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  1. DoctorK

    Far Cry 5

    A hefty 39.13Gb "patch" for the Xbox One X version is now downloading for me.
  2. Ah very good point, cheers
  3. I think the security people just got them to the nearest airport and out of the country as fast as possible. It was the crew and all the equipment that had to run the gauntlet of the protestors.
  4. It really did. Noticed on the footage from the crew vehicles they mentioned "B" cars so assume they always have more than one of the "Star" cars.
  5. Fucking hell, terrible. The Clara and Danny kitchen sink show with a hint of Timelord
  6. Sky are saying Jules isn't breathing unaided contrary to other reports
  7. Aye it vanished and Sky have it on their "Box Sets" section of On Demand. Oh and Amazon Prime Instant Video as well.
  8. Nice to hear the computer voice is the narrator from The Stanley Parable.
  9. Exactly. Given that people will buy this anyway as it's such a cash cow for EA they really must be nervous about the reception it's going to receive.
  10. Seems EA didn't send out any review copies which is worrying. There's a couple of Metacritic user reviews saying about how much stuff has been cut and customisation is minimal.
  11. DoctorK

    Dead Rising 3

    Sorry for the slow response. Yeah I went for the season pass, but have only played maybe half an hour of the DLC so far. Other things have been getting in the way :/
  12. DoctorK

    Dead Rising 3

    I got it. The download from the Marketplace was 20 meg so yeah it was already downloaded in the 13Gb patch. Only played a little bit so far because I wasn't really in the mood to play it last night, but the new combo weapon is pretty great
  13. DoctorK

    Dead Rising 3

    So anyone know when this DLC goes live?
  14. DoctorK

    Dead Rising 3

    Not liking the sound of this patch, mine was unpatched last night so will give it a bash when I get home. Have become totally addicted to the collectibles now. Maxed out to level 50 and you do pretty much become a walking and driving death machine but it's still incredible fun. Top tip for levelling up fairly quickly is try to get the Ultimate Shout weapon and hang around Ingleton. The constantly respawning waves of zombies around there go down 30-50 at a time with it. I'd spent a few hours trying to find a couple of blueprints and Frank statues yesterday and got incredibly frustrated. Then when I came back to it later they were both incredibly easy when you look in the right place. The Shockdozer is a great vehicle for getting high up on some of the buildings too.
  15. DoctorK

    Dead Rising 3

    You should give it a go, my girlfriend bought me a Nexus 7 for Christmas and the Smart Glass stuff is great. You got a ton more interaction with the guy who calls you up to hand out side missions. Could be seen as a bit too much interaction but there's a lot more stuff. I'm now on playthrough number 3 and really enjoying it with this extra stuff.
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