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  1. Play... something. Ahh fuck. I've forgotten.
  2. Yes, me too. I finished it on Normal, and then started going back through it on Heroic, hoping to slowly build myself up to being some Lgendary fighting genius. But I got to the Silent Cartographer, just after opening the security door, and I just could not be buggered to go through all those rooms and corridors and face the same aliens over and over. Just couldn't be buggered. I'm hoping that over Christmas, a friend will come round and we can go through it in co-op, otherwise I doubt I'll touch it again for a fair while.
  3. Ignore the debaser. Neither of them are overrated at all. Viewtiful Joe is simply fantastic, although incredibly difficult. Ikaruga is simply fantastic, although inredi... Good luck completing either of them
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