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  1. For the record I always preferred the DC version (and I had both originals), but it's so long since I played them I actually can't remember why.
  2. Inky

    L.A Noire

    Regarding disc-swapping - if you install the whole game on 360 maybe that eliminates it?
  3. That live action Tekken movie isn't a complete disaster, there are actually some good action moments in it. If you want a truly bad fighting game movie check out the recent King of Fighters one. Holy shit.
  4. Maybe, but I'm a bit precious about my fighting game characters and Ivy's descent into grotesquerie as the series progressed really turned me off (among other things).
  5. I remain interested in the series purely because of the impact the first one had one me, but after the horrible, tacky effort last time I don't have high hopes.
  6. I liked Unstoppable, but by golly it's dumb. All the way through it I was just thinking lower a guy onto the train.... Yes I know they tried that, but it only didn't work due to a freak occurrence while they were also trying something else at the same time. Can someone disable the crash zoom control on Scott's camera, please.
  7. Absolutely! Perhaps take it with a pinch of salt because twin-stickers are among my favourite types of game and I'll give anything a go, but Gatling Gears really is super. XBLA delivers 3 weeks in a row
  8. I think Star Raiders suffers a bit from the age-old problem of putting too many flight/combat controls on a gamepad. Also, the tutorial switches you between control schemes! Insanely confusing, so I quit mardily. Hopefully Gatling Gears will deliver.
  9. I'd skimmed that character guide at first, but now I've read it and it's cleared up a lot of things. Great work, thanks It also made me realise something in episode 4:
  10. Love it... but it featured an incredibly mean* last boss that I never managed to beat. Having said that, I've never been the type to keep on hammering 'retry' so maybe I just never gave it enough. *
  11. Also important is picking up fruit to recharge your counter gauge. Fruit is dropped by destroyed enemies and environmental objects. Finding yourself out of counters is unpleasant! When dealing with huge numbers of enemies the strategy is to counter them with LT then scoop up the fruit they drop, thereby replenishing your counter meter in time to hit LT again for more exquisite carnage. Stefcha:
  12. M3GATON!!!! (Sorry) Anyway, if this is co-written by Besson I expect all the characters to have the emotional range of children. God I'm feeling bitter today.
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