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  1. Theresa wasn't reported missing straight away. She was at Avery's on the 31st October but not reported missing until the 3rd November (if my memory serves). The theory that the police tried to frame Avery doesn't need to jump this hurdle you've put in place that they'd have had to have planted her car there under the gaze of all the investigators. I would point out though that Lenk was on site without signing in to confirm when he was there, and much of the key evidence (the key, the bullet) was all found much later, long after the areas had been thoroughly searched several times. It also wasn't Theresa's blood on the bullet, but her DNA. If I recall they couldn't say what the source of the DNA was, so it cannot be said that it was her blood. It may not have even been her DNA on the bullet - this was the test that the technician at the crime lab cocked up, wasn't it, where she cross contaminated it and, for the first time ever, decided that didn't matter or affect the results? That may have been another test but I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong. Further, we don't know it came from Avery's gun, only that it was a .22 calibre bullet and Avery owned a .22 calibre rifle (along with Scott Tadych, I believe). You can believe Avery was guilty all you want, and I'm not saying you're wrong to believe that, but you can't change the facts to suit your belief.
  2. From Dassey's confessions we "know" that she had her throat cut while tied to the bed, but didn't die. She had to be taken out of the bedroom and then shot elsewhere (the garage, I believe). It is utterly inconceivable that, to be impolite, she could have been bleeding like a stuffed pig while transferred from the bed, through the house and to the garage without a spot of DNA being left behind. "He cleaned it" is the most childish explanation in my opinion, anything that joins dots all over the place whether it makes sense or not. And again, the idea that he could clean the entire garage of all traces of DNA (blood spatter would get all over those tools that were in there) and yet miss that one bullet. We saw the photos of the bullet and where it was found in the garage. I don't think it was that hard to spot, especially not if you were going over the garage with a fine tooth comb (as Avery would have to done to clear every trace of DNA in there, and the police should have done when searching it however many times over the course of 8 days). Yet it's not discovered until Det James "Honest" Lenk finds it 4 months later. As others have said, a very good alibi didn't help Avery for the crime we know he was innocent of. I also think it's a mistake to believe that the murderer was trying to frame Avery. It gives a false sense of a sort of extra double impossibility - "he can't possibly have been set up by the murderer and the police and neither have conspired together, and the idea of the police conspiring with a murderer is ridiculous!" My view is that Avery was just plain unlucky to have been the last person to see Theresa. I don't think it was planned that way by the murderer, but was just shitty bad luck as far as Avery is concerned and a golden opportunity for the police (who I don't think plotted her murder either). All that said, two suspects are Scott Tadych and Bobby Dassey, and both saw her at Avery's house. They would certainly have had an opportunity to dump the evidence back at Avery's knowing she'd just been there, without them having had to somehow orchestrate anything or wait in advance. While a possibility, he was convicted for killing her in his garage (and Brendon for killing her in the bedroom). It's ok for us to speculate on what really happened, but I do think a distinction has to be drawn between whether Avery is the real murderer and whether the prosecution proved its case. Its case was that Avery and Dassey cut her throat in the bedroom and then shot her in the garage, and I don't think there's enough evidence to support that. Whatever other plausible scenario we come up with for Avery being the murderer still leaves me deeply concerned, because even if they got the right guy, they got him in the wrong way in my view and that is a credit to no one. It shows an incredibly flawed system that is far more likely to convict innocent people than it is stumble upon a successful prosecution of a genuinely guilty defendant. I asked before and said it should have been included in the poll - whether you think Avery is guilty or not, do you believe he should have been convicted? It's one of the wider points of the documentary.
  3. I'm really surprised at how many people think the documentary was biased. I think an interesting question to ask too, particularly for those who think Avery and Dassey are guilty, is whether they should have been convicted. I can't make my mind up whether they are innocent or not, but I'm certainly not convinced of their guilt and thus do not think they should have been convicted. The investigation was far too much of a shambles, with far too many doubts about where evidence came from, for me to think these are safe convictions.
  4. A number of those things in the email are sort of the same thing, aren't they? I've said it before, but that they found her bones in his firepit was front and centre in the documentary. That they found her tooth and her phone, and her palm pilot, and her camera, in there but this wasn't included in the documentary doesn't scream bias to me. I mean, they found her bloody bones there - how incriminating is that? It's not like it was the other way round - telling us they found her purse near his house but leaving out that her freaking bones were 20 feet from his bedroom! The calls thing doesn't mean much to me either - he was asking her to come round to photograph a car on his property. It was his sister's car wasn't it? Was giving his sister's name and number really giving a "fake" number? He still gave his own address. She'd been there a number of times and I presume he was happy with the service she provided, the same way we'd all call the same plumber back to our house if he'd done a good job at a reasonable price. Without anything more, I'm not sure you can say he "targeted" her. The thing with the towel sounds more like a guy with poor social skills. Not to prove my point (ha!) but I've answered the door in my towel too without it being an intention to seduce (or whatever) the poor bastard on the other side. Not saying there definitely isn't anything more to it, but I'm not going to take Kratz' word on it that's the definite scenario that occurred and intention behind it. I'm also not going to take the word of a fellow prisoner, who I'm sure volunteered such information out of sheer heartache for the Halbach's situation with no desire or hope for some favourable treatment in return. The only thing on that list that perhaps should have been included is the thing about the DNA on the vehicle latch. That said, I'm assuming that would come from him opening the bonnet and so you'd expect it to have a fingerprint, which I'm guessing there wasn't otherwise they'd say that. For him to have gone under the hood and in the car and not leave any fingerprints is odd. I think a charge of bias against the documentary is harsh. There's always something else you could include - it was a 6 week trial and that was just Steven Avery's - and that had to be condensed into 5 hours or so of material. All sorts will have been left out, but if that list up there is the most damaging stuff omitted I'm even less convinced of his guilt. I'm not 100% convinced he is innocent, so I'm struggling to answer the poll above, but I certainly don't think he should have been convicted.
  5. Never nice to lose but can't say I'm too bothered to go out of the FA Cup this year. We've got a game in hand to catch up on in the league and things can soon get messy fixture wise if you go just a couple of rounds in. Happy to let our promotion rivals have the extra games and leave us to concentrate on the league.
  6. Daniel Sturridge has really cemented his reputation as a bit of a wimp hasn't he? I mean, there are sicknotes like *insert name of almost any Arsenal player* but Sturridge is a strange one of late.
  7. That's a brilliant video and it's well worth watching all of it if you have time.
  8. Zidane is the new Real boss. Be interesting to see how that goes...
  9. He supports Middlesbrough*, and therefore has an obvious dislike for Sunderland and Newcastle (albeit possibly to a lesser extent) and would therefore love to see both relegated. *As do I.
  10. 13 points. Fuck me. 5 still to play but they're all in the Spurs game, which means I've got Barkley and Lukaku up against two Spurs defenders. Should have swapped my defenders out for the subs really (although I missed the deadline anyway). A 6-3 hatrtrick-fest is all I can hope for. At least everyone has had a shit week. High score is 85 and even then they only managed that by inexplicably not only having Rooney in their team, but had him captained too. They must throw points away every other week.
  11. emjay2kay


    I fear Ozil is going to be run into the ground until he's dead.
  12. Good performance by Boro and deserving of the win I thought overall. I thought Derby defended well but Ince and Martin didn't do much up front today. I don't think they created too much up top - a lot of corners but nothing clear cut and only really that scramble at the end of the first half where I had my heart in my mouth. You can see the quality in their team though, and you have to say if you're finishing above Derby at the end of the season then you're surely getting promoted. Still think we're lacking up front a bit, and I find Adomah really quite frustrating to watch - poor decision making at times, poor touch, poor passing, fairly predictable (he's always going to check his run to cross on his right foot) and just generally not the brightest star in our team. Of course, he took his goal well and I now feel a bit miserly criticising him, but, there you go. Great result for us anyway. 5 clear of 3rd (13 of 7th but Christ I hope that never really has to be considered) with the best defence and goal difference and a game in hand. I think we've had all of our really tricky away games too with only Burnley, Birmingham and Brentford of the current top 10 still to play away. If we cock promotion up this year - and we are Middlesbrough, so... - then I don't know how we'll ever do it.
  13. I don't see there being many goals in it - a 1-0 either way. Shame QPR couldn't do us both a favour last night.
  14. De-selected Lukaku as captain, which fucked me off come 5pm. Thankfully stuck Ozil in as captain instead, who got a point more in the end anyway. Thank God he scored though. KDB, Mahrez and Vardy still to play, so not doing too badly. Shame I had Bellerin on the bench, but I'd have swapped him out for Dawson anyway who got a point more in the end too. My two Spurs defenders let me down sadly, but that's the risk when you have multiple players from one team in your defence or attack.
  15. Fair enough I don't watch Everton as much as I assume you do, but all of that just says you can't defend to me.
  16. It's amazing the number of people who are saying this, as if Leicester were supposed to go the rest of the season undefeated. Unrelated, but had to laugh at Murphy and Shearer on motd saying Utd could do worse than appointing Giggs their next manager. "He's been assistant to Moyes, assistant to LVG..." er, and? You could do worse than Giggs, but probably not much worse and I doubt that's the quality Utd are going for. If Giggs is a serious suggestion then I feel no shame saying Hughes should be in the frame too.
  17. Anyway, can only add my recommendations for this. I'm fascinated by these kinds of documentaries and this is one of the best I've seen.
  18. I still thought he did well to win the Champions League with Inter that year, and didn't they fall away a bit the next year when he left? I appreciate there's probably a myriad of reasons why either of those things happened of course.
  19. I wonder how those unlimited cards work out for the cinema? I'd have thought a guaranteed £15 a month or whatever would be worthwhile. I'd happily fork that out each month, just 3 films a month would make it worthwhile and even if you only saw 2, you've probably not lost anything given current ticket prices. I suspect cinemas see it the other way though - get someone in on an unlimited card 3 times, and that's not a guaranteed £15.00, it's 3 x £9.00 missed out on (the same logic as every pirated film costs the industry the RRP of a Blu-Ray). Anyway, out of that lot which was your favourite film? Not including the older stuff like Blade Runner and BTTF I've only seen about 8 or 9 of those films this year (and only 4 actually at the cinema).
  20. Tempting fate Smithstock! 7 clean sheets out of the last 8, 7 points from 9 against top 6 rivals... things are certainly looking good at the moment. I'm interested to see how we do against Brighton though. It's a huge 6 pointer at this stage of the season already. Certainly, away from home a draw would be no bad result. Are we really in for Bamford again? I would like to see us score more goals - 1-0s like tonight can easily turn into 1-1s and be the undoing of a top 2 finish come the end of the season - but equally I wouldn't want to upset anything in the team.
  21. Kane ffs. Against Newcastle. Newcastle!! Southampton next, then I might ditch him. Cabaye and Dawson on my bench too.
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