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  1. Friday night was tough to take, but I thought we were a bit shaky at the back and could easily have lost. I thought Dimi could have got a stronger hand to their first goal, although I suspect he saw it late - I've not seen any replays yet. How we didn't score a hatfull ourselves though is a mystery - Rhodes hitting the post and then getting in Adomah's (I think?) way was agonising. I'm sure it was all very entertaining for the neutrals, and despite the result it was great seeing us live again. Wherever we end up next season I'm going to make more effort to follow us around. Anyway, does Hull's loss change anything for Derby? Finishing above Hull would give them home advantage in the second leg in the play-offs wouldn't it? Not that I see Brighton losing at home, but it would still be nice to see Derby go for it. A win would be lovely - I'm terrified of the prospect of us having to beat Brighton on the last day. If we give Brighton as many chances as we did Brum, and fluff as many of our own in front of goal, then we will be in trouble.
  2. I must have spent 20 hours at least just getting 13% in. I take my time but I'm not that slow. I don't see how you could finish this game that quickly. I've just met Quiet... oh, videogames.
  3. Did Ozil drop you on your head or something?
  4. Can you imagine how many assists he would have if Arsenal had an Aguero or Suarez, even a Kane, up front? Instead Ozil's feeding gold to Walcott, Giroud (who I actually like but he's still short of being world class), Ramsey and an out of form Sanchez.
  5. Ha, touche! To be fair, it wasn't too much of a dig at Dyche per se - I'm not a fan of his, but in the hypothetical situation I described, wherein Boro and Brighton sit and brush each other's hair for 90 minutes and take the draw, any manager getting the raw deal of that would be justifiably upset. It's a hypothetical situation that'll never come to pass anyway of course. For the record though, I think it'll be either Boro or Brighton who miss out on the automatic spots, rather than Burnley.
  6. I think yes, if Burnley lost one and Brighton and us won our next two, then a draw would see us both promoted and us as champions. Equally, a Brighton win would see them promoted as champions and us in second (I think? We'd already be 5 clear of Burnley at that point so already promoted). A loss for Brighton could see them pegged back on goal difference I think. So we'd have nothing to lose either way really, whereas Brighton could miss out altogether. Wouldn't reflect too well on either side if we just knocked it about kindly and limped our ways to a 0-0, but it would be a double promotion party so the stadium atmosphere would probably be amazing no matter how dire the match itself was. Plus, from looking at the forums, both sets of fans are hoping its Burnley who miss out so there'd be no sympathy whatsoever. From our point of view it would be hilarious, and the meltdown Sean Dyche would have afterwards even more so. That said, I don't like the gamesmanship aspect to it so would prefer not to. If it's an honest draw then so be it. This is all predicated on Burnley losing to Preston, QPR or Charlton mind, which I don't think they will, and I'm less confident about us getting the 6 points before the Brighton game in any event. Home to Ipswich should be ok, but away to Birmingham is tricky. Incidentally, I've just bought tickets for the Birmingham game. My first Boro game in.. er.. 12 years? Jesus. And also my first away game. I'm nervous already.
  7. I fancied us to get the win last night, but would have taken the draw before kick off. Conceding in the last minutes like that is a bit of a sickener as I think you'd say that was us promoted, but you take the rough with the smooth - Burnley have had to watch us and Brighton score a few last minute winners lately, so c'est la vie. The Boro Brighton game... Can't decide what to do with that yet, but if I listen on the radio I'll be a wreck.
  8. I think the consensus among opinions I've read from journalists / boxing experts is that the Klitchkos would have more than held their own in a better era - they're big intelligent guys, and anyone would have found them a challenge. Neither would have held the belt for 10 years, but even so I've seen them in some people's top 10s. There is always that caveat to their reign that they'll never escape from though. You look at Lewis' fight with Vitali and it does raise a lot of questions about how they would have done in a stronger division.
  9. I hope they stay together too. I think going in Leicester's favour is that they've got Champions League football next season, and United (probably), Liverpool and Chelsea don't. I think that would be an enticing enough prospect for Mahrez etc to want to stay, even if just for the one season. They'll still be in demand in summer 2017 I'm sure. That said, Teddy Sherringham was asked if Kane would / could leave Spurs, and he said that basically if a huge team comes knocking you have to make your decision there and then. If Madrid, say, want you, and you say no, they'll find another striker and that's the position likely filled for the next several years. If you're Mahrez, and Barcelona make an offer, do you stick around and think "well, if not now then I'll just go next year". You have to be bloody confident and brave to think Barcelona will keep chasing you. I'm not saying it doesn't happen (and obviously Barcelona are notorious for wanting to bring former academy players "home", not that Mahrez fits that particular requirement) but unless you're at the level of a Ronaldo, there's probably someone else out there who they can find instead, and I'm sure players realise that. Anyway, first, let's just hope Leicester win the league!
  10. Well, thought this would be a tougher challenge for Joshua than that.
  11. What Plissken is leaving out is that he is called Mike Jones and recently went through a small door on the 7 1/2 floor of a building some guy took him to. It'll all be over soon Plissken.
  12. If that article is correct, your colleague's son could be pulling in £70k a year from his second job! I could give up my Saturday's and Monday evenings for that kind of cash. Far more likely I'd not bother with a day job mind.
  13. Quick Google found this... http://www.totalsportek.com/money/english-premier-league-referee-salaries/
  14. I thought refs were salaried now? 30-odd grand was the figure I'm sure I'd read somewhere too.
  15. If Rooney was at West Brom then, yeah, his incredible tally of 7 goals this year wouldn't get him in the squad I'll grant you that. Wilshere's been brilliant for England though, hasn't he? I wouldn't take him at this point because he's missed the whole season and who knows when he'll actually be fit again. But I don't think he gets picked just for being at a big club.
  16. The other problem is he'll have been injured for the 2 or 3 months before the tournament starts, as per usual. And, as always, he'll just about make it back a couple of weeks before the tournament, lacking any kind of match fitness and completely out of form. He'll start every game, score no goals whatsoever, and we'll all wonder what might have been had Saturday's team played. The other problem is he'll have been injured for the 2 or 3 months before the tournament starts, as per usual. And, as always, he'll just about make it back a couple of weeks before the tournament, lacking any kind of match fitness and completely out of form. He'll start every game, score no goals whatsoever, and we'll all wonder what might have been had Saturday's team played.
  17. Fingers crossed! Sadly, I neither see us scoring or keeping clean sheets at the moment. We really miss Ayala, Nugent is, well, Nugent, and this Jamie Rhodes fella's not as good as his twin brother unfortunately.
  18. emjay2kay


    What the fuck is this? I note he conveniently leaves out the part where Jordan and United's "brand" was extended by being brilliant and winning everything all the time.
  19. Poor Derby - Still, Defoe would be a good signing at this level, and you might have some laughs until the administrators come knocking.
  20. What a shambles. I've no idea what has happened to us. Not that I foresaw this drop in form, but I knew all those claiming we were going to stroll this league at the turn of the year were going to be very wrong. How bitter to be proven right.
  21. I'm convinced Wednesday will go up. Think they've hit form at the right time and won't have the disappointment of missing out on the auto spots like Hull, Boro, Burnley or Brighton will. It'll be tough for whichever of those 4 miss out, and apart from Burnley, the other 3 are stuttering along, barely dragging themselves over the line.
  22. I was just about to post that at least you guys beat Rotherham. Oh dear.
  23. Rumours there's been a meeting called by some players (Downing's name gets mentioned a lot) to challenge Karanka's methods and managerial choices, and he's then had enough and stormed out saying he doesn't want to manage them. Hard to know what to believe - they've definitely underperformed all year, but equally some of Karanka's team selections are bloody annoying. I wish he'd just leave Rhodes up front and play him until he dies. He's a striker, and the best one we've had in ages - he doesn't need switching in and out of the team all the time. That said, I'd still be gutted to see him leave - he's been the best thing for this club in about 10 years. Anyway. None of this is good. Hull, Burnley and Brighton must be over the moon.
  24. Unfortunately for Villa, I think you might be wrong on that one...They look as good a candidate for a double drop as any team I've seen relegated from the Prem.
  25. It would get dull as fuck before long, like when United and Liverpool draw each other in the FA Cup or something. "Ahh, great, a match I've only seen twice this season already, and at least twice every other season for the last 20 years". Ok, dull as fuck is a bit strong, but it would soon lose it's shine, even more so if it's a closed shop.
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