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  1. Mine arrived today too - Horizon downloading and charging the controllers.
  2. I’ve had 240 in the post today (presumably my replacement rather than the original) but no 241 yet. I’ll give it to next week then request a replacement for 241 too.
  3. Same. I’ve not had issue 240 nor the replacement I ordered yet either.
  4. Anyone else still waiting for theirs? I realise there’s been postal strikes but I got some Moonpig cards within a couple of days of ordering but RG still hasn’t arrived…
  5. That’s what I did too. Makes some of the ice breaker events winnable. Still can’t do the sprint ones though even on easy!
  6. At least some of you have had yours, no sign of mine yet this month.
  7. Agreed - I’m also really struggling with some of the ice breaker events too despite breezing through most other races on medium difficulty. So far I’ve just avoided doing those events and fortunately you aren’t forced to.
  8. Thanks -she’s added you both, Bigchalala. Her code if anyone wants to add her is: SW-8388-8571-6888.
  9. I’ve only played this a bit myself but my wife has put over 1000 hours in and is still hooked. Here’s a few pics and a link to her Instagram if anyone wants to visit, her dream address is: DA-0475-6466-9497. https://instagram.com/ririisland_acnh?igshid=1wfhlken7k1wh
  10. Also got the Amazon £10 code off a controller email. Ordered a second controller from MS direct so don’t need it. Anyone wants it just PM me, fastest finger first.
  11. I have this with my B7 hooked up via optical to my sound bar. Anything in Dolby Digital has audio lag introduced by the TV which can’t be offset in settings. I have to have my PS4 and Xbox One X output in uncompressed stereo too, my sound bar doesn’t accept DTS. Very annoying but apparently a common problem with LG OLEDs across multiple models now though I think the X models with eARC this year may not have it.
  12. Waiting patiently on mine to arrive. Beautiful sub cover this month.
  13. Check your junk - I got some AO codes recently and they came almost straight away but had gone into my junk folder.
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