alpha, at great expense, over a nine year period.
  6. Heavy Rain makes extensive use of the capabilities of the sixaxis, as well as other rarely seen gestural inputs.
  7. No, I've had no crashes, no significant bugs and I've played around 25 hours (the kind of platime I very rarely do, in a short space of time). I did end up turning ray tracing off on my pc, because the framerate tanked during one scene, but otherwise, it's been pretty solid. I was really enthusiastic to play it, loving cyberpunk aesthetics and the Witcher games, but wasn't expecting anything too trancendant. Those 80s sci-fi vibes could carry me through something far more mundane, for sure. I gave up on Mankind Divided twice, after a few hours, for comparison. I'm mainly happy that it's not as edgy as the marketing, though it is uncommonly keen on calling you a cunt, for a big release. Genuinely empathise with those having a bad experience, but it also seems to have attracted hot takes by the bucketload too.
  8. Or squirting some Toilet Duck under the rim?
  9. I'm sure the use of that ancient meme is entirely innocent and not a dogwhistle.
  10. It's quite mindblowing that this has passed $300 million now. A mate from work mentioned he'd bought in to it recently, at the £40 entry cost. Turned out that one of his friends had bought a 5 person ship and had been trying to rustle up a crew. My first thought was that friends don't let friends buy Star Citizen, especially not eight years in.
  11. It's the animals I feel for, having to go into 'crunch' pretty much as soon as the main tourism season is over.
  12. Well, at least there's one new tech release that's not going to be scalped to death.
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