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  1. Isopropyl alcohol can fix that - I had the same issue but a five minute effort with a cloth and they were back to normal.
  2. Are fakes supposed to not work on the 3DS or DSi or is that an urban myth?
  3. For the Mega CD I just end up playing final fight every time I fire it up. Then NHL 94 is my second go to. Then sonic cd, but that tends to go on for a level or two at most. Just steer clear of Sherlock Holmes! Sadly for me that was the game I decided to spend my hard earned cash on as a kid, so I ended up completing it by trial and error, then just watched the fmv until I could afford something new.
  4. Ridge racer is such a distilled version of arcade racing - I keep going back to it! It’s hard to go back past Type 4 just because the lack of analog controls means way more wall bumping, but Rage is still an absolute favorite. If you need some variety, I found both the psp and especially the 3ds versions to retain the feel quite well indeed.
  5. I dug my old GBA out of storage and sent it away to get the funnyplaying 2.0 screen, clean juice battery and upgraded speaker installed. Paired it with an everdrive and it’s glorious. It could be a brand new console. Left it all in the original shell so it still matches the packaging. The only thing I’d suggest waiting on for anyone else considering the same is for some improvements to the speaker upgrade as there’s a background hum that is noticeable until the volume is up. The only benefit to the analogue pocket for me will be the ability to plug it into a telly. Means there’s no rush to pick one up at least!
  6. I am spending way more time with my PS3 at the moment..! I put an SSD in there which helps with the UI and some games. Graphics still look around switch quality (though 720p generally), sound is top notch on the home theatre, but on some games the frame rate is really poor. Loading times can be a pain but they don’t tend to hurt as much as the slightly low resolution and choppy frames. I’m enjoying Tiger Woods 14, Ridge Racer 7, and MGS IV as I never played it back in the day. Been playing PS1 physical discs on there too.
  7. I was late to the 3DS - always used to be a Sony guy, but ended up getting a system recently - well after getting a switch. I remember switching on my first 3DS game in 3d, bravely default, expecting it to look like crap due to lack of graphical capability and poor 3d and instead spending about five minutes saying (entirely to myself - but out loud) how beautiful it looked. The 3DS to me feels like a kind of modern retro. In that the games aren’t graphical powerhouses with big open worlds - but they often punch well above their weight in terms of art and gameplay. There’s a lot of heart and soul in there. I got copies of all the well rated games as stocks were cleared so as to have them in the cupboard ready to play when the backlog allows. Otherwise the risk in a couple of years is of expensive original games that work best in 3d on a 3DS than on an emulator meaning some of them become hard to find or out of reach. And the system has one of the best ridge racers ever IMO even though it didn’t review so well!
  8. I enjoyed this one back in the day too. Fired it up via Mega SD recently and found the controls to be somewhat more painful than I remembered (twitchy with too small hit boxes). If they do a nice job of updating like with night trap and double switch it should be fun. Assume LRG will put out a physical edition at some stage too.
  9. I have been bouncing around the eras recently and got stuck into some ps3. So much so that I put an ssd in there and picked up an mclassic. Surprisingly (as I was expecting very little) both are noticeable and positive upgrades. The SSD means less in game hitches although the blu ray drive is still slow, and the mclassic works quite well on most games by upscaling to 1080p and anti aliasing. It’s a matter of taste (text in particular can look less crisp) but generally in motion I really quite like it. So now I feel like I have a ps3.5!! On this phat monster I’ve been playing GTAIV (the lost and the damned - peak GTA), Tomb Raider Underworld (the frame rate still makes me a bit queasy and the controls can be shonky even though it looks great) and I picked up a rather too expensive copy of Tiger Woods 14 as I’m not convinced by the 2K game quite yet (it needs stat growth otherwise why am I playing!). All that and the shiny new consoles are untouched - the except the series x for a quick bash on skate 3 and Bioshock.
  10. I’m playing my way through the ridge racers currently. Type 4 still has the best music and feel so far in terms of getting into the ‘flow’ with tunes banging while drifting, with the 3DS version also being unexpectedly and surprisingly good. Also checked out unbounded on ps3 (and promptly put it in the to sell pile), found an old copy of 7 for ps3 that I own, and it’s technically great in aesthetic, resolution and frame rate but lacking some soul. Next step is to get back into rage racer (the one I played far too much in my uni days) and figure out whether I can download the psp version to a vita tv via ps3 as my psp umd drive broke a long time ago. By memory it’s a great version. so, in order of preference so far: 1. Type 4 via PS3 on the big screen or vita 2. 3DS version - what a surprise package 3. RR7 or the PSP version it’s about time for a greatest hits / HD remaster for the series.
  11. Looks like there’s a few ways we all end up here! It’s interesting that emulation doesn’t seem to work for many of us - though I am enjoying playing psone classics on other proper Sony hardware such as vita and ps tv - it seems slightly preferable to me to do it that way than use an android box or pc. I’m not sure why again, it’s not exactly authentic. I’m currently in the process of trying a bit of everything to see what works for me in terms of combinations of old and new, so it’s good to hear how you all address it. For example, for the Mega CD I have some original games to play on a CDX, though I prefer the wireless retro bit controllers to the wired originals. Then a packapunch start to OSSC to tv. And I love it, seeing the original hardware shown off to its full potential, but I worry about it needing some preventative maintenance (eg recapping) and the signal isn’t as good as the FPGA machines. Then for the games I don’t have but loved and want to own again, I have ordered some repros from retrogamelab of the prohibitively expensive games to see if they feel ‘good enough’ on the original hardware even if I know it’s not the original. And a mega sd to run through a mega sg in case that scratches the itch as it might be better than risking wearing out the original laser. It’s great, in a way, that there are lots of options, it makes the journey to personal nirvana a more interesting one.
  12. I expect it’s happened to all of us in this sub forum to some degree. In our teens and 20s cash is king and old games and consoles often have no value other than monetary, so they are sold to pay for new ones. Then, years later, we regret our old attitudes and start looking for ways to recapture the feelings we had when we played games in our youth. Maybe we start with a rom and an emulator on a pc screen, maybe we buy a mini console that looks like the real thing but doesn’t quite feel right, maybe we hit the loft to see what survived the barbarian attitudes of our youth, then acquire old original systems, never as nicely looked after as our own, get rgb cables and an OSSC so we can get the best picture on our new TVs. Maybe we get an old crt just to get an even better picture. Maybe we draw up top 20 lists of games on each console, and spend hours looking for them and tracking them on eBay. Maybe we get FPGA replica consoles that look better than anything original and play how we remember because they output in HD. Maybe we start collections for consoles we never grew up with even though nostalgia clearly isn’t the reason why. Maybe we think it’s worth spending more on an old game than a new one then we worry it’s a reproduction not an original. Maybe we look at them more than we play them and get pleasure just from seeing the old things close by. Maybe we just miss being young and being able to just play games? Maybe retro collecting becomes the ultimate dopamine trap for people of a certain age and upbringing. Collecting old games brings me more joy than a lot of things. But I can’t help feeling that it’s chasing something that will always be just out of reach because those feelings just can’t be got again. Now I wonder where it ends. My heart wants mint collections of the best games on the systems I grew up on (Sega Mega drive/CD/Dreamcast, PS1) so I can feel the same physical sensations as the first time around. My head thinks I should be happy with FPGA reproductions on an hdtv because they are ‘better’ than the originals. Where did it end for you? Where did you call it and say enough? Are you struggling to say enough like me? Is there such a thing as a retroholic?
  13. This opened up in Melbourne recently: www.zerolatencyvr.com Tried it a couple of weeks back, awesome as a taster for what's to come. It took a while to get used to walking around with the rift on, due to fear of bumping into things, and it was more tech demo than polished final version, but it was still an awesome experience. The gang I was with were all convinced of the potential (though it needs higher spec graphics and for avatars to not walk round like thunderbirds). In terms of presence, it was clearly a game, but two things stood out. First, I couldn't bring myself to walk forward during one section that has you crossing a pole that has fallen between two skyscrapers. Second, none of us realised until afterwards that we had simply walked around obstacles without even thinking - whereas there was nothing in the physical environment that would have required us to do so.
  14. Did you run that benchmark with the 3570k / 980ti combination by any chance? I'm looking to get away with upgrading GPU only if possible.
  15. Yep, just like the websites that charge you more for the same real world item based on your IP address. (E.g. Amazon, as mentioned before)
  16. I'm firmly on board the hype train, but have concerns as to whether motion sickness will cause a problem. Back in my early adopter days, I had these: http://www.olympusamerica.com/cpg_section/cpg_eyetrek.asp Sadly the eye strain and motion sickness I got from using them meant that I couldn't use them for more than 20 minutes without an hour of waiting for the nausea to subside. I'd be a day one for these if it wasn't for that. But I'm really hopeful it won't be an issue. (Maybe its all about the FOV..!)
  17. I'm one of those people! Hopefully this will mean a return to large scale city assaults, which are the main reason why I enjoyed Rome over any of its successors.
  18. I like the auction house idea, but so far, I can get better gear on there (sorting by lowest buyout) than I seem to get as drops in the game, for less than 1k gold quite often. It's kind of devaluing the loot aspect as I rarely end up using anything that drops, just break it down or sell it. I'm all set to stop using the AH for my playthrough, unless there's something I'm missing? I'm only on Act 2 on Normal (first run through).
  19. I agree with the "thankfully" - I got terrible motion sickness within 20 minutes of first firing it up. Had a lie down, put the FOV to 90, and no complaints since. So far it's like a more polished alpha protocol (which I loved) but it has yet to grip me like that did.
  20. My most played game for the past few weeks has been The Resistance. http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/41114/the-resistance If you like werewolves/mafia but don't have the ability to get a big group together, it works great with 5-10. Bonuses over the standard werewolves are that the pace moves along reasonably fast due to rules around votes, and everybody stays in the game till the end. The only downside is that you'll never trust anyone ever again afterwards!
  21. That is a massive difference. Looking forward to that one hitting. And with the player creation tools, it's just going to keep on giving!
  22. This is skyrim you're talking about! I expect what you really mean is that you headed toward the shops but got distracted by some caves full of loot, joined the dark brotherhood that is the sainsbury's reward card scheme, got chased by a dragon down the high street, stole a statue of dibella from boots, and had a drinking contest with a wino from the bus station only to awaken somewhere in europe.
  23. It's like robocop! Does any attempt to arrest a senior Bethesda employee result in shutdown?
  24. Some screens... Spoiler free for anyone who's played past the first 30 minutes or so. The village turns out to congratulate me after biffing up a dragon. Climbing the mountain as the sun sets. Getting the lightning spell ready to fry anything in the water. Random scenery. More random scenery. And the lighting I think I'm a lighting geek!
  25. Anyone remember the cliff racers from Morrowind? And swinging away without hitting them due to the dice rolly nature of the combat? I reckon only 3% of people who bought Morrowind ever got anywhere due to cliff racers. And why don't we have a dedicated Skyrim screenshots thread yet?
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