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  1. As much as it's a bad call from Mercedes, what was Hamilton thinking? Unless he had a problem and had to come in, surely he's experienced enough to tell them to sod off? He must know he could get the rest of the way round without needing fresh tyres.
  2. What did they think they were going to gain? Mental.
  3. emjay2kay


    I thought he had dodgy knees anyway?
  4. I would assume the latter. I don't have a turntable but I'd be tempted by them just out of some nerdish collective impulse disorder - that SoR artwork is gorgeous, no?
  5. I got a thank you page - think you could jipped I'm afraid.
  6. He''ll go to City. I can't see him going abroad or any of the other top 4 going for him.
  7. Leicester 15 minutes from safety - unbelievable turn around if things stay as they are (although I can't see Hull or Newcastle making up the points even if they had 5 games left in hand). The whole city is going to be electric for the final home game.
  8. Wow, never thought that Fowler's record would be broken.
  9. Is that our reputation now? I don't get to see us much so I can't honestly dispute it. I've never considered us to be a dirty side in the past though. Anyway, well done to Norwich. I would have preferred to play Ipswich in truth - we beat Norwich twice this season (including a good humping at the Riverside) but we seemed fortunate to beat them away recently. Plus Ipswich seem cursed in the playoffs. UTB!
  10. A true underdog story. They'll make a film about it one day.
  11. Well, glad I didn't spend a hundred grand on it.
  12. And now, my previously solid stream.... dies. You cunt.
  13. Dammit, 2am.... even if I get on a good stream I'm not convinced I'll be awake for it. Bloody adulthood, 9-5 jobs keeping my sleeping pattern in check. As a student I'd have probably just had lunch by now. I'd appreciate a PM if someone does have a good stream though, just in case! Cheers guys.
  14. Seems not. I've been searching for the same thing and I can't find anything, other than ways to pay online for regular Sky box office. I'd go to the pub but there's no "nice" pubs round here, and there's only one fight I want to see.
  15. So, a question I'm sure no one's asked before - is there any way to watch the fight online legitimately (well, or otherwise, but I'd happily pay if say Sky were doing a PPV stream)? Or am I going to have to find a torrent in the morning and hope I don't see the result in the meantime?
  16. Congratulations to Bournemouth. They've certainly deserved it over the course of the season and I was hoping they'd be promoted with us. I should have just hoped we got promoted ourselves first, but, well done to Bournemouth nonetheless!
  17. Are Sunderland going to re-suspend him then? No doubt Steve Bruce will be checking the facts of the case any day now.
  18. The father of football? God, all the tributes to him when he dies are going to be unbearable.
  19. Yep, me too! I'm already gutted though. Even if we beat Norwich (and I don't think we will) we still need Bournemouth and Watford to drop points somewhere (assuming we also win our last two games too) and I just don't see it happening. So we're in the playoffs, and I hate the playoffs. I should be pleased with how we've done this season, but really I'm just gutted that this is the closest we've got to the Premier League and we've fallen short with 8 games or so to go.
  20. emjay2kay


    "High risk" doesn't sound like a particular great trait to have as a keeper though, does it?
  21. I'll still take that draw you know... please? I think we've fucked it now. Home to Wolves and Norwich away aren't going to be easy at all, let alone taking on teams fighting for survival. I'm confident enough we'll still make the playoffs, but then it feels like a lottery. I also feel like we've really got to go up this year as it's been our best chance since we were first relegated, and I think if we miss out the disappointment will be hard to get over and will just drag into the new season. Oh Boro...
  22. Massive game for us on Monday. I'll take a point right now to be honest. Shame Derby couldn't hold on for the win yesterday too.
  23. Aww, this thread died a quick death. My top twenty, then long, spoilered comments. 01 Shenmue 2 (DC) 02 Resident Evil 4 (GC) 03 Shenmue (DC) 04 Streets of Rage 2 (MD) 05 Halo (Xbox) 06 Goldeneye (N64) 07 WWF No Mercy (N64) 08 Animal Crossing (GC) 09 Metal Gear Solid (PSX) 10 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (Xbox) 11 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (DC) 12 Football Manager 2012 (PC) 13 Beyond Good & Evil (GC) 14 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (GC) 15 Winning Eleven 6: Final Evolution (GC) 16 Bonanza Brothers (MD) 17 Metroid Prime (GC) 18 Hitman 2 (GC) 19 Virtua Tennis 2 (DC) 20 Virtua Cop 2 (Saturn / Arcade) Honourable mentions: StarCraft (PC); Theme Hospital (PC); Chibi Robo (GC); Road Rash (MD); Sonic the Hedgehog (MD); Powerstone 2 (DC); Pikmin 2 (GC); Assassin's Creed 2 (Xbox 360); The Walking Dead Season One (Xbox 360)
  24. I agree about the "0", but it's something I've heard Floyd refer to as the reason he's obviously better than everyone and I think he places far more importance in it than anyone else does. If he lost that I think, inside or privately at least, it'd be a pretty devastating blow for him. We'll see though. For something that was seemingly never going to happen it's not only 6 or 7 weeks away!
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