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  1. I’m super interested in this as well. Not quite sure why, as I’ve dabbled with multiple programming languages, as well as Unreal Engine’s own blueprint system several years ago. So even though this’ll probably be quite limited, I still think it’ll be cool to nock up some little concept ideas on a portable device. Similar to Mario Maker I guess, in that I’m also looking forward to engaging the creative side of my brain rather than just the shoot/kill that a lot of the games I’ve played recently.
  2. I wonder how long it’ll be before MS officially supports the Dualsense haptics with the PC versions of their old games? Followed by making their own pad with haptics for the Xbox...
  3. I’m not using the official Pulse headset, I’m just using a standard stereo pair of Sony headphones. Ah, so they’re using their own tweaked version of Bluetooth which is giving me less latency through the controller. I always thought their was like 1 ‘standard’ of Bluetooth, but I guess they’ve done some extra work behind the scenes to ensure low latency for gaming on the PS5. It’s a shame all Bluetooth devices can’t share the same low latency codec, unless it’s partially dependent on some internal hardware? Or maybe companies just won’t share their cod
  4. I’ve always had noticeable delay when using my standard Sony headphones connected via Bluetooth to my TV. But when I plug the same headphones into the PS5 controller with a wire (and leech of the controller’s wireless) there doesn’t seem to be a delay... Does the PS5 controller use better tech under the hood to drive down latency, as I’m pretty sure the pad also uses Bluetooth to connect wirelessly?
  5. Pay attention to the power lines overhead as well. They connect up to the generator so you can follow the cables to make sure you’ve cut/disabled all the loudspeakers.
  6. Malc 14’34”039 Managed that on my first run, which included a couple of spins and a 10 second penalty for jumping the starting line. Might try and have another go if I get the time over the weekend. Can’t say I’m a massive fan of the German stages. All tarmac means the car is a bit twitchy compared to the gentle drifts on gravel. Also the constant ‘square right/left’ turns are a bit tedious...
  7. Malc 19’11’’550 Only had time for one go so far, and the 2nd stage is a long bastard so it was very much slow and steady for me.
  8. I was disappointed that they seem to have sidelined DC, only asking him a question every 10 mins or so. The new guy is just doing the typical thing of reading out the leaderboard and not actually adding anything, whereas DC actually adds insightful commentary to the viewers.
  9. Says the guy who wants to stare at an £80 Metal Gear Solid artwork book.
  10. Never did it for the last 4 weeks until now.
  11. So I think my PS5 controller may have stick drift after only like 4 weeks of play. Playing Spiderman:MM the camera keeps jarring/turning left after I’ve moved the right analogue stick. Doesn’t happen all the time, but seems to come and go. What’s the best way of dealing with this, open it up and spray some switch cleaner on it, or is this something that needs fully replacing under warranty? (don’t really like the idea of waiting 2 weeks for a replacement)
  12. Same as Uncle Mike, I’d like to participate in this next week if you could tag me for the next one. I presume this is just the weekly event accessed on the main menu, and we report our times here? Any limit on the number of attempts?
  13. yeah, I knew about lights and window wipers but unfortunately this seems to be a known issue now that I’ve googled it. I took a pic of two views to demonstrate: Outside bonnet cam: inside windscreen cam: Could be an HDR issue so I might try disabling it on the PS5 and see if that improves it at all. Should point out that beside this minor issue I am enjoying the game.
  14. I also bought this yesterday thanks to the PS+ sale and thoroughly enjoyed what I’ve played so far. Like others have said this has strong Colin McRae vibes, and it’s also reminding me a lot of the amazing WRC games from evolution studios back on the PS2. My main gripe with Dirt Rally 2.0 was the stages were so unmemorable; it always felt like the dev had an automatic terrain generator, dragged out a massive land mass full of dense trees, and just put a random route through it. Whereas WRC9’s stages feel more hand crafted, with actual focus points and memorable points of interest li
  15. Thanks for the explanation. Sounds like this is near enough on par with Dark Souls, but different enough to be its own thing. It’s been years since I completed Dark Souls 1 and Bloodborne, so I think I’m mentally prepared to get my arse handed to me in another souls game, especially as Demon’s Souls looks graphically amazing from the trailers I’ve seen online. Though it looks like Amazon have sold out of this atm.
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