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  1. I managed to buy Burnout through the web page on the new account. So that works. I tried making a UK account then but it knows that I'm Irish and redirects to the Irish store anyway. Midway Arcade Origins is not available in Ireland, even though I can get to a purchase page. Then it says "the offer is not valid in your region" I still can't get the free games with Gold though. It's such a complete shambles of a setup.
  2. Well that didn't work either. I put in my credit card details on the new profile, went to purchase Burnout Revenge, says I have no payment options on file. It's fucking crazy.
  3. Could I just make a new xbone profile, buy the game from that? Can I use it with my original profile then?
  4. No, it just says that I have no payment options on file. I think the 360 profile is UK and the Xbox One is Ireland, and there absolutely no way of changing the 360 profile. It's absolutely ridiculous.
  5. It shows up in euro when you check out. The whole thing started with Midway Collection not being available in Ireland, but it was in the store anyway. Just couldn't buy it. I bought Xbox One 3 weeks ago, everything was fine. Could buy 360 games and get the 360 games with Gold. It's possible that my account was originally UK, so I changed everything to Ireland just to be safe. Now I can only buy Xbox One games.
  6. I tried to fix it by migrating back to Ireland, now I have to wait 3 months before I can do that again.
  7. Cheers. Thanks for trying. Been on that live chat for a week, it doesn't do anything. The customer support person I finally got to talk to, told me to use the live chat app. I'll just get a disc version, fuck it.
  8. Still no way to buy the 360 games. I really want the Midway Arcade Origins. Would anyone be willing to gift it, if that's even possible, if I paypal the money?
  9. That's exactly it cheers. I'll keep an eye on that thread.
  10. It started with not being able to buy Midway Arcade. Now I can't buy anything BC. Have you tried buying a random 360 game to see?
  11. Last week I was able to purchase 360 games in the store, no problem whatsoever. I bought Oblivion, KOTOR, NBA Jam etc. I was even able to add the 360 games with gold games to my account. Now I'm getting "there is no payment option on file" when I try to buy them. I've been through that assistant bot three times and can't get anywhere. Can anyone help? Even if I could get a link to the old xbox live app for PC, I might be able to add a credit card there. My region is Ireland, Store is Ireland, everything is set to the same region. It's killing me, it really i
  12. Ah yes, my mistake.
  13. Oh yeah, all over that. Tetris Attack/Puzzle League was a different variation, was only available on DS as far as I know. Tetris Attack and Pokemon Puzzle League were on Snes. You should check them out sometime.
  14. Is there anything resembling Tetris Attack/Puzzle League on the Switch?
  15. My mate got his xbox yesterday so we set out to play a few friendly matches on PES until we realised that you actually can't. My head is still shaking. I can't believe FIFA is more popular.
  16. Always online deal with it.
  17. Oh fuck it, nothing seems to work. Not going to worry about it.
  18. Ok so, it's showing up in my store on the xbox even though I'm in Ireland, if I change region to the UK will it do any damage?
  19. English (United Kingdom)
  20. It's ok for a few hours but the lack of multiplayer kills it dead for me.
  21. It's still showing as "offer not available in your region". I just want Smash TV
  22. Have a credit card and no paypal set up. Bought a few 360 games already too. Weird.
  23. I've only had the xbox for a few weeks. Never changed anything
  24. Language and location? All set to the same. Just won't allow me to buy it.
  25. It's still up there in the family/retro section
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