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  1. Please look forward to enjoying exciting new information about future delays.
  2. Are you playing on Steam? My Steam version just won't work at all.
  3. Might as well just buy the full kit wanker racing suit.
  4. Nah, I'm not going that far. I'll get a stand which is about 100 or so and a wheel. Not getting a crazy seat rig, might as well just buy a car instead.
  5. Thanks for that,I'll have a think about it. Can't believe you can't use the same wheel on everything. It's USB after all. Miserable. I think I'll wait and see how good the VR is and then go all out if it's all that.
  6. Yeah, he was great all round. As someone who was listening from the start it really hit hard when Ryan passed. Like losing someone you actually hang out with and know pretty well. Even though you don't really at all. Sad times.
  7. I often go back to a random episode if there's nothing else to listen to. Day one bombcast, Jeff is reviewing energy drinks.
  8. Whatever. I said TO ME it's lame, but Ilso said that I understand it, trust me. As a rasslin' fan friends have lolled at me all my life, and they are right to. If I was 5 years younger I'd probably be a fan of Pokemon. I don't understand what your problem is.
  9. Have p PSVR2 ordered and I really shouldn't do this but I'm going to ask about getting a wheel. What is the best value wheel that will work with PC and Xbox too? Also is there a mount for it that can be easily folded in half and thrown under a desk? Cheers
  10. I lost my usb cablre for charging the controller and the Xbone cable does not fit. WHY?
  11. Yeah, he sure does like to vent his views, particularly on VR and crazy graphics cards that nobody needs, yet he still gets them anyway, and why shouldn't he. Jeff ain't broke. Rather listen to that than Jan and Grubb boring me to death about Anime and Pokemion, both of which are my least interesting subjects. I was just old enough that pokemon was not for me but for kids, so it annoys me to see grown men and women sometimes in their 40's still droning on about catching pokemon. I get it, it's what you grew up on. But it's so lame to me.
  12. Did you know the bombcast is the only podcast I've come accross that's unskippable on Alexa/ Can't skip through the unfunny "UGH What's the best hot dog sauce" bullshit at the start, or the overlong ads. Gerstmann has the best show of all the allumni now. And by a huge margin. I could listen to him forever, no breaks.
  13. Ah now, I beat the game on my n64 when I was a lad. Just got lost easily this time is all.
  14. They were, I knew a couple of people with them. And of course they stretched the 4:3 to widescreen and it looked utterly horrible.
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