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  1. emjay2kay

    Yakuza 0

    Bought this today in Game at full price - I can't remember the last time I did either of those things, but it seemed to be sold out online and I felt this was something worth supporting. As someone above said, I'll call it the Sega tax. Never played Yakuza before but I'm really looking forward to it. I fear I'm going to get lost in side quests though - I've put about 50 hours into Fallout 4 and I've only just got to Diamond City. I just get distracted exploring, and 1980s Tokyo and Osaka sound like great places to get lost in (well, they are in real life anyway, sans 80s setting).
  2. Hey! Who wants to see 48 teams at the World Cup, with 16 groups of 3 teams, where the top 2 from the group progress to the last 32? Gianni Infantino does! Finally, a FIFA president who listens to what the fans have been demanding all these years! http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/38243334
  3. BBC suggested his WDC bonus would be around £5m or so, if what Vettel and Hamilton have received for their titles. Maybe a bit less as Nico's probably considered a slightly less "prestige" driver than those two, but certainly it's not going to be chump change. I'm not a fan as such, but he always came across as a nice guy deep down. At 31 though, you've achieved your dream, never have to work again and can raise your young daughter and spent time with your wife, living it up wherever you want in the world... not exactly a horrible situation to be faced with. Quite happy for him in a way, and also excited to see what next year throws up. Can't imagine any of the big names will get the 2nd seat though. And if it somehow is Alonso, you can guarantee the Merc will therefore be shit next year.
  4. I think Rosberg comes out of all this quite well to be honest. That must have been a horrible race for him and he could have bollocksed it up easily at any point and dropped down to 4th or 5th very quickly. He also could have done the kamikaze thing, but again he didn't. I think he's a classy guy and he's deserved his title this year. Is he "better" than Hamilton? Probably not. But he's handled the pressure well this year and he deserves credit for bouncing back the way he has after the disappointment of 2014 and getting somewhat trounced in 2015. Reliability and luck is part and parcel of it - Hamilton was very unlucky in 2007 I thought, but had lady luck on his side a year later, so it comes and goes. Rosberg had fortune on his side this year, not just with reliability but with some collisions that could easily have buggered his race that he came away from without a scratch. That's just the way it is. Hamilton could show a little more grace I think. We all know his car has let him down a bit this year, but he's also cocked up his own races at times. History will look back and say he's the better driver; I don't think he needs to keep reminding people about his engine issues this year while in the same breath congratulating Nico on his championship. The BBC page has been pretty embarrassing too. I think someone posted a screenshot a few pages back. There's no need to sour Nico's win (not that he probably cares what Andrew Benson thinks) with some of those articles. Did newspapers/tv/radio do the same when Keke won? I've no idea, but like I said, I think history slots everyone into their rightful place. Alonso is still considered greater than Vettel, and I don't think anyone puts Vettel on a par with Prost, despite the number of championships they've won and not won. It's over now, let the guy have his moment.
  5. All these people saying "he should think of the team" are mental.
  6. A mate offered me a ticket for the Leicester - Boro game, but I'd have been in the home end. Pretending to celebrate Leicester's equaliser at the end would have been a bit too much, so I'm glad I declined.
  7. emjay2kay


    If you could somehow have him on a 30 day rolling contract he'd be amazing.
  8. I can well imagine the Sun being outraged that Allerdyce took the piss out of Roy Hodgson's way of talking, without so much as a hint of self awareness. "Sam shamelessly and disgustingly MOCKED his predecessor, calling him "Woy!" I pretty much hate the press in this country, not that that's a particularly lonely position for me to take.
  9. God, what a depressing list. I'm sure someone will be offering odds on Alan Curbishley and John Gregory, just to add to the misery. Can't say I'm sad to see Sam go. The way he bent over for Rooney in his first game was embarrassing.
  10. I thought we kicked off at 7 for some reason. I've missed one of our classic performances entirely by accident. You know, as opposed to deliberately, as I was planning on doing.
  11. Chelsea taking the piss with the loan system as ever...
  12. emjay2kay


    Chris Sutton is going mental on 5live about Wilshere. Wenger has slapped him in the face and Wilshere should refuse to play for Wenger ever again!
  13. I had a dream Bayern Munich bought one of my colleagues for £4m last night. She doesn't even like football, yet that was the only thing that seemed odd at the time.
  14. emjay2kay


    I think Subotic is a cut above (or would have been if he was fit) and was an opportunity we couldn't pass up. Even then I'd have felt bad for Gibson who would have been the most likely to drop out. Karanka runs a meritocracy for the most part, so if Chambers impresses he'll get his chance I'm sure, but I wouldn't have thought he was a such a massive upgrade on Gibson or Ayala that he would be guaranteed first team football and surely that's what he needs? You're right about Karanka though - he's a great defensive coach so even if Chambers doesn't play week-in week-out, I'm sure he'll learn loads and return to you guys a better defender.
  15. emjay2kay


    So, we (Middlesbrough) have taken Chambers on loan. Karanka likes players who can play a few positions, so he'll provide cover at CDM, CB and RB, but where "should" he play? I haven't seen him as much as you guys, but I seem to think a few of you ( @The Fox ?) think he's decent but hasn't been given enough of a chance. I am not quite sure where he's going to fit in barring injury. Personally, I'd rather our CB pairing from the Championship stayed first choice, and we signed Barragan at RB who has been fantastic playing across the back four (twice at CB, once at LB) in our opening 3 games and he deserves to keep his place in my opinion. Our first choice CDMs will almost certainly be De Roon (once he's back from injury) and Clayton, and I don't see Chambers displacing either of them without injury. It seems like he'll provide good cover for us, but I'm not sure he'll play that much in the first team, especially now we're already out of the League Cup.
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