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  1. I'll have a look through the WUAE stuff so. Thanks everyone for the replies.
  2. I used it years ago too but it was a chore adding in games individually, still, it worked for nearly every system.
  3. Just got these two recently and can't figure out some probably very simple. How can I assign another key to my joypad, eg. I have xbox controller, a is fire but I want to put spacebar as b, Also while I'm here, are there any frontend mods for them, so it might add boxart etc. Cheers.
  4. The upside down shit in Galaxy is making me so sick, is there away to stop this madness?
  5. I bought a Panasonic 55" 4K Ultra HD last week as my vision was going rapidly, out of hospital now and see good enough with my left eye so it's fucking glorious to see. Especially Netflix 4K stuff, it's an incredible difference to 1080p. I'm 100% day one Xbox series X now.
  6. Couldnt get through 5 minutes of Abbie hosting the Beastcast, awful stuff. I like Mary Kish, she's genuinely funny, but she was barely allowed a word in between Abbie telling us that she's a real comedian because she goes to an improv class. She made a quip about how she was "cold to gallop" a few weeks back when Vinnie asked if she was hot to trot. She kept saying it over and over. If thats funny then fire me directly into the sun please. Abbie and Ben are the two all time worst hires and it really is showing now.
  7. Yeah, i didnt think it through. Was just waiting to have surgery so my mind wasnt all that. I had only ordered one so I could have cancelled. I can sell the switch light so and carry on.
  8. Quick question. I only have a switch light right now, so ive only bought games from the eshop for it. Ive just bought a 'real' switch. Please tell me I can play all my games on the new one with mt account.
  9. Is this out at midnight?
  10. They really nailed this one, I love it so far, I'll join the society later on if we set up an xbox society
  11. I'm only a recent xbone adopter and with gamepass it's easily the most used console in my house. Poor PS4 is rarely turned on now.
  12. Skyrim IS good and I'll never stop playing it. There, I said it.
  13. It's pretty good alright, and pretty gross.
  14. Good to know, thanks.
  15. Ahhh nuts to that. I'm sure they'll do a remaster sometime since every game ever made seems to get one eventually. Would the disc version work on the XB1? Surely?
  16. Was any reason given as to why the old Forzas aren't up on the store for BC? I never got to play FH2 as I had sold my XBOX for a PS3 by then.
  17. Never have which is the weird thing. First thing everyone on the doctor's team asked me too. Just unlucky I guess, as usual.
  18. Thanks everyone. It's actually a parasite that came through water pipes and it's sole job is to destroy my cornea, which it has pretty much done. It's gruesome and I'll be on all sorts of drops every 2 hours for at least 3 months till it's gone, even then I'll have no vision in it most likely. My good eye is strained now from doing all the work so it's a little worse than it used to be. I tried Skyrim with VR since. It's playable but the lack of 3D is devastating. I'll still be able to play Star Wars Squadrons though, I think a cockpit view mightn't be as noticeable. If not at leas
  19. I got a really nasty eye infection recently and have lost the sight in my right eye, little hope of getting it back either. It sucks in every way possible but also that I can't use VR anymore, haven't even thought about trying. I'm gonna miss the Star Wars stuff that's coming now.
  20. I spoke too soon, the shooting still absolutely fucking sucks. Ugh
  21. I had no idea the old GTAs that came out on 360 were so much improved from the PS2 versions. Everything is better about them. Well worth getting if you have a hankering to drive a truck at night in the rain listening to "all my ex's live in Texas" They did a nice job and I completely missed them until now.
  22. Wow. Let me just get my credit card.
  23. Fallout is very nice looking, been enjoying it. Just not into base building at all and would rather it didn't have other humans running around. I also wish they had been using the time they spent on this making ES6 instead. Is there a way to play solo completely nah?
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