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  1. I can see this thread ending in tears, much like a certain E3 press conference...
  2. I was shocked that they could have Izzy fall down the same flight of stairs as Darcy, in the very same hospital where Darcy is in a coma! Even Neighbours' production values are slipping... And I'm loving it!
  3. There's a great big nugget of truth in those words. Having played extensively on my brother's Live service over Christmas, I've found myself quite disillusioned with the service. Almost no-one was playing PGR2, FSW (which is a bit rubbish with 'anonymous' people anyway), Topspin and Outrun 2. Apart from Tekki/Steel Battalion (which I imagine has died online long ago), Live's something of a dead-zone for me. Of course, there's always sodding Halo 2. *WINK*
  4. Just before this one gets locked forever: EGGZ!!!!
  5. Listarooney: Top five, in no particular order Mother 3/Earthbound 2 The next Zelda Super Mario 128 Another Code Wanda and the Collosi/Ico 2/whatever it'll be called The also-rans S.T.A.L.K.E.R MGS3 Yoshi! Touch & Go Metroid Prime Hunters Katamari Damacy 2 (and I suppose its prequel, given the rumoured European release) Okami Viewitful Joe 2 World of Warcraft Oddworld: Stranger F.E.A.R KOTOR II Resident Evil 4 GTA PSP Donkey Konga: Jungle Beat Ridge Racers Lumines Mercury Wario Touch! Nintendogs The DS launch line-up (not got one, yet) Animal Crossing DS Advance Wars DS Super Mario Bros DS FF XII Battlefield 2 Various Nippon Ichi titles And that's not even including anything not yet anounced. Looks... exorbitant.
  6. That ad's a bloody travesty. I feel sorry for the beams of light that had to imprint such an image upon my retinas. It's that bad.
  7. So no-one else noticed the Shenmue reference in the first paragraph of the article?
  8. Although the cover, face-on, isn't particularly impressive, the size of the thing certainly is. Just holding it in your hands imparts how weighty the actual programmes are. Also, I'd really love to get this one, one day:
  9. You're not wrong there, it certainly is a dissapointing cover, especially when you compare it to their other Kurosawa releases: Still, the film's great nonetheless, so it's not all bad.
  10. You spent £250 on games in the first 23 days of January 2004? Blimey...
  11. Criterion, as ever, do the bestest covers:
  12. Ebisumaru


    I noticed a minor bug with one of the sattelite transports actually, where your troops/soldiers/whatever dissapeared if you transported them to said sattelite. It worked fine if you transported troops from it though... Here's a screenshot to show you where it is: Apart from that: It's bloody great. When's it out, or does this demo signify that it already is available?
  13. If that show involved a trio of biker penguins, then you are indeed a man of taste.
  14. What is it about this place? One week Nintendo are child-eating monsters, the next they're gaming's saviour. Don't... know... what... to... think... anymore!
  15. Ebisumaru


    Ohh, this looks good, Clive Sinclair (I think) and all!
  16. I haven't played the game in ages, the perspectives are (probably) all wrong and I haven't included any HUD details, but it's a game worth remembering
  17. It's a bit of a pity then that the Xbox (and to an even lesser extent MS themselves) has made little to no headway into a culture that still finds Sony synonymous with videogames then, isn't it? You are pefectly right however that MS could blow-up the world and still earn a king's ransom. But that ransom is dented (not insignificantly) by MS 'vanity' projects, such as the Xbox, which, er, show no sign of being of any great threat to Sony's stanglehold on the market. MS will probably just throw yet more wasted money at their games division in the meantime, but hell, they've got brand proliferation to show for all those billions, so it's all going to be alright in the end!
  18. No matter how many times I look at that... thing, it looks nothing but a contrived mess. The unit's supports and the badly placed LCD panel are particular bugbears of mine...
  19. So Microsoft should risk losing another fortune with another exorbitant HD strategy, entirely reliant on wishful trickle-down economics and the whims and fancies of fickle and (relatively) stringent consumers, whilst all the while knowing that a comparable set of tactics didn't work with the original Xbox? Yeah, that seems a good way to go...
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