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  1. Outrun 3 and Crazy Taxi 4 But it's going to be another fucking streaming service, right?
  2. He looks 20 years younger.
  3. I'm sure Ron is a great guy but everyone jumping over themselves to laugh at everything he said was annoying. He didn't say anything particularly funnier than Bakular.
  4. dave7g

    Dreams - It's out!

    Is there a VR patch yet?
  5. Not a fan of having to trapse all the way back out of these areas once you complete your mission. Skyrim had a door, right there.
  6. dave7g

    Xbox Game Pass

    Yes you can. That's exactly what I did, finished it on PS4.
  7. Played a couple of hours. It's good so far. Stabbing zombies in the head feels uncomfortably satisfying.
  8. That's fantastic news.
  9. dave7g

    Nintendo Switch

    Any chance they'll add GBA games to that?
  10. Great, was looking at V Rally to buy.
  11. dave7g

    Xbox Game Pass

    When a game leaves, is it gone even if you have it downloaded?
  12. Tried it with the UK account and changed the store like you said, and finally got it. Thanks everyone for the help
  13. I managed to buy Burnout through the web page on the new account. So that works. I tried making a UK account then but it knows that I'm Irish and redirects to the Irish store anyway. Midway Arcade Origins is not available in Ireland, even though I can get to a purchase page. Then it says "the offer is not valid in your region" I still can't get the free games with Gold though. It's such a complete shambles of a setup.
  14. Well that didn't work either. I put in my credit card details on the new profile, went to purchase Burnout Revenge, says I have no payment options on file. It's fucking crazy.
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