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  1. If it gets us a revisit of McCoy I might be okay with that.
  2. Plus, as any Buffy fan knows, you have to be very careful when turning your charismatic bad guy into a goodie. The danger is you lose what made them fun in the first place.
  3. That was my issue with the series. You've got a great leading man in Tom Hiddlestone and a fun character in Loki but we hardly got to see him in his pomp. They make a big thing in the trailer of "oh he's arrogant" which is half the fun of the character but he then spends most of the series on the back foot. I mean I'm all for developing the character and I quite like where he ended up by the end but at least give us a couple of episodes of him Tom Ellis-ing his way through things beforehand. A bit of fun before we get to the rather less exciting 'moving plot things into place' part. Also, you give a character a great name like 'Ravonna Renslayer' and then don't have her do anything? Wtf?
  4. Caught some of the new Danger Mouse the other day and I found it genuinely funny!
  5. I've was fully prepared to hate this but I watched the first episode and I... kind of liked it? It's not the Discworld I grew up with but I sort of liked the vibe. I'll stick with it and see how it goes.
  6. Also: "I'm the Doctor; sorting out fair play in the universe". Sorry, what?
  7. Got really obsessed with this in 2019 for some reason. Couldn't stop playing it:
  8. Professional wrestling basically is acting so the Rock definitely has the training and the chops. If only some young actors I meet could commit to their roles in the way wrestlers do. But then Vin Diesel did do the Iron Giant.
  9. Beast Wars is the finest animated series Transformers has to offer (including Animated, which was very, very good) so I eagerly anticipate the imminent disappointment! I mean come on, there's no way they'll have a Megatron as camp and cool as this:
  10. The TVA seem to have changed their policy on employing robots, I see.
  11. Ella Lopez saying "winner,winner chicken dinner" is my new jam. Lucifer's face
  12. Ha, ha, and Detective Douche gets his very own Zeppo. Excellent!
  13. The musical episode was fantastic. So great to have these guys back.
  14. Alan's face when Simon got his round of applause was perfect.
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