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  1. Shouldn't it go down to fewest games played?
  2. Well, at least I'm not all excited and filled with adrenaline, so I shouldn't have any trouble going straight to sleep. Night chaps.
  3. I was thinking the same. The group stage was amazing but I think I'm ready for the world cup to finish now.
  4. Is this match threatening to entertain? Perh-oh it's full time. I'll give extra time 10 minutes then I think I'm off to bed.
  5. Alan Shearer can lip rid Portuguese now.
  6. What the hell are they even doing? It's just embarrassing. Ha, Brazilians ole-ing the Germans!
  7. Just thinking of Klose getting 16 goals in World Cup finals - it's a great achievement but how long is that record going to last? Thomas Muller is 24 and has 10 goals already.
  8. I did like his nervous "all you can do is laugh" smile that he gave when the other guy said Brazil had been "destroyed".
  9. I didn't actually read it but there was a thing about Brazil and futsal on the BBC a few days ago. I'm assuming it was a big article about how amazing it makes Brazil.
  10. At least Germany have put the difficulty up to semi-pro now.
  11. emjay2kay


    I was desperate for him to do it but wasn't convinced that he would sadly. There were so many records he was trying to break at the same time (8 Wimbledons, oldest winner, oldest major winner in open era, only the fifth man to win 2 majors in their 30s) and there's a reason those records stand - it's just bloody tough to do! Still, without being a tennis expert, I do wonder if his contemporaries would be able to go that close with a player as good as Djokovic, Nadal or Federer in their prime when they're in their 30s and 5 years passed their best (if all that makes sense?). Would a 33 year old Djokovic or Nadal perform so well against a 27 year old Nadal or Federer, basically? Supposition of course and not one we'll ever have a definitive answer to, but even without winning another Slam, if Federer continues to play like that for another year or two I really don't think he'll be doing his chances of being recognised as the GOAT any harm at all.
  12. It really annoyed me last night when the commentators, Danny Murphy especially, was praising Robben for not diving in situations when he perhaps could have. Like, fuck off! That's like giving a toy to the naughty child who hasn't hit anyone today, rather than to the kid who's never hit anyone ever.
  13. I'm more disappointed than when England went out actually. Not a great game but again, coming up to and in to extra time the entertainment was brilliant. I'm not quite sure how Costa Rica kept themselves in that but they've more than played their part in this World Cup. They were very unlucky not to get a penalty too and could quite possibly have held on if they'd scored that. Then again, it was a shame their penalties at the end were a bit crap and Krul had to be a twat about it with his "mind games" or whatever the fuck they were. Not particularly enamoured with any of the semi-finalists really but I think I'm supporting Germany. (Just - Brazil in the sweepstake but they've been terrible to watch).
  14. It's a bit annoying normally, but I quite like the light and shadow on the pitch here. Great insightful comment I know. Like loving a car because it's blue and shiny.
  15. I'm not at all surprised he's fractured one of his vertebrae. I wouldn't have guessed that from the foul itself but his reaction told you he was genuinely hurt. Footballers roll around like fannies all the time holding their leg like they've suffered an open fracture or something, but when they're in tears like that you know that they know their tournament/season is over. Can't help but feel sorry for the guy. I got Brazil in the office sweepstakes so I've been cheering them on just because I stand to win £50. They've been shit though and not really all that great to watch, so I'm not particularly bothered if they make it or not really. I'd like Costa Rica to win it, but of the realistic candidates I guess Germany are my preferred choice. France game aside they've been pretty entertaining.
  16. Dammit America! I was just about to go to bed!
  17. How to slow a counter attack down in one boring step...
  18. Bring on the knockout stages! Looking forward to those first 3 games in particular. Sadly, we're passed the halfway point now aren't we?
  19. Belgium score - looking good for Algeria!
  20. Aww, this thread was so lovely and peaceful, the warm glow of the World Cup had settled upon all of us, embracing us, bringing us together. And now that cunt Suarez has disturbed this wonderful utopian peace. I am not amused!
  21. Brazil back in front! Quite pleased for Neymar. I get the feeling there's a lot of pressure on him, somewhat like Ronaldo at France 98, but he's delivering thus far and handling it well (granted the keepers could have done better for some of his goals, but that's not exactly his fault.)
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