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  1. Hello Nayson! Welcome! It's more fun winning in the Championship than losing in the Prem anyway. (Assuming Villa will win games in the Championship)
  2. emjay2kay


    Hasn't he been utterly fantastic since he came back from injury, what, a year ago? Rumours today that Madrid would want him back too. Hopefully not - he's fast becoming one of my favourite PL players ever.
  3. I was under the impression De Gea's new contract was something of a face saving exercise for everyone, with no doubt a gentleman's agreement on the side that he could go next summer for a larger transfer fee. I think Memphis and Martial need more time before you can say they would walk into City, Chelsea or Arsenal's 11 (squads.. . maybe).
  4. I was watching them on Motd last night and trying to think which of their players would get into another top side's 11 or even squad. De Gea was the only obvious one who everyone would at least have in their squad. After that it's a bit of a struggle. Maybe with Arsenal's current DM options all being crocked, someone like Schneiderlin or Carrick would do alright there for them. This is based on the idea that Arsenal couldn't sign anyone else at all obviously, but just had to pick someone from United's squad. So, on those narrow parameters...
  5. I'm assuming, unlike the transfer wildcard, the other boosts don't get reset in January?
  6. I really don't think he's a bad manager, he's just at a very poor club at the moment. Maybe a really top manager could turn Newcastle round, but I don't think that's a knock against McClaren. Fact is, he took Middlesbrough to a League Cup win, two FA Cup semi-finals, two seasons in the Uefa Cup (once as a result of winning the League Cup, the other as a result of a 7th place league finish) and a final in the Uefa Cup too. He didn't have a DoF during that. A league title and Champions League football in Holland with a team you wouldn't ordinarily consider one of the Dutch big boys is no mean feat either. I think he took Twente further in the Champions League than they'd ever been previously too. Wolfsburg didn't go too well, but hadn't they just sold some of their best players that summer? I didn't follow his stint in Germany all too closely so may be misremembering. His return to English football has been a mixed bag but I thought he did a great job at Derby and only injuries stopped them going up last season (obviously you never really know, but for most of the season it looked like two of Bournemouth, Derby or Middlesbrough would go up). Maybe he needs the right circumstances to flourish. He's had his failures but I don't think anyone can or should sniff at his successes.
  7. Our keeper is fantastic. I was really disappointed when Jason Steele was dropped and then moved on as I felt he was going to develop into a great keeper. But Konstantopolous really is that - 10 points a season, if not more. Very pleased with the result last night - we've not won at Ipswich in something like 20 years, and after only playing on Tuesday against Everton I'd have taken a draw before kick off.
  8. Interesting to hear his thoughts about Jackie Brown, as that's the film of his I tend to return to more than any other, and is the kind of film I'd like him to make more of (as much as I enjoy his post-Jackie Brown stuff).
  9. emjay2kay


    A few weeks ago, Jermaine Jenas gave a comment (I assume during Final Score but I read it on the live text feed thing on the BBC website - I mention this only to pre-empt anyone asking for a link) that Arsenal's pitch was "sand based" which meant it was beautiful to play on and thus why Wenger liked such pitches, but whenever Jenas played on it he found it really heavy going on his joints. No idea if what he said about the pitch being true, but it's certainly one other potential constant over all these years.
  10. I've dropped him already. He wasn't doing much lately anyway and I bet a hamstring injury will keep him out a little while. He needs a rest anyway. Plus, Sunderland aren't looking quite as nailed on for relegation under Allerdyce, so it's hardly like a Sanchez hat trick was a definite. I've gone for KDB but only because there wasn't an obvious choice as far as I'm concerned. If Sanchez turns out to be ok I'll swap him back in though I'm sure.
  11. They're a mess but who's going to do a better job? You can glibly say "anyone" but realistically there's probably only a few guys I'd want if my team was facing relegation - Sam's just joined Sunderland, and Pulis ain't going anywhere. I'm a Boro fan though, so I have more time for McClaren than most I guess.
  12. Wouldn't the staff have just said "yes we do." ? If they knew they didn't have any in stock they wouldn't have spent 5 minutes looking for the controller - they'd have told pope as soon as he got to the till. And if they weren't sure, there weren't going to spend those 5 minutes looking to give pope a proper answer while they had other customers to serve (who had all queued up before him). Maybe in the future that'll work out well but in this case I don't think it'd have made a difference.
  13. Yep, came here to post exactly that. "6 - 2.. hope Barkley sco... oh, nevermind. I'm sure he got a couple of assists." *checks Fantasy team* 2 points. Two points?? FFS. He's not doing it for me, except last weekend of course when I benched him. Not sure who to replace him with though. I already have Mahrez and Cabaye (had to join the bandwagon on those two eventually) and Sanchez and Ozil, and don't quite have the money for Payet. Hmph. Might just keep him. Not sure what to do about Martial. I didn't want to gamble straight away but after a couple of good performances I got him in. Since then he's not played in the middle and is thus wasted (not even able to get any assists from Rooney's current, er, incredible form). Should probably ditch him for Pelle. Kane's up against Villa next - must do something against that shower of shit. Arsenal after that too, so you'd assume he'd be up for that one too.
  14. I put Sanchez in this week for Hazard, finally. Should have done it sooner, but there's always that "he's got to come good eventually, hasn't he?" Having the same issue with Kane. He's just got to do "something" soon hasn't he? He's got Bournemouth away, a home fixture then Arsenal away. I know I'm going to take him out before Arsenal, just before he scores a hattrick and makes a bollocks of my Arsenal players' bonuses. Gah, why did I keep him when I played my wildcard? I've got Milner still (another "must come good") and Sagna who I want rid of. Not willing to take the points deductions though, so need to save my free transfers up.
  15. He's only really walked this year, hasn't he? His first he won by a point (and his first season at all he lost the title by a point) and obviously last year he was forever chasing. Be great to see him up against a more competitive challenger but I don't think he can be begrudged one "easy" title.
  16. Yes, 4, 5, 6 and then if you have to, 1, 2, 3. No one has to though. Never tried Garwoofoo's suggested order - I'd have thought the differences in style would be quite jarring going back and forth like that.
  17. Which character in the Sopranos was so bad as to sink the whole show for you? Meadow was pretty fucking annoying but even she couldn't spoil it for me.
  18. Ok, rest of my list, or at least to a point... 6. South Park Just brilliant satire, and I think the show has generally got better as it's gone on. 7. Futurama I've not seen beyond season 5 to be fair, but those first 4 seasons were wonderfully funny and geeky with some lovely, touching moments (Jurassic Bark of course, but even stuff like the ending to Time Keeps on Slipping were very sweet.) 8. Planet Earth Difficult to pick one Attenborough documentary, but the breadth of this one, all in stunning HD, gets the nod from me. 9. Phoenix Nights I've not really enjoyed much of Peter Kay's stuff since this (although his recent BBC series was quite good) but Phoenix Nights was and still is fantastic. 10. Better Call Saul This is the newest thing on my list and given it's only had one series I am kind of reluctant to put it this high up. Having said that, I really, really, really loved it. It grabbed me in a way that Breaking Bad did not (it did eventually) and so despite it having just one season, and despite enjoying comparatively more seasons of Breaking Bad, Saul gets in ahead of it for me. 11. The Colbert Report I absolutely love the Colbert Report. It's a shame it's a running series (or was) and not something you can buy a season of on DVD, because I most certainly would. It's the fake-Republican alternative to The Daily Show, which lampoons conservative and Republican views on current events in stunning fashion. Whenever I was in the USA, it was this I did my best to make time for on an evening when I could, rather than the Daily Show, and that says something given how brilliant the Daily Show itself is. 12. Spaced Ahh, Spaced. I don't know how many times I've watched this, but it's still a thing of joy to this day. 13. Tom and Jerry Wonderful slapstick cartoon comedy, even as an adult I find it incredibly inventive. I think it's the best of some brilliant cartoons of that era. 14. Father Ted I still love catching this on Channel 4 late at night. Poor Ted, rage often slowly building while Dougal innocently gets on his tits, and all Mrs Doyle can do is offer a cup of tea. Such a shame this came to an end the way it did. 15. Breaking Bad Ok, this didn't grab me to begin with. I enjoyed parts of it but other parts left me cold, and it was only my girlfriend forcing me through the first couple of seasons that I came to truly enjoy this. It drops down a bit as a result, but probably from around the time Gus comes on the scene through to the end, I really was hooked. An incredible performance from Bryan Cranston right through, I'm glad I stuck with it. 16. Game of Thrones I only got into this just before season 5 started, and binged my way through in what must have been a month. T'was one hell of a month. 17. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver A weekly show which looks back on the news and events of the past week, it is in a similar vein to the Daily Show but often focuses its attention on just one subject, and just as often on issues that are largely otherwise ignored, and it does so in a wonderfully entertaining and enlightening way. It's delightfully subversive too at times - John Oliver recently set up his own religion and accepted donations from viewers to highlight the fraud televangelists perpetuate on the public and how that attracts tax-exempt status. 18. Frasier I must admit I've never sat down and watched this episode to episode and couldn't necessarily tell you what happens season to season (other than the overall arc of Daphne and Niles). It's intelligent high-class farce which somehow never seems to get old. 19. The Adam and Joe Show I've been re-watching this a bit lately on 4oD, and it's every bit as good as I remember. The toy movies/shows don't always hit their mark, but the overall silliness of the show hides some very clever stuff in my opinion. 20. I'm Alan Partridge I've only recently got into this, but it's truly brilliant and I can't believe I didn't watch it first time round. Honourable mentions: Blackadder, Extras, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
  19. I thought that was withdrawn like the week it came out? I know I took mine back without a problem. Few months later the second version came out with the bug fixed. Only effect it had was that blood was no longer in the game. I didn't realise there were that many of the buggy cartridges knocking about - it really did make the game a lot shitter to play without career, create-a-wrestler or the shop. Definitely try and track a copy down if you can as I do think it's a better game than Wrestlemania 2000 (though that is still very, very good). Anyway, amazing props to Benny. Tremendous amount of effort throughout and whatever anyone thinks of the list and where stuff ended up, I can't imagine I'd cry too much if they were the only 100 games I was left with on a desert island.
  20. Hmm... I fear my taste, or perhaps "vocabulary" of television is pretty poor and that I'm about to show myself up. There's so much I haven't seen (or started to but didn't think much of and quit). Give it a go though. 1. The Sopranos This was an easy and yet difficult choice, as I love 2 on my list just as much. Ultimately though, I think this just pips it. I actually have no idea what to say about the Sopranos - the whole thing is just fantastic from beginning to end. And for all the outbursts of violence and action that does occur, I actually think it's a very subtle drama (with some excellent black comedy on the side). Everything just slowly builds, everyone's rise and fall bubbles along, and each episode just fades out with something innocuous like a view of Tony on his settee watching the history channel. You didn't need a cliffhanger - you were going to be back for this. As for the very ending, I loved it but I'm still not settled on what I think it means. Last time I watched it though I did cry throughout the whole scene though, so certainly the most favoured theory had taken some hold of me. 2. The West Wing Oh God I love the West Wing. The cast and characters were brilliant, but of course it was the writing that propelled this along. How do you make a negotiation about the best way to conduct the US Census, or any other seemingly dry topic, a central part of your episode, and still interesting? How? I don't know, but thankfully Aaron Sorkin and co. did. I think your enjoyment of the show is possibly increased if you like politics and perhaps more again if you lean to the left. That said, I know plenty of people who don't care for politics really - my girlfriend hates politics and won't even register to vote - and yet they all love this. The West Wing also has what I think is my favourite episode of tv ever, which is the season 2 finale "Two Cathedrals". Anyone who's seen the West Wing probably knew I was going to say that. God it's beautiful, and I get goosebumps thinking about it even now. Being harsh it perhaps couldn't take my top spot when season 5 is perhaps not the strongest (albeit I always still enjoy it) but more importantly given [season 7 spoiler] For anyone who hasn't seen the West Wing, obviously don't click the spoiler but don't let what you think might be in there put you off - season 7 was actually fantastic and a proper return to form after Aaron Sorkin left the show. 3. Band of Brothers Just fantastic from start to finish. The interviews before and after each episode with the real men whose lives are being re-enacted on screen was a brilliant inclusion I thought, as was the decision not to name them until the very end. I cry absolutely every time. 4. The Simpsons Do I need to add the caveat about which seasons I'm including in this? If so, I specifically only mean seasons 1-8 (7 if I was being harsh, but "You Only Move Twice" is in season 8 and I can't exclude that). That we all need to add such a caveat did make me wonder whether I should really have the Simpsons this high up in my list. Certainly no other show would be given so much lee-way that I would say "Yeah, the last 15 seasons have been poor, but it's still one of the best shows of all time." It's tricky, but the brilliance of those early seasons really do deserve their place up here. I don't know how many times I've seen those seasons, be it on Sky 1, BBC2 or Channel 4 or on DVD, but it must be 10 times each at the least over the course of my life. And they're still funny, still endlessly quotable and reference-able. Scenes, dialogue, entire stretches of episodes are tattooed into my brain and I think the same is true for a lot of people of a certain age. I have an "Eye on Springfield" t-shirt and I still sing the theme song whenever I put it on (and then repeatedly throughout the day - dit-dit-dit-dur-dit..... dit-dit-dit-dur-dit ) I went to the dentist for the first time in ages earlier this year and signed up for a dental plan, and on the way home my brain was just an endless loop of "Dental plan (Lisa needs braces)". And everyone reading this, I'm sure, knows exactly which voices to do those lines in. I'm not saying something that's incredibly popular must be good, as that's not always true. But I do think, in this case, the brilliance of the writing on the show is truly evidenced by how re-watchable each episode is and how so much of them enters a sort of social consciousness. 5. Seinfeld It's a massive shame, and strange, that this show never really made it over here. I remember seeing it once or twice late at night on BBC2 as a 12 or 13 year old and really liking it, but that's about it. When other incredibly popular American shows like Friends, Frasier, Cheers, ER etc made it over and were just as successful here, how Seinfeld didn't is a mystery. I think it ended up on Paramount Comedy for a bit, but still not as wide an audience as Channel 4 on a Friday night. Whatever though,with the DVDs being released I was finally able to watch this in full years after their original airing, and thankfully they all still hold up. The clothes and haircuts and sets etc certainly date it, but the writing still shines through. The cynicism, the expression of thoughts on social situations you didn't think anyone else had, the "no learning no hugging" philosophy which flows underneath it all. The way each character gets their own storyline for the show yet they all somehow, beautifully, amazingly and convincingly cross paths at the end is just a master class in writing as far as I'm concerned. And the show's evolution somehow works brilliantly too, from the reality based episodes at the beginning, through to slightly crazier but still plausible fare (the Puffy Shirt, for example) all the way to completely outlandish scenarios in the later seasons (the Merv Griffin Show, the Kicks). It's almost a completely different show and yet it somehow makes it work and arguably makes it better. I'm going to stop there for the moment - I hadn't actually planned on writing so much. I'll come back later and edit in or post the rest of my list.
  21. I like Smithstock's confidence, but it's a long season and Boro have "done a Derby" before - Mowbray's last season in charge we were flying until Christmas. There was no way we wouldn't get automatic promotion. Then someone poisoned our Christmas dinner and we didn't even make the playoffs. I thought we'd do it last year too, but we stuttered near the end against promotion rivals and Watford just stormed up out of nowhere. I've hardly seen anything of us this year, just getting to read match reports, but Fabbrini and Stuani sound like they've been great signings and certainly I'm much more confident than I was at the start of the season when I felt we were a lesser team than last year. Still though, can all change far too easily and quickly.
  22. Have we discussed whether The Last of Us is as good as its reputation yet? Or indeed, whether Goldeneye is still a "greatest game of all time" experience in the modern day?
  23. The thing is, how do you objectively decide what is a better game? Can that be done without it resorting to measuring frames per second or numbers of polygons on screen at any one time? I mean, I do actually agree with you about Goldeneye in particular - it is a product of its time and I wouldn't list it as one of my top 20 greatest games you could play in the world right now. But as a list of greatest games of all time I think you have to take into account the context surrounding each game, and for me Goldeneye's context was playing a magnificent game (and no one would doubt it was magnificent in 1997) on your own and with 3 friends in the same room at a time when consoles had never enjoyed an FPS game like it. In an era where console based FPS games are plentiful and often executed brilliantly, with online multiplayer allowing you to play with 31 or 63 or however many other people, playing a graphically ropey game with 3 friends on a quarter of a 28" screen doesn't hold a great amount of appeal and I probably wouldn't steer a videogame newbie towards it other than as a history lesson. But dear God, wasn't it some of the most fun you've ever had playing games? It was for me. What else should a list of the greatest games of all time be about?
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