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  1. Which of you guys red shelled me over the cogs!!!!! soo good !!!
  2. Thank goodness - shopto order arrived!!! Looking forward to beating seeing you all online! Added my code to the list.
  3. Why didn't I take the day off work? Gonna be the longest day ever.
  4. Nooo it didn't arrive from Shopto!!! Guess I'll see you all online tomorrow.
  5. Ive moved on since those days. Every loss is taken as a learning experience which - the word rage is no longer in my dictionary. But if you or anyone else here pips me on the line, I swear.......
  6. You had the dispatch email before 5:20pm so you'll be fine for tomorrow. Got mine at 5:40pm so it's probably Friday for me. Nooooo!!!!!
  7. Finished the second dungeon last night, jeez that boss was a right pain. I managed to beat him but ended up 2 characters down, and the 2 left with the smallest slither of HP/SP remaining - and i'm playing on easy (I was level 18).
  8. Shovel Knight is awesome, found Master Blaster to be very average. Just tried Puyo Puyo Tetris - is there a way to change the difficulty as I've not even come close to winning a game of Tetris.
  9. I'm never gonna finish this game. For a start I'm playing Nier and Persona 5 at the same time which doesn't help! Played nearly 30 hours, found about six or so shrines - find myself wandering about to see what's coming up around the next corner! (It's never a bloody shrine though!).
  10. You sound like how I felt for the opening 10-15 hours or so. My OCD means if there's a possibility I'll miss something I get really stressed and thus not get much enjoyment out of whatever I'm playing. Similarly when I chose a quest / side quest I want to stick with it until its done, which really isn't the way it works (not very often anyway) with this game. As soon as I started wandering around things just seemed to fall into place. Initially I spent ages trying to find 10 jumping crickets with no luck, I started ignoring the quest and went for a walk around and before I knew it I had 15 of the buggers! If there was an instruction manual with this game, it should just say 'go and explore', as when you do everything just develops before you naturally.
  11. I'm about to get struck by lightning - I'm holding a torch and a wooden shield and non metallic clothing, but all my bow are metal. Will I have to drop them all not to get struck? edit: ignore me, just found out you can remove them!
  12. I was heading to the Guardian in the east a few play sessions back - still haven't got there. Found a shrine on a windy beach, once I had done that I decided to head towards the Guardian. However, I spotted a narrow path going on and on and up and up, a few minutes later reached the end of the pathway. Soared across the open water to a wind tunnel which plonked me atop super high mountains. Started to rain and found a small unlit campfire under an overhanging rock. Used a Chu Chu and an arrow to light it and sat there for a bit cooking meals. Its pretty good this game innit?
  13. That's why I'm having so much trouble then - I'm hardly ever able to parry successfully, guess I better get practicing!
  14. When do you get good enough weapons to have a chance against the Minotaur creature? I've got swords of level 36 which barely scratch him, and if it gets close your side jump / back flip is so short you get hit anyway. I'm loving the adventure part of the game but combat is dragging it down.
  15. Handheld mode or pro controller, arrgghhh I can't decide. 30 mins each then!
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