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  1. Wordle 211 3/6 Pleased with my guesses there. Got it in three, two days on the bounce now.
  2. Wordle 209 5/6 Only heard of this from the pictures that make you laugh thread yesterday and can see myself adding it to my daily to-do list. Not very good at it yet, given it's taken me five goes yesterday and today (plus a lod of guesses not in the word list at all).
  3. I've no problem with it in a game if the animals AI routine is programmed to attack me on site. It's them or me as far as I'm concerned. I do feel guilty if I accidently kill an animal if it's not programmed to attack me, though.
  4. Just watched A Boy Called Christmas. Very good, and most of the cast are having a great time and giving great perfomances (though I would say the lead is pretty wooden for the most part). Best Christmas film of this year that I've seen and I think will become a good one to watch every few years and won't become stale.
  5. Volume wise it must be smaller than the first gen XBone, 360, and deffinitly Xbox. It's markedly smaller than the PS5 and half the size of the average AV Amp.
  6. It's tiny really, compared to anything other than a PS2 slim... So will fit just about anywhere.
  7. Got an email at 10:30 last night telling me it was on its way and it got delivered at 10:30 this morning. Nice, but unexpected.
  8. Aye, same here. Now, any chance of some 3080's at RRP???....
  9. Ran out of pozzes for the day (despite not having pozzed anythng yet today ), but thanks anyway. Ordered for delivery next Thursday.
  10. Well, two posts above, and my experience says otherwise. Checking again now and it's changed to letting you get it in your basket, but when you select the payment method it errors out and says unable to process.
  11. What, all of the new session and instance missions we were doing yesterday regarding the new update?
  12. Beware of ordering via these currys links for a Series X. I clicked just now and it looked like it was availalable, so carried on and wentt through to basket. They say delivery is available and let me go through the whole ordering and paying propcess, then after I had finished the Paypal process I imediately got an email from Currys saying they had to cancel with some unavailable flag being the cause... I mean, fuckers should have told me it was unavailable the minute I clicked the "buy" button in my basket.. Throughout all these shortages, it's not the actual shortages that is annoying (as I'm fully aware world wide supply chains and manufacturing is pretty boned). What is annoying is how they are handling letting folks have them when they do become available. I really can't see how a pre-order queue process for each retailer can't be implemented on a one per customer (account, and postal address specific) basis. I'm happy to wait really, but I'm sure as fuck not happy to have to jump through all these stock alert hoops and hope to fuck I'm ever quick enough to beat bots through the process (which I know I am 100% not) so someone else can have multiples at one time. I was lucky that a mate had two pre-orders for a PS5 last year and he let me have one of those (and I realise I benefitted in that regard from a lack of a one per customer basis, so could be considered a hypocrit). And I also see Series S's available at the large online retailers very, very regularly for the last three months or so.
  13. I really don't think we need to spoiler anything about this thirty four year old masterpiece (with the odd tiny flaw) that everyone not living under a rock for the last 30 years has already seen.
  14. Yeah this ia a great shout. I remember buying the DVD years ago when it was pretty new (if it wasn't the year it came out, it was pretty close) and I enjoyed it a lot. Absolutely no need to apologise for this. The title says TV & movies. Lovehard was OK, but nothing special. Did have a fairly satisfying ending that wasn't overly schmaltzy. A Castle For Christmas was, again, OK but nothing special. Less schmaltzy than I expected, but still plenty of it and a truely hollywood chtistmas ending for good measure.
  15. 8-Bit Christmas was alright. It wrung a tear out of me at the end and the bit with the retainer was pretty funny. Overall a solid film and a good B tier Christmas movie.
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