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  1. Just regarding your ep 5 comment, yep, thank god I live alone so no one could see my ugly crying! I blame the wine.
  2. You can also hear Matt playing it way, way back in an episode of Snuff Box, from like 2007.
  3. Tim Dunn's programmes are great. You know, if you like trains. Good follow on twitter as well.
  4. That was just good, solid Star Trek really, wasn't it?
  5. Looks a bit more Boswer's Fury than Odyssey to me but that's no bad thing.
  6. Glad to hear Yuzo is in charge of the new music. https://twitter.com/yuzokoshiro/status/1441172194445250571?s=19
  7. I've tried to be good and eke out the final season but I only went and did 4 episodes last night. God I love it.
  8. destroyed me. Your young cock isn't ready for that!
  9. I'm still really not sure why we need a Star Trek for kids. When I was a kid I just watched Star Trek!
  10. He also did the character designs for Reboot, and you can see the influence of the Judges in Bob's Guardian uniform.
  11. I know, i was just employing a bit of irony!
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