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  1. Yup. Also, I'd really like to play in the Folklore universe a lot more.
  2. I just go for the Blizzard ones these days, mainly for the art books as I really dig their style.
  3. Giving it another shot, thanks! Edit: Uuhh... I followed all the steps and fixes and I'm still getting the incompatibility message. I'm not normally dense about this kind of thing, but I'm at a dead end
  4. When your hero stops at a town you can transfer units to and from your army, as far as I remember.
  5. I logged in last night in the middle of a thunderstorm at night, and spent my session running blindly around the coastline, chased by all manner of unfriendly things. I did see lighting hit the ground ahead of me though, which was very exciting. I need to find a spot I can remember and start digging myself a hovel.
  6. The SCHTHACK version doesn't work with 64-bit Windows, as I very unhappily found out. Still, I have S-Rank mofo Andromeda enshrined on a Cube memory card, and I take her out for a spin every now and again. I maintain that I barely have any faith left in SEGA to deliver a game that touches the unique greatness of the original. Maybe the landscape of online gaming has changed, maybe they need to cater for something rather more flashy, I don't know. Sometimes I convince myself the only thing that made PSO great was that very special enthusiasm and love for the game that the community had - it being many people's first online experience. Night after night for years playing those same few levels and loving every moment of it. But like very few other games, the mere thought of it sends tingles down my spine and fuzzy warm feelings everywhere else. One of the things it nailed for me was a perfect balance between simplicity and complexity. There was just enough in the loot-grinding and Mag-raising to keep you tinkering away, but you never got bogged down in such things as crafting or waiting for spawns. Forest > Falz was a totally realistic proposition any night. The condensed playing areas and quick access to everything just eased it all along (I remember being annoyed with PSU because I had to go to different floors to visit different shops). In short... PSO is still the second-best game ever made, so SEGA has a bit of a challenge ahead of them.
  7. Could I be added please? My ingame name is Swabbleflange, and although I don't play much I'm gobsmacked by everyone's projects and love just checking the place out.
  8. I reinstalled (I have a lifetime sub for buying the CE at launch, which is by the by at this point of course) and walked from The Shire to The Lone Lands. I really like the idea of fulfilling proper nerdy fantasies with the game
  9. This unholy union truly marks the end of days.
  10. How far-reaching is the gameworld now? Basically I mean... can you walk from The Shire to Mordor, and travel through Moria?
  11. Is the multiplayer of this prone to crashing? I've done a fair bit of single-player with no troubles, but I've popped onto the multiplayer server a few times in the past couple of days and it's crashed out several times (black screen, program not responding).
  12. I enjoyed this a lot. Don't know anything about the books other than the fact that they exist, and moosegrinder told me all the characters were completely despicable. Looks great, certainly has a decent amount of money in it which is needed if you're going to tackle this kind of thing on TV.
  13. I don't know if it counts as a bargain or not, but it appears I haven't been charged for the Mansions of Madness I bought last week. Maybe a good thing, seeing as I felt the crushing weight of regret even as I walked home.
  14. http://www.mayonaka-tv.jp/ Persona 4 Portable?
  15. PS1 had... four at least. PSP had its own Ridge Racer 2.
  16. Is anyone really surprised? Kinect and Move were never anything more than bandwagon-jumping reactions to the popularity of the Wii hardware, which is great in concept but unfortunately - as with the vast majority of Wii games - nobody can really come up with any interesting uses of the tech, or at least any that apply themselves to games in a worthwhile manner. Once you've exhausted a roster of party games there doesn't seem to be anywhere else to go, and it's back to the pad.
  17. Late to the party as ever, I've been playing Unite the past couple of days and.... this is total gaming crack, isn't it? I'd previously been put off by its handheld nature (I just can't seem to get to grips with action gaming on a portable), but I got a component cable and have been playing it via the TV. I found it frustratingly hard going at first, really struggling with the opening, 'easiest' quests. I've started to work my way through every tutorial though, which is obviously helping a lot. The scope of it is daunting and hugely appealing at the same time. I think I'm going to grab the Wii version at the weekend. I think it might just plug that ever-elusive PSO-shaped hole in my life...?
  18. Are Criterion partial to indulging in April Fool gags? http://www.criterion.com/films/27656-c-h-u-d
  19. Strangely enough I feel myself being medically excluded from recent modern gaming, and the way it's pushing forwards. Motion sickness is a big problem for me, so not only are FPS games out of the question, but pretty much all over-the-shoulder viewpoints can be just as bad. Ironically, some of the best games I've ever played (Mass Effects, Arkham Asylum) left me feeling absolutely terrible on numerous occasions. Also, most games where the camera work is very fast, or by neccessity I have to move it around a lot (Metal Gear Solid 4 springs to mind). So basically, as games stepped more into 3D environments I've been progressively turned off. I actually swore off those kinds of games early last year, but then Mass Effect 2 came out and I buckled. Yes it was superb, but it still made me feel wretched On the other hand I actually, really prefer the 'VGA' years, or the SNES years, in terms of how games look. I love to see the artistry of pixels and working within strict limitations. I love chip generated music. Games becoming more and more realistic visually just pulls them further away from many of the reasons I enjoyed them growing up. So my retro gaming is a mix between revisiting old favourites, having a genuine appreciation and affection for relatively 'lo-fi' aesthetics, and the fact that I can't properly play many new games (not without a great deal of misery anyway, which barely makes it worth it, even if those games are as good as Mass Effect).
  20. I'll forever recommend Folklore. I still think it's one of the best games for the system.
  21. There aren't enough +1s for this thread. Super stuff!
  22. Inky

    Ridge Racer 3DS

    I'm loving this. I've been replaying Type 4 recently thanks to it turning up on PSN (US) and I'd forgotten not only how great a game that is, but how much I loved RR in general.
  23. Finally discovered where my friend code is 1805-2157-8815 Will add people after work tonight.
  24. Great video. Does anyone know what the racer is at 0:29? It sparked a nostalgic memory but I can't place it.
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