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  1. Wordle 211 3/6 Pleased with my guesses there. Got it in three, two days on the bounce now.
  2. Wordle 209 5/6 Only heard of this from the pictures that make you laugh thread yesterday and can see myself adding it to my daily to-do list. Not very good at it yet, given it's taken me five goes yesterday and today (plus a lod of guesses not in the word list at all).
  3. I've no problem with it in a game if the animals AI routine is programmed to attack me on site. It's them or me as far as I'm concerned. I do feel guilty if I accidently kill an animal if it's not programmed to attack me, though.
  4. Just watched A Boy Called Christmas. Very good, and most of the cast are having a great time and giving great perfomances (though I would say the lead is pretty wooden for the most part). Best Christmas film of this year that I've seen and I think will become a good one to watch every few years and won't become stale.
  5. Volume wise it must be smaller than the first gen XBone, 360, and deffinitly Xbox. It's markedly smaller than the PS5 and half the size of the average AV Amp.
  6. It's tiny really, compared to anything other than a PS2 slim... So will fit just about anywhere.
  7. Got an email at 10:30 last night telling me it was on its way and it got delivered at 10:30 this morning. Nice, but unexpected.
  8. Aye, same here. Now, any chance of some 3080's at RRP???....
  9. Ran out of pozzes for the day (despite not having pozzed anythng yet today ), but thanks anyway. Ordered for delivery next Thursday.
  10. Well, two posts above, and my experience says otherwise. Checking again now and it's changed to letting you get it in your basket, but when you select the payment method it errors out and says unable to process.
  11. What, all of the new session and instance missions we were doing yesterday regarding the new update?
  12. Beware of ordering via these currys links for a Series X. I clicked just now and it looked like it was availalable, so carried on and wentt through to basket. They say delivery is available and let me go through the whole ordering and paying propcess, then after I had finished the Paypal process I imediately got an email from Currys saying they had to cancel with some unavailable flag being the cause... I mean, fuckers should have told me it was unavailable the minute I clicked the "buy" button in my basket.. Throughout all these shortages, it's not the actual shortages that is annoying (as I'm fully aware world wide supply chains and manufacturing is pretty boned). What is annoying is how they are handling letting folks have them when they do become available. I really can't see how a pre-order queue process for each retailer can't be implemented on a one per customer (account, and postal address specific) basis. I'm happy to wait really, but I'm sure as fuck not happy to have to jump through all these stock alert hoops and hope to fuck I'm ever quick enough to beat bots through the process (which I know I am 100% not) so someone else can have multiples at one time. I was lucky that a mate had two pre-orders for a PS5 last year and he let me have one of those (and I realise I benefitted in that regard from a lack of a one per customer basis, so could be considered a hypocrit). And I also see Series S's available at the large online retailers very, very regularly for the last three months or so.
  13. I really don't think we need to spoiler anything about this thirty four year old masterpiece (with the odd tiny flaw) that everyone not living under a rock for the last 30 years has already seen.
  14. Yeah this ia a great shout. I remember buying the DVD years ago when it was pretty new (if it wasn't the year it came out, it was pretty close) and I enjoyed it a lot. Absolutely no need to apologise for this. The title says TV & movies. Lovehard was OK, but nothing special. Did have a fairly satisfying ending that wasn't overly schmaltzy. A Castle For Christmas was, again, OK but nothing special. Less schmaltzy than I expected, but still plenty of it and a truely hollywood chtistmas ending for good measure.
  15. 8-Bit Christmas was alright. It wrung a tear out of me at the end and the bit with the retainer was pretty funny. Overall a solid film and a good B tier Christmas movie.
  16. Sorry to hear that Multi.. My sincere sympathies and I can't blame you for not feeling christmassy. Hopefully the trip away will help you both to deal with things as they come. I watched Father Christmas Is Back today (on Netflix), with Kelsey Grammer along with a load of other english and american actors. It was alright, and again fairly refreshingly light. Nothing great though, and I'd say it fits the C/D tier just fine. Ovee the next few days I'll be getting though Single All The Way, Lovehard, and A Castle For Christmas - all on Netflix. I fully expect A Castle For Christmas to be 95% shmaltz... I've also got 8-Bit Christmas and A Boy Called Christmas downloaded on the Sky box waiting to go.
  17. We've all got our staple Christmas films we like to watch most years. As per a lot of others on this forum, I love Die Hards 1 & 2, Santa Claus The Movie, Lethal Weapon, Trapped In Paradise, Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special (the first one, not last years let down), etc. You know, the A tier stuff. However, there are also the odd B tier film and TV show you happen across that are very much worthy of a watch and still fill the heart. In previous years it has been films like Nativity from 2009 that was very enjoyable and is on the iPlayer (the second and third are dirge to be avoided though, imo): Surviving Christmas from 2004 with Ben Affleck, James Gandolfini, Christina Applegate, and Catherine O'Hara. All put in great perfomances and the whole film keeps it light enough to not get cloyingly sentimental: Robbie Reindeer - Hooves of Fire from 1999 is also absolutely brilliant (and probably deserves to be in the A tier actually, but I cba to rearrange my post and feel like putting in a video anyway). The whole thing is on Youtube and not available on the iPlayer: This year, I've just happened upon Click & Collect from 2018 with Stepen Merchant and Asim Chaudhry that even though I'm only 15 minutes in to it (it's on Netflix), is turning out to be pretty damn funny and is very much worthy of inclusion here: What not often brought up Christmas films or TV do you want to share, rllmuk?
  18. The Magnum is back to being a great weapon imo. I love it so much and it's way better than it was in Halo 3 or 4. Only played for an hour on the training mode so far, using default aiming sensitivities. I don't think I'll start faffing around with them unless anything feels wonky as I get more used to the game. I only remember the weapons up to Halo 3 or 4, and all the new fangled ones since then are unknown to me, so it's going to be ages before I get used to them and find a combo that I like. Until then I'll stick with BR/Magnum, or Sniper/Magnum (even though I'm by far not that good with the sniper, I still love it). Some questions from me. I've got it on PC (using an old wired 360 pad - I can't get on with KB+M), and have so far tried the Steam version. Has anyone else on PC played both the Steam Version and/or the XBox app version? I just loaded the Xbox app version, and it's already got the exact same settings I chose for the Steam version, so maybe it's sharing some of the same game files? Even after it finished downloading in the Xbox app, I can't find another install folder other than the one in Steam local apps... Is the XBox App version considered console, or still PC and will it at all affect crossplay with console players? When this game is released properly, will this free multiplayer version become locked and I'll need to pay for it? Also, if anyone wants to have a useless random tag along dude with a strong farmers accent bringing your team scores down, please add me Steam - tehdisco XboxLive - The Disco
  19. I think I might be the only person on this forum that actually likes the look of the Palit GameRock card...
  20. Radio Times seems pretty sure there will be at least the second part of season one. Originally it was apparently meant to be a ten episode season, but a delay caused by production of the first season being shut down due to Covid has seen that increase to twelve epsides over two six episode half seasons. https://www.radiotimes.com/tv/fantasy/the-nevers-part-2-release-date/
  21. OK, so I've finished the six that are available so far and it turned a sharp corner in the plot department in episode 5.... The main leader of the "goodies" seemed to suddenly know, and talk to others about, something at the end of episode 4 that up until this point had not been shown to us, or spoken about to any other character so it's was very unclear wtf was going on. It wasn't until about half way through episode 5 that what she was on about earlier made any sense. Still not sure if this is going to be a straight time travel show, or an alternate reality and time travel show, or a different dimension show... It's full of very interesting characters though, and the leads are playing their parts really well imo. Nice to see Matthew from Game On in something prime time again, too.
  22. Been watching this over the lat two evenings and only 4 episodes in, but so far I'm really liking it. I hope the remainder of season one (odd how they split it - production dificulties amid COVID perhaps?) are out very early in 2022 as I'm bound to forget everything...
  23. That didn't bug me at all - I don't even remember it being a thing for me. What did bug me was that for 99.9% of the cars, they all handled like the titanic. After it had hit the iceberg. I can't see me playing any of these remasters at all. I've bought them all once, played them all at least twice, and for Vice City put well over 300 hours in it just dicking about listening to the soundtrack. A shamelss cash grab with, I strongly suspect, very little in the way of upgrades to any part of the games.
  24. Does anyone else here use the creator to make race tracks? I've been on and off over the years since it was released, but this last year or so I've been back on it pretty heavily and decided to see if I can really make some good use out of the props that they allow on PS4. I've spent 3 minutes shy of 14 days and 12 hours in the creator to date, which I think is pretty high for the average creator, but I also imagine nowhere near as long as the top creators. My tracks certainly are nowhere near as good as those from some other creators and a large reason for that is likely a lack of imagination, and pretty certainly a lack of skill in prop placing. A good place to find those that can place props expertly is in the Content Creators hub on Discord: https://discord.com/channels/446762580002996234/446767347152322581 benstorr, for example, is pretty masterful in his prop placement to make undulating tracks with stunt road pieces. A few of my tracks have over 20+ hours put in and whilst they're nowhere near the greatest, I'm pretty proud of them and if anone else would like to play them, here are links to them on the Rockstar Social Club and GTALens websites. GTALens is way better than the Social club for finding tracks, imo. Rockstar Social Club GTALens Post your links if you have them as I'm always up for trying other folks races.
  25. Not for a real good while yet, imo. Maybe 18 months from now things will be what could be considered on the high side of reasonable. It'll get better than it is now if there is another dip in crypto mining (though that has seen a rise in recent weeks again, since a dip a month or so ago becauae of Chinese regulations), but not to the extent that things become widely available for MSRP. Other raw materials besides the silicon to make them, the metals and plastics, have seen substantial rises in their cost due to shortages caused by the long term knock on effects of Covid work shortages. If/when Nvidea pump out the 4000 series cards next year, that will only cause another mad rush to get whatever actually gets released, then that will also cause the 2nd hand market for 2000/3000 series cards to stay high.
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