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  1. The deal I posted is better. £149 with TearAway and Little Big Planet. Although it's a WiFi only Vita. http://www.shopto.net/video-games/psvita/PSPHWV114-ps-vita-wifi-tearaway-little-big-planet-16gb-memory-card
  2. This deal at ShopTo is still very good. WiFi Vita (I never used the 3G on my old one) 16 GB Memory Card, Little Big Planet and TearAway for £149.86. I couldn't resist, as I miss my old Vita and really want to play TearAway. Don't like the look of the new Vita so I had to act! Back in the club. http://www.shopto.net/video-games/psvita/PSPHWV114-ps-vita-wifi-tearaway-little-big-planet-16gb-memory-card
  3. Mario Cat! https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYQHAAABAACNUKEdHac_SQ
  4. You can't play as the same Character, but you can press the 'Random' character select button at the start of the stage. Helps prevent arguments, as you get who you get and everyone has equal chance of avoiding being Peach.
  5. A big part of the fun of Dark Souls is figuring out for yourself all the things it's refusing to tell you.
  6. Game of the Year 1. Animal Crossing: New Leaf. 2. Super Mario 3D World. 3. Pikmin 3. 4. The Last of Us. 5. Grand Theft Auto 5. 6. Wii Sports Club Tennis. 7. Luigi's Mansion 2. 8. Fire Emblem: Awakening. 9. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. 10. The Wonderful 101. Hall of Shame 1. Selling my Vita. 2. Too poor for PS4. 3. Xbox becoming what it's becoming. 4. Wii U Sales figures. 5. Next Gen game prices. Surprise of the Year 1. Running back to Nintendo and flipping loving it. (see no.4) 2. MiiVerse addiction. 3. Pikmin 3 Mission Mode addiction. 4. Re
  7. Naughty Dog have said themselves, that The Last of Us will never come to PS4.
  8. https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYQHAAABAAAhUqFI_EvYjg
  9. I'm at around 20%. I liked the setup, I loved Connor's development and the setting (snow!). And have just done the first ship battle. What's not to like? It's just Assassin's Creed. Feels pretty much the same as 1,2,Brotherhood (never played Revelations) but with a fresh environment. And it was free on PS + so no complaints from me.
  10. That's what people say, but I'm really enjoying 3, too.
  11. I desperately need an external hard drive for my Basic Wii U. Can't even get Golf!
  12. Ghost Mansion! Mario Chase is great, too.
  13. This is £16.99 at Tesco Direct. Cheapest I've seen it so far. I put in a Christmas present to myself order!
  14. Great news, thanks.
  15. Maybe I should have just bought the 360 version again! Oh well, hopefully it will be fine.
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