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  1. Gotcha. I did see something like that when installing alright. Cheers
  2. How do add your games to this? I'm getting errors. No hash list for this game, and cannot find teknoparrotopenloader.exe. Please re extract teknoparrot It's not very user friendly.
  3. PC - XBOX PC - PS4 PS4 - XBOX - Not a fear of it
  4. Have a quick run around and let us know what it's like! Although, you seem to be at work.
  5. I know we can't say where to get them, but I think mine came from some sort of paradise area. Never been there before so it could be a load of bollocks.
  6. There's no game executable that I can see, just about 10 files like this ic45_k9f1208u0b It's Mario Kart GP DX Or did I get a dud?
  7. I can't get anything to work on this, I can't even get to set my games folder location. Why, well because there is option to this in the UI, can someone please help?
  8. It's there on the windows store, works great, just turn off the in game radio. It's nice to hear the news and stuff. Gives a more realistic feeling to everything.
  9. May I recommend using the tunein radio app and selecting any classic hits station? It's so relaxing, especially now that it's summertime in game. Also do join the rllmuk club. I'm still at a loss as to be able to join multiplayer race playlists. All I seem to get are a bunch of lads driving through speedtraps, and that's no fun.
  10. All the X's are gone everywhere already. Not settling for the S, I'm going all in.
  11. Nothing wrong with Littlewoods, next day delivery always. I just don't have a grand lying around since I've been out of work and almost blind since June.
  12. Not up on Littlewoods yet, that's the easiest way for me to get one at the moment. They may not be doing pre orders at all.
  13. Is it just me or is the XBOX store absolutely fucked at the moment?
  14. Microsoft looks to have acquired us all now.
  15. I hope they insist on more frequent ES games. Give one to Obsidian.
  16. My God, Bethesda is a massive get. I thought they were one of the biggest companies out there.
  17. That's great thanks. I'm not seeing a massive difference but that's probably because it's an overcast day in Fh4 today and I only have one working eye at the moment FH, XBOX and my TV says that it's up and running. It's still great though.
  18. Think I have it set up now, all green checks from the Xbox. HDR 10 approved.
  19. That's great, thanks for this. I'll have a look in a bit. Need the hub for PC and mini consoles though.
  20. PS4 is in there now, but not for long.
  21. This beauty https://www.panasonic.com/uk/consumer/televisions/4K-LED-TV/tx-55gx680b.html
  22. My TV is giving me 4K but not 4K HDR, is it possible that the problem is that the Xbox is running through a HDMI hub and not directly to the tv?
  23. I'm absolutely floored by how this looks in 4K. It's insane. I need to know you can just get on a multiplayer race playlist without the driving to a place to do donuts for 10 minutes. The UI is a bit overwhelming to find anything.
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