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  1. This is how we should be playing Ketsui:
  2. Thank you! Appreciate you dropping by; I really wasn’t expecting to get the 1cc after the first run of the night, but there we go. I have no idea whatsoever about the “proper” way to play/route Ketsui, so completely winged it. Was good fun and a few people were watching including Pearl who’s quite handy, so that was nice. Yes, Fever mode is Dangun and that’s also awesome fun.
  3. Yeah I'm never doing it again either. Some stuff is cool, but it is not a business model i wish to support. I will resist.
  4. More Deathtiny boners from last night. This game is so good!! https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1092772292?t=01h44m05s
  5. Had a quick blast perched on a stool, playing deathtiny last night before hockey-time. Wow! I loved it! the sound effect when you get hit is addictive, and as @Rsdio said, the hitbox makes one feel like a god. The soundtrack is bloody amazing, too. What a port.
  6. I've never played it (Garegga), and might pick up the e-shop release at some point (of course I will, who am I kidding). I haven't even opened Cotton Reboot on Switch yet, the back log is real! Nice one @ImmaculateClump; Garegga is supposed to be a great game! I bought AKA&Blue on iOS last night and it's really good, anyone have it?
  7. Arrived this morning:
  8. @Oh Danny Boy sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but it doesn't look so good, does it? I'll be skipping these limited bundles. They're quite cool sometimes but it's not necessary and is now too high a risk imo.
  9. Yup. Ordering. Switch or PS4? Hmm. Switch maybe.
  10. Looks nice! Not sure how tempted I am yet. Never played any of them.
  11. I actually have a few days off, but will be travelling [to a wedding]. I'll take my Switch but not sure how much time I will have for that. In any case, started this morning playing a game I've not played in years!
  12. Has this been shared before? https://seafoamgaming.com/2021/06/26/the-dispatch-games-saga-continues-how-over-ambition-led-to-a-downfall/ I won't be purchasing anything from LRG or any of these other companies. I actually have an outstanding order with LRG, shame on me.
  13. Nullobject beta (patreon)
  14. Well, I understand they're doing quite well with the mobile games they have, so expect they'll incorporate some 2hou into that. I don't see it being eXa nor console. That's my no-prediction, prediction Double pack incoming for PS4. ...even though I own Ketsui on xbox and have ESPrade on MiSTer...digital and physical switch, I could not resist....
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