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  1. I really don't think Jeff needs any more money, he's earned it all though. Sad times to see them go but I can see why from the bombcast episode. It's all about videos now and there's no need for a website any more, not as much as in the past anyway.
  2. I loaded up my save and there was a boar right in front of me. One shot with the soldiers bow so I'm on my way now.
  3. I've tried leaving food out in the grass but no luck. I've found three of those little tree dudes already from just sneaking around. It's been days now, I just want to move on now.
  4. This is my 4th time to start this, I never could get into it before but this time it seems to be clicking with me. However... Please help me, I've looked online for the answer and it was no help. I need raw meat for that old man, I know I'm to find a boar or a bird and shoot them, thing is, there aren't any. I've spent the last 3 days sneaking around the forest like a fucking clown and nothing ever appears. What am I doing wrong. I'm about to give up on this game again.
  5. There are actually far less bad games that are released now than at any other time in history.
  6. I think I saw an N64 push 3 polygons once.
  7. After the 40 gig patch I might just start again. I've only played up until you are set loose in the city. Was getting killed a lot when I went back to it here and there and have completely forgotten the controls/upgrades/mods etc.
  8. I used to like Bakular, I don't know what has happened to him. He doesn't want to talk about games and only his wacky stories. I can tell Vinny and Alex are getting a bit annoyed too.
  9. Was really looking forward to Octopath Traveller so much, but being visually impared the black text on light brown is just invisible. It sucks that some games do this and have no option to change it. So that's that for me then.
  10. Yeah, run it in windowed. Had the same problem myself.
  11. Me too but the cutscenes are too much.
  12. I like the show a lot but the news section is a bit long for me. Game news of the time may work better, but that's just my opinion. Don't take it the wrong way.
  13. Me too, I have one eye that works, but it's not great. Still, trying to have VR fun, and it is good, even without clarity or 3D vision. Been trying out the new Virtual Desktop wireless streaming with Asgard's Wrath. It was a bit choppy, but I've had trouble with that game even when connected with the cable so not sure yet.
  14. Where do you find the app lab stuff? It's not on the phone app or the headset. What am I missing?
  15. I can confirm, it's not good. Just buy Crazy Taxi instead. Within 2 minutes you have heard all the jokes from the customers before they start repeating and the weirdest thing I've ever seen is that the different actors that play the customers have the EXACT SAME LINES. Was hoping it would be fun, but it's just poundland Crazy Taxi.
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