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  1. S8N, please accepy my humblest apologies - no excuses, simply total lack of organisation on my behalf. I've finished the CD today and stuck it in the post. PS Sorry no label or fancy case - I dont have a printer, or any artistic skill.
  2. I'll go for the most obvious answer - the populist, dont know that much above Jazz answer if you will - and say the album "Kind of Blue" by Miles Davis. It sounds like you imagine Jazz should. Whenever I need to calm down it works a treat.
  3. Now thats a CD I'd like to hear- any chance of an upload so I can share the love, so to speak ?
  4. Sorry for not noticing you post till now rowan - similar issues to you with forum - but if your still up for it I'm still interested in getting a CD from you.
  5. Sad as I am to admit it, I cant convince someone to take my spare ticket for what promises to be a chance to see the band in an intimate setting before they explode... CrazyP, Fiddlers Bedminster, 10th March, 1 free ticket, first come, first served. Reply in this thread. I'll be in the centre of Bristol drinking between 8 and 11, then off to the gig. I can meet the lucky recipient either place. Only condition is whomever gets the ticket does something nice to someone random.
  6. oh. bunch of arse. I must admit I just uploaded the track without listening to it. I will rip it again at the weekend and upload again. I'm off to Fruity tomorrow, then an after party at mine, so its lookin like late Saturday before I get it done. Sorry.
  7. After any years of searching, I now have my own Red Swingline. And I will burn the building down if anyone tries to take it. Milton is the best thing in the whole movie. Him and TPS reports, which have cropped up in a couple of subsequent movies....cant remember which ones though.
  8. me too please. PS Is it acceptable form to Pm whomever your sending a CD to and asking them what their taste in music is ?
  9. Didnt get a cd this month
  10. I've still not got my cd yet, and its nearly the end of the month And I'm going to be busy for the next few days, so here is the tracklist for the cd I sent to Barrow48. All the songs come from compilations issued by Radio Nova, or I heard the tracks listening to the station. 1. General Electrics - Tu M'intrigues 2. Niko - You're my favourite Music 3. Lacquer - Behind 4. Datarock - Computer Camp Love 5. Tahiti 80 - Big Day 6. Benny Sings - Get There 7. Ty - Wait a minute 8. Roots Manuva - Join the Dots 9. Blackalicious - Side to Side 10. Plantlife - When She Smiles she lights the sky (4hero Mix) 11. Republic of Loose - Comeback Girl 12. Stevie Wonder - Love Having you around 13. Gil Scott Heron - You can depend on the train from Washington 14. Handsome Boy Modelling School - I've been waiting 15. Bumcello - Sarareve 16. Baxter Dury - Cocaine Man 17. Handsome Hank - Blackhole Sun Hope you liked it.
  11. Is that a bad or a good thing ?
  12. Barrow48, did you get my CD ? I sent in in the work internal post, and they are pretty slow, but you should have it by now. You like ? Or you hate so much your being polite and not commenting ? And I aint got mine yet either - who is supposed to be sending it ?
  13. There was a very short tour in Feb, but like most things like this I only found out at the last minute. I'm really looking forward to it though - never thought I'd get the opportunity to see him live in Brizzle.
  14. Thank you I like the track - but I see what you mean about it being a wee bit dull. Given the right conditions (i.e. 4am tired, and slightly emotional) it's going to fit right it. However, the best track you've uploaded is the DJ Rasoul track, I'm loving that at the moment. I've not posted much in this thread lately because I've been going out a wee bit too much; there has been some great nights in Bristol over the last few weeks. But now I have 13p to my name I'm working on another mix, but I'm stuck at 42 miuntes and I cant find anything to mix out of the last track Its mainly more blippy stuff, as my mate Rupert would say, and I dont have enough of it to make a full mix. Tracklist so far 1. Elektrochemie -Pleasure Seeker 2. Martinez - Machine Script 3. Afrilounge - The Dude 4. Chris Lake - Guttersnipe 5. Afrilounge - Discoheadz 6. Moonbootica - Listen 7. DJ T - Rimini 8. ????? Any Suggestions Welcome ???? In the meantime I'll upload a nasty little bassline monster - Timmy's Turn by Motion 040. Bassline driven electro nasty nasty durty music. Drop out, Turn on and Tune in PS. I know its not strictly house, but Recloose is playing in Bristol at Native next week (Wed). He brought you the totally sick 'Dust' last year and is not to be missed. PPS. And Crazy Penis are playing on the 10th of March at Fiddlers. PPPS. And Haji & Emmanuel are playing this Saturday night....see what I mean about lots of good nights at the moment
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