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  1. sharak


    Apart from the milk, which is to be expected with your username, I am up for trying that out. Perhaps tomorrow as I have already had enough coffee today.
  2. We covered this a bit in DreamPod Ep74 https://thedreamcastjunkyard.buzzsprout.com/ My feeling is that SEGA of Japan and SEGA of US (e.g. Bernie Stolar et al.) were going in different directions. The Saturn was announced as being dead by Bernie, and all focus on the DC. Lots of people thought 'fuck this i will get PS2' in the West, whereas the Saturn was a success in Japan. I agree with all of the points above, but really i think it's corporate mismanagement and generally agree with all points above.
  3. Tempted to pick this up. Add it to the list of games I don't play.
  4. sharak

    Nintendo Switch

    You "guess" a lot! Nintendo will want to continue to make money, so having "backwards compatibility" for software isn't ideal (a big money maker) in that regard. Much better [profit] to have people double, or even triple, dip every 5-10 years.
  5. sharak

    Sonic Mania

    It's definitely a nostalgia kick, but the levels are fun, animation top notch, and soundtrack is great. It really plays exactly as if this is 1996 and Sonic's latest game, which is good and bad, I guess. For me, it's still a home run. Just attempt Sonic 4 (lol) or Sonic Forces for more than 10 minutes to see where "modern Sonic" is rn.
  6. sharak


    Thuderforce is bloody hard. Fast moving and unseeable shit from all directions. I never liked it back in the day, and never really liked shmups because of stuff like that. It just wasn't fun. I now see its appeal, and ace soundtrack obv, but still, yes hard as nails.
  7. He's more action based now or then?
  8. sharak

    Nintendo Switch

    Used prices of Switches have nearly doubled here. Considering I hardly play mine I'm tempted to sell. Demand is extremely high for some reason.
  9. sharak

    Nintendo Switch

    Looks like a reskin of Zelda.
  10. sharak

    Nintendo Switch

    Hardly touched the switch since lockdown, haven't felt the urge to play/continue Zelda. I still have a few games on the system, should get into it again really. Want some motivation! ha
  11. To much amusement of my girlfriend, I had thought this series would be the last, and was wondering how the hell they'd tie everything up in the final episode. Turns out there's at least another series planned. She (more than I) didn't like the behaviour of Kim especially in the last episode. But, the whole series, is superb. Probably better than Breaking Bad though it's easy to say that now.
  12. I agree. I haven't moved to folders but I guess I'll attempt something. I have enough shit going on in life without needing to set up folders on a console as another chore.
  13. Thank God you all have spoilers on! Thanks Have to agree that it's a shame that we know the ultimate "end" for things. I feel this is a better series than Breaking Bad. The whole universe is great though, and well done to them (so far) for not fucking the entire thing like GoT.
  14. Tempted to pick this up in the sale, after playing the demo. I love(d) racing games, but stopped with one of the Forza on the 360, back in the day. I didn't like Horizon, and Burnout Paradise and all this AMERICAN TALKING AT YOU IN THE MENUS SHIT... Is this a good pick? Switch game better/different enough? 15 quid on PSN seems alright, and I was blown away with the graphics. I haven't played a racing game on a big TV before, lol. I don't even have a 4K TV. Can't imagine how good it looks.
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