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  1. I think a loss hurts Mayweather more than it does Pacquiao. If Mayweather wins the argument will still remain that he ducked Pacquiao until he was way passed his prime and the suspicion will remain that he would have lost had he fought Pacquiao in 2008 or so. Winning obviously doesn't hurt Mayweather any, but I don't think it extinguishes that argument. Vice versa though, and the argument goes, to my mind at least, that he ducked Pacquiao until he was passed his prime and then still bloody lost (regardless of the fact that Mayweather is passed his prime too.) Floyd is coming into this as favourite and he's got his precious "0" to protect and I just think a loss damages his legacy more than it does Pacquiaos.
  2. Yeah, Ramsey mauled him - no way he could have stayed up.
  3. http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/mane-garrincha-stadium-brasilia-being-5289603 The stadium built in Brazil's capital city, at a cost of £350m apparently, is now being used as a bus station because there's no other regular use for it. I don't think anyone saw that coming. I'm sure things will work out ok in Qatar though (albeit Qatar can probably better afford to flush the cost of 10 stadiums down the drain).
  4. Top 4 level on points, separated by goal difference and only a point ahead of the team in fifth. Jesus. At least neutrals are probably entertained.
  5. emjay2kay


    How does that compare with Ozil's first season though?
  6. I don't get what any of this is supposed to achieve that sending English players out on loan to Championship sides doesn't already. If Joe Smith isn't good enough yet for Chelsea's first team after playing for Derby on loan, why is playing for Chelsea B against League Two sides going to help his chances?
  7. God, the Championship is getting bloody tight. How costly losing to Leeds and Sheff Wed could be. We're lucky Derby have dropped points at the same time and Bournemouth have hit a rough patch, but we're now top and yet two defeats could see us drop out of the playoff places!
  8. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-31702374 BBC says 15 year old, but I imagine the details are pretty sketchy at this point.
  9. That's an obscene amount of money for a PPV, not even taking into account that someone already has to have a subscription to Sky in the first place. And for a fight that's 6 years too late? If boxing was in better shape generally I can't imagine they'd get away with that.
  10. Fair play to Ronaldo. "Meh... I've earnt more today doing something I love than you will all year, so fine, you can have this one".
  11. I'm 25 minutes in and I think I'm going to give up. The list of names flashing up during the opening credits should have been my first clue. It's not so much controversial and revealing the truth as just plain shit. It re-treads the same old conspiracy theory everyone's heard of. My problem so far really is that it tells lots of things but shows and explains nothing. "It was very convenient for the Royal family that Diana died." Why? Why was it convenient? There's a lot of statements made with nothing presented to back it up. "She was clearly an enemy of the armaments industry because of her campaign on land mines." Clearly? Well I'm sure you have.... oh, no, it's just obvious enough for me to be told, ok. Oh, Piers Morgan says her campaign if successful would have had crippling economic effects on the UK and US... I see. I didn't realise our economies were built on land mine production. One quite funny thing about the documentary is the evidence that Diana's phone was tapped by GCHQ and the NSA, and how this is incredibly suspicious and suggestive of her being an enemy of the state somehow. This show is a couple of years too early sadly - having your phone calls and emails checked by the NSA says nothing but how paranoid the intelligence agencies/governments are. I don't know how or why I'm still watching this. I think it's just got me angry and I have to see it through. It's an opinion piece, not a documentary. "It took an extraordinary 37 minutes to remove Diana from the car, odd because the back of the car wasn't damaged". Yes, emergency crews do routinely just drag victims of serious car accidents out through the window by whatever limb they can get hold of. There's never any counter-point put forward which always irks me. I love a good conspiracy, but the key to presenting a good argument about anything is to put forward strong points and not to include bollocks that is easily explained and dismissed. The sad thing about this documentary, really, is how Dodi's death seems to have consumed his father's life - Mohamed Al-Fayed having funded this documentary himself, of course. I'm sure that had no influence. Oh, God, and banging on about the inquest being held at the High Court in London (officially called the ROYAL!!!! Courts of Justice) and how can the ROYAL Court investigate the ROYAL family. FFS. We should have held it in my shed, obviously. The Royal family are a legal mafia... Christ. I'm out.
  12. Could be a mix of both - when money's tight no one wants to waste it watching drek - which we've played enough of while we've been in the Championship. It's just a guess anyway. I'll happily concede to those who live there / go week-in-week-out. Anyway, it's a great performance and result today. Tomlin was magnificent - what a goal that would have been. It goes without saying really, but I've been very impressed with Karanka ever since he joined us. If he takes us up I hope we get to keep him for a few seasons before someone else comes knocking.
  13. I haven't been up to Middlesbrough in years now, but it's a generally poor town. I wouldn't be surprised if people are just plain out of work and broke. We were relegated the same season the recession started too. This explanation might not fly very well if we win promotion and suddenly everyone can afford to go to the games again. I wish I lived closer as I'd almost certainly have a season ticket myself if I did.
  14. What else do you like? I'm sure your disappointment in me can only grow.
  15. Ha, yes, I thought that might get picked up on. Really though, Rez and Skies of Arcadia are the only big DC games I think I missed out on. Although we're going back... fuck, 15 years (!!) so I probably am forgetting something.
  16. So many I'm too lazy to list them all, but notable omissions would include: 1. Any Mario game apart from All Stars (which was 1, 2 and 3 on the SNES, right? I forget.) 2. Any Zelda game apart from Wind Waker 3. Any Final Fantasy 4. Any Playstation exclusive game after the PSOne. 5. Any MMORPG. 6. Any Monkey Island game (or Point and Click for that matter apart from Walking Dead off the top of my head) 7. All sorts of Bioshock, Gears of War, Arkham etc type franchises. Thereafter it's a bunch of games I'd have loved to have tried but simply never did - Rez, Ico, Katamari, Okami, Bayonetta.... I feel like the Dreamcast and Gamecube (and to a lesser extent the MegaDrive) are the only consoles I ever got the most out of. Every other console I've owned I feel like I missed far too much.
  17. I think Arsenal did want him, didn't they, but either they wouldn't stump up the cash necessary or Southampton said "enough's enough - we're keeping one of you bastards this summer" and that was that. I do love Southampton's "turnaround" though. It's been brilliant. "Fine, take our best players for stupid money. We'll spend half that on better players you'll wish you bought instead. Thanks for taking our manager too - this new one's great!"
  18. I agree with you but it's also somewhat how I feel. I do believe once a person has served their time they should be free to carry on with their life, however I would be uncomfortable having him play for my ream (same goes for Lee Hughes to be fair). I can't reconcile the two opinions I hold at all.
  19. I don't know if anyone is really following or is bothered too much about the Ched Evans thing... http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/30742947 Said experienced criminal solicitor Steve Bruce earlier today. I don't know why some clubs, managers, the PFA, are so keen to get Evans back into football so quickly. The guy has been convicted of rape, convicted "beyond all reasonable doubt" by a jury and a conviction is statistically not exactly favourable - only about a third of reported rapes are referred to the CPS and then about 60% of prosecutions result in a conviction at trial. Without having reviewed the case in the same depth as Steve Bruce has, I find it distasteful that people with plenty of attention from the media are happy to re-try the case themselves almost. The Criminal Cases Review Commission are looking into his case and a decision will likely be made as to whether his conviction is potentially unsafe or not by the start of next season. Do we really need to rush this guy back into playing football that quickly, simply because a number of chairman and managers have decided that the guy might be innocent? He's 26 and if he does return to football will earn more than enough money to make up for whatever shortfall is caused by being excluded from the game this season. I don't know why these people can't just keep their mouth shut* while the legal process continues. *If you want to make arguments about him having served his time etc then that's fair enough.
  20. I've always loved that, until about last season or the one before, Alan Curbishley, Glenn Hoddle and to a lesser extent John Gregory would still get linked with every available vacancy despite not having managed a club in nearly 10 years. Christ even Avram Grant was getting linked with clubs for a while despite getting two clubs relegated in successive seasons! Once a Premier League manager, always a Premier League manager.
  21. Is Torres not getting to the point (like the Simpsons to some extent) where the good years are outnumbered by the bad years? Rather than a great striker with a rough patch, an average striker with a purple patch? I still laugh at AC Milan refusing to meet a £2m asking price for him. Granted his wages still need paying, but £2m... that's really nothing these days.
  22. Yep, what Davros said. Struggled to tear myself away from this but when I did I loved sharing it with everyone in this thread.
  23. We definitely need to keep Bamford for the second half of the season. He wants to stay apparently and I can't imagine Jose needs him or would be a dick to Karanka. He's been exceptional and it is a shame he's at Chelsea because you really don't see anyone breaking through there.
  24. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/30376774 Man City's new training ground has officially opened, and as you'd imagine it's ridiculously good. I don't particularly like any of the billionaires who own these clubs and distort the game to such an extent, particularly in City's case where they were no where near being a top side and were turned into title challengers almost overnight. But at least if the owners do get bored and bugger off, they'll be leaving behind some incredible infrastructure and facilities, and it looks like they've helped the local area a lot too (although I'm not local so I could be very wrong.)
  25. How, in the online-deominating-high-street-bricks-and-mortar-shop-dying world that we live in does anyone still think opening a second shop 5 minutes from your first is a good idea?
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