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  1. Fixed? They would have ruined it if they 'fixed' that.
  2. I hope that doesn't mean Netflix don't get it... I also hope it was written as a final season and wraps things up well.
  3. I thought it was all over the place from the end of the first episode really. Very odd soundtrack choices, clearly inspired by Britannia and then later Hellraiser. Plus Warwick Davis' acting was shite for most of it.
  4. Sorry, I thought it was only available as an app on the Apple TV, not that it was generally available on the App Store for other Apple products. Still, I don't know what Paramount are playing at not having the same level of quality that the other big boys have available in the UK. Especially considering that it's there in the US. First World problems and all that, and maybe they're trying to save on bandwidth costs?
  5. Standalone apps ae now available on the Apple App store, the Google Play Store and also on the LG Content store. I imagine it's also available on other stores/devices, too. Yet, still no 4K, HDR, or surround sound...
  6. Yeah, if I don't end up cancelling because of the pssword sharing bollocks, I don't think I'll start a new show unless it has multimple seasons and a non cliffhanger ending to them. Purely becuase of the cancellations. I hope for less cliffhanger endings to everything really - that fucks me off a lot.
  7. I've been saying I'll make a start on Horizon Forbidden west so I can get to the snowy parts in time for Christmas and next week, but I'll probably end up spending the time in GTA Online.
  8. They're both really. He recaps, and goes into further detail using book references and other lore, each episode.
  9. Yeah, I expect both the PS5 and XBSX have apps, but I didn't think about them before I yarred the copy and watched that. Film was OK, nothing special imo.
  10. And the car appraisal option in the used car dealer isn't showing for me, so I can't get rid of the shit I don't want for any return. Fuck me...
  11. This is shit imo. There, I said it. It's all so self congralutatory and up its own arse. It might be a good racer (and the cars are enjoyable to drive for the most part), but it's a shit game. It's the stingiest fucking game ever, the "reward" roulette type tickets are a fucking joke, giving the minimum at all times. Progression is locked behind a crap game of shitty fetch quests from a load of personality devoid avatars meaning you get a garage full of shit you don't want, but need to use in the crappy low level races you have to do before you can unlock anything decent. And the rolling starts a also a fucking joke unless you OP your cars to catch up within the two laps they give you for most races within the first ten hours. Meh, a wasted purchase. I loved, loved, GT1 and 3, too.... I should have known as it was similarly po-faced in GT5.
  12. I don't take it as pissing on my chips tbh. I have Andor to watch next and that brings me up to date with all the latest Star Wars stuff. I really liked the character in Rogue One, so am looking forward to it.
  13. Just finished watching Obi Wan this afternoon and thought it was OK, with some really good bits and some pretty poor bits. My thoughts: Ewan McGreggor was a better Obi-Wan in this than he was in the prequel films. I loved little Leia. I thought she was well written and really well acted. Some great little mannerisms from the actress. I welled up in her first and last scenes too. I think that's because of how much the charater means to me though. I thought Reva was a weak character who had ridiculous character motivations. Tala was a great character. The retconning was strong with this one.
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