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  1. Yeah, I think it's amazing just to get into the top 100. There's so many great games that don't make it on. Plus, you've got to think that, while it's nice to see your favourites near the top, can you imagine if everyone's favourite games came from the Dreamcast or earlier, and nothing since? You'd start to think that there's little point still playing new games. Anyway, loving this countdown. Keep it coming Benny!
  2. I've said it before, but I really don't want closure, not like this. If it happens then so be it and I'll not know how I feel about that unless it does happen. But right now my feeling is that, to use an analogy, we've just found out that Darth Vadar is Luke's dad. If we defeat Vadar and kill the emperor 5 minutes into ROTJ and the film ends... well, I got the end I wanted I guess. I missed the journey there though. And Shenmue is the journey - that's the whole point. It's supposed to be an epic story and we all know that. If it ends early in a rush I think you diminish the whole thing and people miss out on what they love about these games. Yu has a vision about how these games are supposed to go - evidently not a very commercial vision, but a vision none the less. I've enjoyed everything so far and I'd rather it carried on that trajectory. If we do, I'm not actually expecting to see Lan Di in Shenmue 3 at all, and I'd be fine with that. That fleeting glimpse of him at the end of 2 was amazing precisely because of how far we'd gone just to get to that point. If we're not supposed to fight Lan Di until Shenmue 5, then so be it. And if we never even get to see Shenmue 4 and I never get to kill Lan Di then so be it. I don't want Shenmue 3 because I want to finish the story. I want Shenmue 3 because I never want the games to end.
  3. I've been watching a couple of videos on youtube, some of the reaction videos (which genuinely brought a tear to my eye again - compilation here if you fancy it again - ) and some thoughts on what's happening.I always knew the $70m quoted as being the development cost of Shenmue covered the Saturn version as well, but I didn't realise the $70m thing was actually wrong itself. The whole thing, developing 1&2 on the Saturn then doing them up for the Dreamcast, cost $47m. Still a lot, but that's suddenly looking like less than $20m a game, and I remember seeing plenty of stuff before Shenmue 2 came out that was never in the game. Sega's passed them all the assets from back then so I'm betting there's a fair bit of stuff in there that they'll be able to use without it costing too much more to sort out. How much of Shenmue 3 is already more or less made? I'm not suggesting it's a huge amount, but I'd happily bet it's more than nothing. What I'm getting at is Shenmue 3 starts to look a lot more doable for $10m than first thought. This wasn't actually supposed to be a post about any of that. I actually just came in to say fuck all the negativity. I know the kickstarter isn't perfect; that the issue of Sony's involvement has muddied the waters too much; that the $2m goal initially sounds almost pointless. But fuck it. People don't approach Yu Suzuki in the streets to say how much they love his kickstarter campaigns. He clearly can't do that brilliantly, but videogames? The videogame of his life, his vision, the next instalment of his magnum opus? Yes he can fucking well make that. The man made my favourite game of all time, and just announcing a kickstarter to fund its sequel brought a tear to my eye. I trust him to be able to pull Shenmue 3 off, and that's why he gets my money now, and probably more of it before the kickstarter closes, and probably more of it again when the game's released.
  4. Exactly. I don't have a PS4, but I'm sure I could cobble together 3 quid a week between now and 2018 to be able to afford whatever a PS4 costs by then if I had to. I wasn't even ever planning on owning a PS4, but, hey, look what happens.
  5. 1999 Shenmue graphics, yes. For Shenmue fans since the beginning I bet I'm not alone in that. For newcomers that's going to be a much harder (impossible) sell though. I wouldn't be happy with the same loading times though. I also wouldn't be happy if the game is rushed to a conclusion just because this might be the last chance. Part of the love for the game is that it goes at its own pace and it's that which helps give it a sense of epic scale even in comparatively small environments. I accept that's also part of the hatred of the game too, but Shenmue 3 isn't being made for those people. If it was it would have been made in a different way years ago.
  6. I've managed to live 14 years without a conclusion to the story, I could live the rest of my life without it. I'd rather see the game done properly* than rushed to an ending just for an ending's sake. Anyway, I'm leaving this here as a reminder of where we're at - everytime I go back to it I swear there's less money than the last time I looked and I'm getting paranoid - everything feels like it's going sour with this, barely a week in. *Story wise at least - I appreciate the budget on this might not quite live up to the vision.
  7. Oh God we need this! I've only supported one other KS thing before, and that's still going with 20 days or so left, so I'm not sure how these things work in terms of pledges. Is there usually a rush, a lull, then a big rush at the end again? Shenmue's has dropped to an absolute trickle and it's barely going to get over $4.1m at this rate. I didn't expect it to zoom along at $1m a day or anything, but... well, we seem a long way off Bailu village! I agree with others that slightly more transparency about the funding would help. A simple "Sony will match any kickstarter funds" would help, rather than just assuming $2m on kickstarter is enough, and Sony will pick up $15m for the rest. It's led to opinions like this http://www.forbes.com/sites/davidthier/2015/06/17/stop-donating-to-the-shenmue-3-kickstarter-right-now/ which I don't agree with at all, but can certainly sort of understand. It doesn't help at any rate, because I don't think it's just the money, it's the signal of interest, of intent, that will help secure the extra outside funding we all know this thing is going to need.
  8. I'd be up for that. Entries in by the start of the season or by close of the transfer window? Man City 1st Last hour of the transfer window... "Aguerro sold to Real Madrid". Dammit. Man City 4th
  9. What's the best way of hooking a DC up to a modern TV? I never had a VGA box, so not quite sure what I'll need to do. Really fancy getting my DC out though, especially after the Shenmue 3 announcement.
  10. God I want all 4 capsule toys, but I'm not sure I can justify $500 to anyone but the 16 year old me. I've pledged $175 for now. A signed illustration would be nice, mind... Part of me does fear for this though. A dream unfulfilled remains pure and brilliant, and part of me thinks that's better than a dream dashed by a less than stellar attempt to realise it. There's a certain, I don't know, romance, to the series ending with Ryo stuck in a cave in Guilin, with only a hint of what is to come next. It may end up all Phantom Menace, but even so I can't not chip in on the chance that this ends up being everything I ever hoped for.
  11. Bus 174 is great - definitely echo that recommendation. Paradise Lost... 1 and 2 are good. I didn't think much of the third. They were ready to release it when the ending happened, so they had to go back and re-do loads of it and it ends up being a bit crap in my opinion - it's like a refresher for those who hadn't seen 1 and 2. I actually watched West of Memphis only recently and much preferred it to Paradise Lost 3. My recommendation, then, for anyone who hasn't seen any of these documentaries, would be Paradise Lost 1, then 2, then West of Memphis. There's overlap for sure, and the first one is still the best.
  12. Yeah, I wouldn't knock McClaren either. Won us the League Cup and took us to the UEFA Cup final and our highest ever finish in the Premier League. I am 99% certain we would still be in the Premier League now if he hadn't left for the England job.
  13. emjay2kay


    Not to move on too quickly, but I'm looking forward to the Wimbledon draw. Will be interesting to see if Federer and Nadal end up on the same side of the draw for a potential fourth round / quarter final match. Would love to see those two at Wimbledon again, albeit I wouldn't expect a 2008 quality affair.
  14. emjay2kay


    Thought Wawrinka was great (only saw the second and fourth sets mind). Thank backhand is just... Goes to show just how difficult that calendar slam is.
  15. Did anyone expect anything different? We are dour to watch even in actual tournaments when the games mean something.
  16. emjay2kay


    What are the thoughts on Djokovic regarding gamesmanship? I don't see him play that often, but was he taking the piss a bit yesterday at the end of the 3rd set, legal or not? He really got into Murray's head at Australia so I can see why he'd do it, but it leaves me a little sour if I'm honest.
  17. emjay2kay


    I don't think it's a surprise - I expected Novak to win - but it's still weird seeing Nadal lose like that at RG. I do think age and injury have caught up with him. He's past his prime for a normal player, where I think everything is on a more downwards trend after about 27 or so, but I'm sure there'd be a good argument to make that Nadal's peak was earlier than most players and so he's actually further past it in that sense than any other 29 year old would be (the counter being that he was stronger at a younger age than most others). Got to wonder where he and Novak go from here. Sure Nadal has another French or two in him if he can stay fit. Djokovic though... can he match Sampras and Nadal on 14? He's 6 away (5 if he wins RG) and I wouldn't put it past him picking those up over the next 2 years barring injury.
  18. Ha, I found it strange too. "Benteke, he's not for sale, not any any price except his hitherto unknown release clause of £32.2m with an additional £6m in performance bonuses, ok, so I don't want any managers out there getting any ideas that you can just come to Villa, offer a £20m upfront payment with £18.2m spread out across 36 monthly payments, and think there's going to be a deal. Not on my watch son."
  19. How, exactly? "Are there any games on today?" "Um... FA Cup final's on at half 2 in the morning...." "... FA Cup? What's that? Who's pla... ah who cares, I'm not watching some "FA Cup" match." "Sorry I misread it, it's the Emirates FA Cup." "Oh the Emirates FA Cup? Why the fuck didn't you say? Call everyone you know, we're staying up all night for this shit."
  20. Congratulations to Norwich anyway *gritted teeth*. We've seemingly failed to turn up, which is very disappointing, but sounds like Norwich have deserved it nonetheless. I'm actually not a fan of the play-offs in general, and while I understand why they're there I often think it unfair on the team who finished third that they can be usurped at the final hurdle by a team who finished maybe 15 points below them in the league. As much as I'd happily take the win today (there really was sod all between us and Norwich in the league anyway), the more rational part of my brain thinks it only just that the team in 3rd gets promoted. That's little comfort now though, and not that I'd have much time and space for sympathy right now if we'd won, of course.
  21. Oh God I can't watch today. I don't have Sky anyway, but... Oh God I can't watch! I'm just going to have to go to BBC Sport at 7pm or something and brace myself for a big picture of a team of players in red or yellow. Joy or heartbreak will follow respectively.
  22. emjay2kay


    I'm genuinely disappointed that isn't actually your book. I love reading your thoughts on tennis.
  23. emjay2kay


    That was a great read.
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