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  1. Sometimes the QA people will point out various issues, but wether or not the devs take note and fix them is another issue entirely.
  2. I appreciate the guy’s effort, but transferring all the console’s bulk out into a metre long combined PSU and cooling supply doesn’t solve much. Interesting video though.
  3. Indeed, it’s nice to see drivers push the car hard despite their historic prestige. He looked a bit frustrated with himself afterwards, understandably so.
  4. Charles Leclerc has just fucked it and put his historic Ferrari in the wall. Looks like he was pushing it a bit considering it’s just parade laps
  5. yeah, I had assumed they would update automatically as well but they didn’t for me. still, at least everything is working now. I really like the football game mode from what I’ve played so far. It’s like a Rocket League lite.
  6. Had a quick go on bowling and badminton, both seemed really quite fun. Can’t seem to get tennis working properly though. I imitate the swing motion but my character throws the ball up but won’t actually hit it to serve. I reckon my 4 year old Joycons might need replacing. Edit: Updating the joycon controller software and recalibrating them has fixed the issue for me! Tennis now works perfectly! I’d highly recommend others doing the same in case they have similar issues as me.
  7. Very strange. Googling this shows people having the issue years ago but it seems random for people. I’ve been blasting times around Imola circuit for the last few weeks and nothing has been recorded at all. As bad as I am at racing simulators, I’ve definitely set a few valid laps I’m sure Maybe I’ll delete the game and reinstall to see if that fixes things…
  8. Does anyone else have issues with lap times not being recorded in single player mode? I’m playing on PS5 and have tried hot lap mode and practice mode, but it never seems to record my best lap times, nor does it seem to rack up any mileage on my player stats page…
  9. I'm hoping they will make it easy to upgrade from one tier to another, and back down again depending on what I want to play each month. For example I intend to stay on the Essential tier all year, but then upgrade to Extra for 1 month to try out Returnal, and then the following month revert back to essential tier once I've had my fill. If they can make that a seamless transition then they will get a bit more money out of me each time a new game hits the service.
  10. Has anyone else noticed how certain AI cars put the indicator on and move over to one side when racing around the Norschlieffe track?
  11. Bought this on an old school CD from HMV today, just like the good old days. absolutely adore this track:
  12. Yeah, Phil Spencer is very careful in his wording with a lot of things. He only says it’s sustainable, not profitable. They are aiming for a much larger audience in the future before it becomes profitable.
  13. In order for Sony to pull off a Gamepass equivalent, they’d need to burn through multiple years of cash to establish a loss leader, like MS have done over the last few years (and it’s still questionable wether GP has made an actual profit yet…). That’s only been possible for Xbox with the deep pockets of MS, all funded via Windows and MS Office sales rather than their gaming division. Something which Sony does not have the luxury of. As others have said, Sony’s gaming model is making a profit for them right now with premium games sold at RRP, similar to Nintendo, so they have a sound business model that doesn’t really need changing yet. This PSNow rebranding is just them setting a solid foundation in place, in case they have to move towards this style of service in the future.
  14. Couldn’t even boot to the anorexic offline mode if I wanted to
  15. Just to add more salt to the wounds, I’ve gone to boot up the game this evening and I’m getting an error: Tried deleting cache and saved data but nothing’s worked. Currently reinstalling the game, just to re-live that launch day pain…
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