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  1. Seen it, and it was long. Christ! Enjoyed it, some great camera work I thought and liked the overblown super hero Jesus can save us shots and a few other bits (the perfectly lined up fire escape bit pointing down toward the road stood out, odd)... but then it was all mixed up later in the film and the huge CGI fight kind of kept things interesting towards the end. Not bad really, maybe a bit disappointing. I like Cavil's Superman, but not his Clark. I liked Affleck's Bruce, but not his Batman. Also a huge quantity of young children seeing this, some parent having a rant to an usher on the way out about violence and breasts. 12A, deal with it. And then I went to see Deadpool again to make up for SvsB The Lego Batman Movie intro/trailer/teaser was fucking brilliant before the film - can't find it online though, heh.
  2. I didn't think Battle Garegga was too difficult, but on completing it the game allows the player to view a 'how to' play that showed me I'd been playing it all wrong and abusing the rank system. That's what makes it such a good game, playable as a traditional shmup way or playing for score makes it a very different game of both counts. It's adaptive difficult was, and still is, very clever.
  3. Jesus, I completed Undertale again. My daughter is hooked and I was watching her do a true genocide run; there's a totally different feel to the game, I had to give it a go. So, I sat through it all again, named my character 'Murder' (which also revealed an Easter egg!) this time. Amazing dialogue and some inspired changes to the game, including some previously unseen fourth-wall breaking boss fights. I think I just added it to my all time favourite games I am determination. (As an aside, we're both going as Undertale characters when EGX Rezzed rolls around ).
  4. Axiom Verge This was OK... not as slick as the games it derives from. The areas didn't really have a distinct feel to them and the weapons really added anything to it beyond collection value but I enjoyed it, mostly. Thought the 'hacking' was clever although never really explored beyond barriers for the player to overcome. That's fine although the lack of distinct areas had me stuck a few times so there was plenty of exploring to figure out where I had to go next. Something like Metroid makes that fairly obvious with a huge weapon upgrade that triggers your memory with a not-so-subtle-nudge in the right direction. This was aimless wandering at times. As I got stuck, I finished with a 92% map completion wondering around a bit. Still, one more off the Steam pile of shame. I should get back to playing Elite...
  5. The uplay launcher is a bag of cack and wouldn't download as it can't write to the default folders (which didn't exist either). Add 'Modify' permission to 'Local Users' (Windows 10). I guess it doesn't handle the need to escalate permissions when creating a download location in the default program files folder, which may have been fine at installation but not if it was installed by silently by Steam (I think... ) but I digress. It's still crap, but at least it now has Rayman. Just saying in case somebody else has that problem.
  6. spaceyjase


    I didn't pay much attention to the way some of the monster behave on my first play. The veggie monster got me on my first play, boasting about being totally organic. But I think the angry rabbit things made me start fighting them. This time, the veggie monsters are throwing me food (which heal) and when the rabbits are on their own, they do a proper little dance and they're really happy and talk to you. They've just fell in with a bad crowd
  7. Ah yeah, that'll help! I'm Cmdr Sophie-Beth. I did some missions from the base I was at. Interesting experience, pretty much blew up the entire base using my ship but then drove around for some scanning fun, which in all got about a million credits after play (kept getting stopped, lots of bounties too). I don't like driving the SRV much, heh. Also had to remap the controls as the game seems to have forgot since the Beta. Get 'em done in double-quick time teamed up providing air support. Next to no resistance at the target for my mission (rated medium). What fines?
  8. Wicked! Easy money I should be on in a bit, hopefully. So do you need the SRV to do the assault? I figured from the description I could just blast away from a decent range and take out the generator. Fuck it, I'm buying an SRV anyway
  9. spaceyjase


    I can't wait to play it again, actually. I've a 'Pile of shame' category in Steam with... a number of games in it but gladly this has been flagged 'Complete' and moved out, mega-chuffed I gave it a play. In a lot of ways I've enjoyed it more than the Witcher 3, mostly 'cos it's cute, clever and funny. And it tickles a lot of those 16-bit memories as it plays with the classic RPG formula. Not to mention the soundtrack! I actually sat at the PC last night torn between Elite and starting Undertale again, thoughts on a pacifist run. How many confirmed endings? I think it'd make an excellent mobile game.
  10. Cool! I'll arrange something with her in charge and let you know
  11. Aye, it is really buggy - I've reported one a few pages back where the destination didn't exist and I had another timed mission last night that was to the same station I picked up the delivery, but just kept repeating when the time ran out. No penalty though, which was good. Only picked it up because it was a 'deliver scan free' type, some 300k. I think some mission appearances can be based on the standing of the system, local faction behaviour. Or maybe not, who knows. davejm - where are you? Worth forming a wing and tackling some bombing missions as a team? I don't know how strong a ground based target is, or how well protected (range of turrets, for example) but figure a quick flyby with physical weapons on gimballs (or B5-like strafing with FA off, fuck gravity) will quickly sort out any local targets. Rinse & repeat. Check it out with some cheap ships first I suspect the local faction will be pissed off, granted (which also means avoiding a KWS), but that's easy to avoid with a laser to the cockpit
  12. Anyone tried the ground based missions? Parked up at a barracks and there are a lot of 'Take out the generator' like missions - no rank required, easy then yeah? Most are for the same base, ranging from 50 to 400k so worth stacking them Will try as I'm local
  13. I've just completed Undertale. Brilliant game, with utterly superb music throughout - reminded me of, well, most the top-rated RPGs from the SNES era. While it is an 'easy' game, it's a great little experience. My game didn't end well and on reloading my save to make a different choice, the game now won't let me Time to reset and play it properly.
  14. The Witcher 3 Didn't really get on with the previous games but did manage to get this really, really cheap so I thought, "Why not?". Love the openness of the game and the ongoing war effort really adds to the feel of the game, putting the odd jarring moment aside (e.g. from sobbing your heart out to "Hello my lovely!" bipolar disorder - common to the genre so easily forgiven). Fantastic creatures and the combat works well, and hunting animals for food adds to the Witcher lifestyle (playing on hard, 'cos I think that's something missed on lower difficulties where mediation is a full heal). I did tire of the endless discovery later in the game and ignored most of the '?' markers in Skellige (but did complete all contracts), even if it is the most beautiful part of the game -- there were a couple of times my head saw a perfect landscape for a brief glimpse (like the misty island lighthouse, wow), before being snapped back to "It's just computer graphics". A truly epic environment is depicted throughout. Enjoyed the main story too, where the rich voice acting really adds to the game. Roughly 80 hours in total, level 35 and pretty much did everything in game so will pass on the DLC for now, return sometime for a New Game+. Deserving of all the awards, highly recommended.
  15. I'll give that a go, wondered if I could just copy XML and things across - diff the original path with the Steam version. I've only installed Horizons too, unsure if I need the base game from Steam. I only want Steam to clock my play time
  16. Anybody made the switch to the Steam version? I grabbed the key and installed it but it won't recognise my stick. The standalone install does, showing many more control options than the Steam installed version. I had a quick look on the ED forum, nothing found. Weird.
  17. Wow, missed Guacamelee off my list - another brilliant title. Mega smiles, and a huge thank you to secret Santa
  18. Oh my! I got the notification I got a game but then I went into the Steam window and I had a bunch more . Three off my wanted list; Crawl, Super Hexagon and Cave Story+ (which I last played on the PSP). A surprise gift too, Analogue: A Hate Story. Cool looking visual novel, looking forward to trying that. So yeah, thank you very much and Merry Christmas to you all. Oh and super thanks to JPR for being mega awesome!
  19. Commander creator Hmm, thanks Elite Obligatory selfie:
  20. I've two games on my wishlist after the recent sale where I bought everything else but I'm still in because games are love
  21. I'd like to think that while it seems really complicated, there's still some seed-number (42) stored somewhere that kicked it all off so it's actually a really, really simple algorithm just run a few million times. Like the original Elite Trailer is epic, saving all my beta time for the full release currently. I did have a brief go yesterday to famliarise myself with the new UI features and it's simply jaw-dropping (also been a while since flying a Sidey, also great). That is all!
  22. I got it a little cheaper than the £40 on Steam, which was also free delivery at the time with some games (I pre-ordered). Yeah man, works over power line adaptors - that's how I've got mine configured. edit: also came signed delivery, around midday.
  23. I second this, it's fantastic device. Some games (Gangbeasts!) demand the living room space. I've played Broforce over the Internet on it, streamed from the rig (shut up) upstairs and it's just flawless (assuming wired ethernet). Compression is a funny one - it is noticeable but in a way, many games near as make no difference. Shovel Knight being an obvious one, and even adds to the retro feel of it. Better if it can match a resolution supported by the TV. The Witcher 3. Now. (and also Mad Max).
  24. Got a Steam link today, looking forward to giving that a blast in a bit. Stuff like Broforce or Gangbeasts are amazing party games and demand a bit of physical space, are living room games. I was reasonably impressed with the remote play while I had the Mac (and even a Raspberry Pi) hooked up to the TV (and 'The Rig' running games elsewhere) so this should be fun!
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