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  1. I did notice that it gave me mid range graphics settings when I started and it was a little choppy. I thought better of that and bumped up to high which fixed everything. I think my computer was offended by that and was sulking.
  2. Got it on sale from Steam, looks very nice on PC. Shockingly it's not the disaster that the internet discourse would have you believe. S'alright. I'm enjoying it so far.
  3. Sounds reasonable for 103 games. The 6 new games look pretty good too.
  4. No price for this on Steam or PSN. How bizarre, how bizarre.
  5. This is perfect for xcloud streaming. No need to install it at all.
  6. They are fine. Nothing amazing but absolutely nothing near the typical overhyped internet hyperbole over them. I have them for PS5, playing Vice City now. The driving is infinitely better, shooting is improved, game is still a clunky 2002 PS2 game under the hood, but what can you do. You would be only fooling yourself pretending the PS2 versions are better.
  7. 200 hours in Skyrim VR.
  8. Interesting email on this weeks Jeff Gerstmann podcast, asking would it better to remake games that were almost good too. Games that were so close to being great but not quite getting there. They could get there with a remaster. Games like Binary Domain or Alpha Protocol. I'd rather see that kind of remaster than another Last of Us remake in 3 years.
  9. How do you get your handicap index? Been playing a lot and still can't play any society rounds. Does it not count if you are playing career?
  10. Giant Bomb is just unfunny, forced banter now. "Hey do you like hot dogs?" They also did a show where they didn't want to talk about games at all. So, fuck them. Do Nextlander do an actual audio pod or is it just streaming and patreon? I li9ke Brad, but man I sometimes really don't care what Alex says at all.
  11. I haven't had much time with it yet. I think it's down to the fact that they only made 10% ofunits compared to the first mini. Not as many proud owners. I can't believe people aren't losing their shit over the Capcom Arcade Stadiums. I love those damn things so much.
  12. 8 gig would easily house many full libraries. Interesting. I have this, it's pretty good. Love the SF2 with the six button pad.
  13. Well, that's where revenge porn comes from. All for a remake of this, and Witcher 2 could do with a lick of paint while they are at it.
  14. I went for a mini PC build, a little more than what I intended to pay but the plan is to eventually stick it into my MK Arcade 1up cab. Hopefully that's not too difficult to do.
  15. I'd be shocked if there wasn't some sort of archival society dedicated to just that. I'm just after one that has everything ready to go with absolutely zero faffing about required.
  16. Yeah, I've been watching his stuff recently. There just doesn't seem to be a clear winner at the moment from all the boxes. I may just wait for a best of 2022 boxes video and go from there.
  17. It seems to be the android based boxes that begin to struggle with PS2, I'm not too bothered about that, I'm just interested in Saturn stuff. Although, might as well get the best one if I can. There are some in the 700 euro range which is way too much. They are basically pcs
  18. I'm just wondering what the morality stance is on these things is. They seem to have everything up to PS2 working quite well. They would be so handy to just plug in to the TV and never have to mess about with them ever again. I'm interested in getting one and getting some advice, but not sure if talking about these is cool or not. Cheers
  19. It's just Jeff and the back page for me now. The last Giant Bombcast started with them not wanting to talk about games! So I'm done with them. I saw Greg Miller show up on the WWE Network the other night so I immediately cancelled my sub. He is the absolute worst. Hopefully Jeff can bring Danny on board somehow. although solo Jeff is great. What happened to Danny? He was on the Bombcast and then just vanished.
  20. Trying to tart Medieval Dynasty on PC but the game pass ID thing "ok lets go" keeps popping back up and wont let me start. Anyone get this before?
  21. dave7g

    Rock Band 4

    It's awful. Every time I see this thread updated I think there's a batch of new guitars for sale. All I've got is a PS2 and a couple of old guitar hero games. It'll have to do.
  22. dave7g

    Rock Band 4

    Is it possible that a wired 360 guitar could work with an XBOXONE?
  23. Good to hear this about Fallout. I remember trying it before and after having some chats with Jay Mewes just being attacked by some geeks and then uninstalling. I'll be giving it another chance so.
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