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  1. It wouldn't show up in the sale though.
  2. Trying to buy Midway Arcade Collection. It's showing up as on sale in the store, but says the offer is not available in my region. Any ideas?
  3. Sega Ages Wonderboy in Monsterland is pretty sweet. There's a mode where you start the game with whatever gold and weapons you had when you last died.
  4. I think it's incredible honestly. I never got it back in the day so was very happy to see it there. It's a billion times better than NBA playgrounds. It's got that NBA Jam feel to it. It's only a fiver too.
  5. I got the add on for a fiver, what a strange way to go about it though.
  6. Hey wait a second! Maybe you're right. Nah I was just going to quickly through the sale, I couldn't spend money fast enough.
  7. That's very kind, thank you but fear not because since I downloaded it, I cannot get a refund. That's the reason they're sticking with. Miserable pricks. I bought Dead Rising by mistake on Xbox 2 days ago, I honestly thought it was DR3 from the picture. Told them that, instant refund. Microsoft have come a long way.
  8. This could be the first time I've ever had trouble with text. It's a slightly smaller screen than regular switch, so it's probably not as it was intended to be.
  9. Yeah, I bought a new lite a couple of weeks back. So the screen is actually smaller than a regular switch anyway. It's a shame, but I'm not going to bother working with it. My eyes hurt.
  10. I've asked for a refund due to not being able to read the text without the aid of a telescope. Hopefully they'll be nice.
  11. Well, put an option to increase text size then. How hard can it be?
  12. How are Nintendo with refunds? I honestly can't see anything in BOTW. It's not worth it.
  13. I see you can't make the text size any bigger for BOTW. That's pretty terrible straight away. I can't fucking read it.
  14. Got €4 off with gold points. I hope to God I stop buying games now, I've bought and Xbox and a switch with a lot of games for both since the unpleasantness began.
  15. Thanks, I'll just delete one of my 3 whole games that fit on the internal memory until that arrives!
  16. Still, could they not just sell the full thing? It's misleading. It's not about cost really, it's just annoying. Sell the whole thing for a fiver.
  17. Capcom arcade only has three games for fuck sake, you have to buy the rest.
  18. How big is BOTW? Nintendo and their miserable memory storage means I probably wont buy it tomorrow.
  19. That looks fantastic. Great stuff.
  20. Yeah I've been to 3 islands and got fuck all nuggets. Just those eggs. I refuse to make anything with them. I'm selling them all to Nook.
  21. 3 days to get 30 iron nuggets, and I have to wait till tomorrow for rocks to have more. The grind is a bit much in all fairness.
  22. What's going on with PES 2020 on gamepass? When I downloaded it, it was just PES Lite.
  23. Team Racing isn't too bad, better than I was expecting. The story absolutely sucks and MUST be completely skipped but there are some good things. Lots of mini game races and some of the old tracks have been remade as has some music. It's not a patch on transformed but it's £20 and probably worth it at that price.
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