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  1. It's on the store now, just need to search for it. Seems like a good way to do it. Certainly will make you want to play more. Nice challenges for single player and a weird RPG element. No tables are importable yet and couldn't buy the new Universal pack, but the demos are playable. Add me for highscores :PSN Hoorhouse
  2. They haven't aged well at all. Played through a bit of the first one again recently, they were fine 15 years ago, they need an overhaul.
  3. The controls of the first two will surely be updated right?
  4. Interesting, I found after the tutorial that the match itself was about as interesting as a colouring book. Starblood is a better game I think. It's done nothing to make me want to play it ever again.
  5. Is it just me, or is Rigs just a bad game?
  6. Resi 7 is going cheap on the PSN. I'm absolutely speechless. It's mind blowing VR.
  7. Had one match on Sparc and won! I can see it being all kinds of great. Back to EG though.
  8. Had a quick run through the tutorials while waiting for Everybody's Golf and liked it a bit, didn't play any matches yet. Really hope there's an option to turn off voice chat, I'm not one for chit chat with randomers. If you like this I highly recommend holoball for a single player experience. I'll try out some matches tomorrow night.
  9. Benn just going through quests solo, it's good. Morrowind is a little more suited to the single player I think. I haven't touched anything in reguards to crafting writs and the like, not even following armour collections either, it's just a bit too much for me. I feel I should have paid attention to it but it's passed me by now.
  10. Sweet, I need something to get lost in. Was going to start Skyrim again but really want to wait for the VR version. Hopefully this does the trick.
  11. I haven't played it since release, would it be worth starting a new game completely? Has it changed that much for the better?
  12. I'd trade Ben for Patrick in a heartbeat.
  13. I like Dan, he's got that innocent air about him. His best trait is he lets others talk. The dream team for a while was Dan, Drew, Jeff and Brad.
  14. I'm done with the Giant BENcast. He just can't shut up and let anyone say anything. He even interrupted Jeff saying "I don't want to talk about Half Life 3" and went back to droning on about DOTA for another 6 hours. Had been a staple of my Tuesday nights for years, not any more.
  15. Using 360 controller for years with Steam, has been fine all along. Since they implemented the Steam controller options it's been nothing but a headache. Usually some buttons are just doing nothing but the worst is that God damn steam chat interface appearing randomly. Has anyone experienced this?
  16. Not sure what to say about this game only, once you're in the thick of it you should know exactly what to do. That said it's crazy as could be. I played it only in PSVR and it reminded me of when I was about 7 or 8 and going home from an arcade and remembering what playing the arcade games were like that day, only from memory, yet multiplied by 1,000,000 by my my imagination. If you see what I mean? I'm only at about level 15 but can tell already that I'll finish it off.
  17. To be honest, Ben has been putting me off listening to the Bombcast now. He's trying too hard to be funny, he's not. I can't believe they are encouraging this. Stick with the games, you're not a comedian.
  18. I've bought at least 7 games full price from the e shop, no gold coins. How do you get them? Absolute nightmare system to get accounts linked. Nintendo need someone to overhaul their whole online system it's awful.
  19. Been playing at least 2 hours a night this week. Can't get enough. Looking forward to my match against Hard Mode tonight, won't be easy.
  20. I've bought a good few full price titles on the 3ds eshop. Haven't turned on 3ds in months. Hopefully there's coins for me.
  21. Anybody playing holoball? I've made it onto the highscore leaderboards, but I can only think it's because nobody is playing it. Please add me if you can for scores. PSN: hoorhouse
  22. Was enjoying Bridge Crew but the tracking is off. I'm up too high in the game or too far back, or my hands don't reach low enough for some of the buttons. If only they could do the positioning with the d-pad like in Driveclub. It should be in every game.
  23. I've requested a refund from playstation for the first time ever. I'm sure it'll go smoothly.
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